Wednesday, June 3, 2020

OOP Simplicity 9241 Tunic and Trousers for Matilda

Tildy asked me to sew her some pull on trousers.
She requested they be very soft and comfortable but still look snappy.
The leftover fabric from Elsa's dungarees (a stretch corduroy) fit the bill.
Looking through my patterns we decided on OOP Simplicity 9241.
Matilda was super keen to have a jumper made from the leftovers from Lidia's top so we had a closer look at the one provided with the trousers.
The trousers was a simple adaption, we simply folded excess ease from the ankle and made them straight leg. I reversed the corduroy (thank you Liesl Gibson) for a lush look
The pleat line is stitched in place.
They have a full elastic waist so are very comfortable.
The top sewed up beautifully but we made a few modifications.
I was using leftover fabric so I wasn't able to cut the matelassè as symmetrically as I did on Liddys but as a house top, I didn't think it mattered.
I folded the tunic up and cut it just below the marked waist line on the pattern piece.
 I cut the sleeves as long as I could with the fabric I had but it was still too short so I added a self cuff.
The top does up with a zipper.
I added a strip of interfacing to stabilise the knit before sewing it.
The neck is finished with a facing (which I interfaced with sheer weft).
I under stitched it and then top stitched it in place.
One smart but comfortable outfit.
Tilly looks super cool.
It is a simply cut pattern that show off great fabrics well.
It definitely fills the brief of 'see the child not the outfit'
~My Verdict~
Who would have thought such a simple pattern would make such a great outfit.
I have always been a bit 'snobby' about elastic waist pants, which is daft!
The hours I spent sewing zipper flies on my children's trousers, back when they were still in nappies, is just ridiculous. If you are not tucking, you don't see it anyway!
These are lovely trousers and I shall be using this pattern to make Tildy school ones as well!
The tunic is also very nice and I am a sucker for shoulder darts.
It would look awesome over leggings and satisfy the 'leggings are not pants' wearers out there.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I love the thick cuffs on the top because they cover my wrists.
I can wear it with anything, I love the fabric, its nice to wear and I love the pattern (embossed print). I like to wear it.

The trousers are so comfortable. I like the line down the front (stitched crease) it looks quite cool.
The fabric feels nice, I like the longer leg, it warms my ankles.
Thank you for reading..... xx Nicole


  1. Another lovely mummy-made outfit. Your kids are so lucky! The top goes well with both the pinafore and pants. I love corduroy, it feels so lovely to wear.

    1. Thank you Karen, I am truly surprised (and very pleased) with how edgy and cool this ensemble turned out to be.
      Tildy paired it with sand shoes and I think it looks awesome!
      xx N

  2. Ooh I do like this outfit. The fabric for the top is so classy looking but obviously wearable and warm.

  3. It is gorgeous Margaret, I picked some up in a navy blue as well. From two metres I was able to cut Lidia's top (perfectly placed) and then ninja cut a top for Tildy and Trixie.
    Matilda style it with the pink sand shoes and i think she looked very 'street'.
    Thank you!
    xx Nicole