Saturday, June 27, 2020

OOP Simplicity 6477 Shirt for Matilda

Most years, right about now, I am usually frantically sewing for our Victorian Holiday 
Fab Five at Erskine Falls
But not this year.
Corona virus has turned everyones lives upside down so I certainly not going to whinge about missing an interstate holiday.
Me, 34 weeks pregnant with Trixie, at Erskine Falls.

As we are mainly at home, going out clothes really are not necessary.
But Tilly asked me if I could still make her a posh outfit.
We decided on an unlined blazer, dungarees with removable bib and a shirt!

Matilda loved how grown up this shirt was. I was a little concerned about the pointy collar but she was adamant she wanted it and it would look amazing with her blazer collar (it does).
Tildy chose some very pretty poplin from Spotlight.
It is a beautiful quality, very crisp and so lovely to sew.
I used to be quite snobby about one piece collars and blouses/shirts without a back yoke.
Which is daft!
This shirt has a gorgeous shape.
I added side vents to give Tildy a bit more derrière room.
Vents also looks great on a shirt that can be worn as a jacket over shorts and a tee, in warmer weather.
Matilda is ALL about the sleeve.
She chose to have the 'puff' sleeve and the gathers are divine.
The collar is very pointy, I really wanted to trim it back a bit but Tildy was adamant.
And it does look great over the blazer lapels.
I have a little trick for getting a one piece collar to behave like a two piece collar.
Simply trim the 'neck band' from the 'collar'. Trim about 1/2 cm (save this for stabilising t-shirt shoulder seams) and then press to the collar piece, leaving a clear gap between the two.
Sew the collar up with your preferred method and then topstitch along the un-interfaced strip.
This really encourages the collar to sit nicely.
The shirt looks equally lovely under her knitted vest (from Aunty Sarvi)
They are hard to see but there are shoulder darts which give a nice shape.
~My Verdict~
This pattern is perfect on Matilda. I have said it once and I will say it again, the drafting was so much  better on the patterns from the 1960's-70's.
I find once you get to the mid 80's onwards the fit is very sloppy and boxy. (In my opinion)
Whenever I see shoulder darts I know I am going to get a good sew.
I sewed this pretty faithfully to the instructions although I did add another thin layer of interfacing (on top of the interfaced self facing) where the buttons and button holes are stitched.
I did move the button placement too.
This is not unusual, I usually decide the chest button placement and work from there.
This was a fairly relaxed, five hour sew. I made Matilda the size 10, one size per packet, and I am on the hunt for a size 12.
If you find it, please let me know!
~Matilda's Verdict~
absolutely love the white details of the flowers. I love the emerald colour.
It looks really, really cool with my blazer and trousers.
I LOVE the sharp corners (points NMK) of the collar, It gives me a Star Trek, space explorer feeling, I haven't watched Star Trek but it gives me that feeling.
I love the shaped hem, it adds to its character.
My favourite bit is the collar, it looks really, really cool.
The tiny sleeve puff is SO cute.
Thank you for reading...
                                           xxx Nicole 

PS It also came in handy for Book Week, Matilda went as Miss Honey, from Roald Dahls book, Matilda!


  1. Great blouse for a "posh outfit". I'm sorry you're not getting your holiday this year as I enjoyed reading about what you did and saw. What a shame.

    1. We waited until last minute to cancel our accommodation,and in the end the lovely owners contacted us!
      I hope we can go next year, we may do another week in Ballarat and then a week in Bendigo. I also want to take the girls to The Grampians.

      I am so pleased with the shirt, it could have been drafted for her!
      xx Nicole

  2. Wow! I am always a fan of your sewing but this shirt is extra special. What shoulder darts! What collar points! I think she is right about Star Trek, and I love the Miss Honey styling as well.

    1. Thank you Ana!
      She is such a fashionista and I am loathe to say no. If you cant wear what you like when you are 11, when can you?
      xx Nicole