Friday, June 12, 2020

OOP Style 1713 Skirt for Lidia

From the scraps of this...
I made this!
I have made this gorgeous little skirt before...
Last time, I used a stretch corduroy from Spotlight.
I think it sewed up a little nicer in a non-stretch woven.
OOP Style 1713 from deep stash.
A lovely little skirt pattern 
By using a firmer fabric Lidia could get the really fitted waist that she wanted.
*Please note, the waistband/button flap should be under not over but that was my sewing mistake, not the pattern*
The skirt has a gorgeous shape with a  beautiful 'twirl factor'
It is quite short but Liddy subscribes to sensible knickers so she should be fine.
Lidia's blouse is Burda 12/2013 #107 
~My Verdict~
Lidia nabbed this pattern straight from the sewing table and put it in her fabric basket so I think it may be her skirt de jour!
I flipped the waistband construction to top stitch it in place (rather than attaching it from the right side and had sewing the inside edge) and I messed up the button tab. I didn't redo it as it is black and I get away with it but a metal note to myself (and I wrote it up in my sewing notes)to take more care next time.
It is finished with a narrow, double hem which allows the skirt to follow its shape nicely.
~Lidia's Verdict~
This skirt is exactly what I wanted, it is the same pattern as my brown (mustard NMK) corduroy skirt but black. Now that I have both of these I can match nearly every shirt and jumper with one of them. 
It is quite fitted around the waist but still very comfortable, I love the length because I am a fan of short skirts and dresses but I still like to be able to move around easily without worrying about flashing someone.
 The fabric is slightly stiffer then my brown skirt so it sits out a bit more which I really like.  
My favourite match with this so far is Elsa's pink floaty blouse.
 I really like the look of loose fitting jumpers and then fitted bottoms so this skirt fits perfectly. 
It is super cute and I am wearing it lots, thank you Mumma xx

Thank you for reading .... xx Nicole
Photo credit to Tildy and Liddy. xx

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