Thursday, June 25, 2020

M7840 McCall's Blouse for Lidia

Earlier this year I made M7840 for Elsa as a work blouse.
I made her a 10 (she measured a 12) and it was still a bit big.
To be fair, the packet styling shows it is an oversized fit.
It it a nice pattern with some great design detail.
Lidia was rather taken with Elsa's and asked if she may have one.
I trimmed the size 10 back to an size 8, the smallest size and it was still had plenty of room.
I decided to do a double layer back yoke instead of a single layer (as the pattern directs) and I am very pleased with the result.
I sewed it with the burrito method.
That said, it does add weight to the back panel and pulls it back slightly.
Just something to be aware of and possibly why it is made with a single layer yoke.
The cloth is a mystery polyester from deep stash. It has a medium weight with excellent drape. It has a 'sand-washed silk' feel to it and a lovely 'glow'.
It is definitely a 'wash and wear' type fabric, it doesn't need ironing and I am super fussy!
It looks gorgeous with Liddy's OOP Simplicity 1713 vintage skirt 
~Liddy's Verdict~
This blouse is one of my favourite tops I own. 
The fabric is so comfortable and silky. I think the colour is lovely and makes me feel very confident.  
 This blouse works with nearly every neutral pair of bottoms I own and I wear it as much as I can.  I really like that I can wear it throughout the whole year depending on how I style it. 
 I really love it thank you Mumma x
~My Verdict~
I was so much happier sizing this pattern back. There is a difference between oversized and just too big and I feel this pattern falls into the latter category.
It is very easy to swap the collars, sleeves, pockets and hem lengths to achieve the look you are after.
I finished all my hems with a narrow, double fold as the hem can be visible and this looks neater (and more bespoke in my opinion)
I used tiny burgundy buttons that I had salvaged from one of Jed's old work shirts and they blend in beautifully.
This is a cute pattern and well worth sewing up. Just use a fabric that has really good drape and be prepared for some sizing back.
Thank you for reading.....
                                          xx Nicole 

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