Saturday, June 27, 2020

SweetKM Blizzard Bonnet for Beatrix

As I captioned it on Instagram...
Sometimes you just want to sew a furry bonnet.
Back story....
Image from Pinterest
Sometime ago I pinned this gorgeous hat.
I thought it was just so sweet and perfect for our Victorian Holiday. 
(In which we wear nice clothes, eat nice food and do nice things)
And then the Covid-19 landed, no holiday and no need for nice new clothes.
So, one Saturday, I was feeling a bit sorry for my self and I decided to sew something, just for fun, like a furry hat!
A little snooping around Pinterest led me to the Blizzard Bonnet
It is a free, downloadable sewing pattern with lots of sizes included.
I had some rabbit fur in my stash (no idea from where, it was probably given to me) and I thought I would give sewing it a go.
The velvet outer is from Spotlight and left over from Trixie's dungarees
The bonnet is lined with fancy pants organic cotton polar fleece I purchased from It cost a bomb and I only use it for lining baby hats.
The ties are double sided satin ribbon and I made the pompoms from scraps of the fur.
I stitched two circles of fur, left a gap to turn them, stuffed them with the leftover fur fluff and had sewed them to the ribbons.
The pattern instructions were good but I had to fiddle with them to get the bonnet I wanted.
I didn't realise the fur was so directional so I had to cut it, flip it and re-stitch it in the middle.
You then use a pin to pull the fur out from the stitching and fluff it up again.
I constructed the outer and the lining and then I sewed the strip of fur to each 'bonnet' so that the fur was half out and half in.
To be honest I wasn't sure how I was going to finish it but the outer bonnet ended up longer at the edges so I turned a narrow hem and then turned it again, catching the lining and forming a casing.
But, before I did that, turned the bonnet inside out and stitched the folded half of the fur edge together, at the bottom (as you do with a self facing on a pj top).
I inserted the ribbon through the casing  before I sewed the second pompom in place.
One fluffy hat!
~Trixie's Verdict~
I like it fluffy, I like the fabric 'cause its purple.
I love the point 'cause its kind of like an elf.

~My Verdict~
Dying from the cuteness over here!
I had terrible ears as a child, consequently my children are constantly told to 'Put on a hat' and ' Make sure your ears are covered' so we do have quite the collection of adorable hats.
I do love this one though.
The casing makes it scrunch up but it is quite roomy. Tildy has popped it one when diving out to the chook house to get some eggs and she said it is very warm and snuggly.
I don't think I would ever go and buy fur but I can see why First Nation's wear it for its warmth and water repellant nature.

Thank you for reading....
                                         xx Nicole 


  1. Velvet and rabbit fur! What luxury. I'm sure a Trixie loves it.

    1. It was a terribly luxurious sew Margaret.
      I remember, as a child, having a wee hat handed down to me.
      It was white, fine pinwale cord with blue satin lining and blue grosgrain ribbons with a moth eaten piece of white fur for a trim.
      My mother wanted to unpick but I refused to let her, I adored that hat!
      Thank you for you comment, it is lovely to hear from you.
      xx Nicole