Sunday, June 28, 2020

OOP Simplicity 7279 Dungarees for Matilda

These were a really fun sew!
You know me, I am ALL about the ruffles.
I have had this pattern in my sewing queue for a little while now.
Of course I love the bib with shoulder ruffles, but...
It is removable, how clever is that?
So you have a nice pair of trousers as well.
Which, incidentally pairs beautifully with Tildy's blazer
The pattern instructed you to sew the buttons to the inside of the waistband so that they are hidden but Tilly was quite happy to have them visible and I felt they may have been uncomfortable against her tummy.
The back straps cross over and button at the back.
Although the trousers fitted perfectly through the derrière they were far too big in the waist.
If I had made deeper darts and taken them in at the waist they would not have fit over her hips.
To solve this, I inserted some non curl elastic, either side of the zipper, at the back only.
Problem solved!
The fabric is just lush!
Fine, pinwale cord, with embroidered detail.
I was thrilled to be able to cut the dungarees and a blazer from just over 3 metres.
The fabric is from Eliza Fabrics in Sunshine, Melbourne. It was around $5/m and had a few flaws but they were all neatly marked with red tailor knots.
I adore them over her green shirt
~My Verdict~
An absolute delight of a pattern. I am thrilled that I have it in the next size up.
I wish I had a little bit more of the fabric then I could have made the skirt too (and swopped the bib back and forth)
I did interface the bib (both sides) as the cord was quite light and I am glad I did (I used my fancy black interfacing) as it sits so nicely with that bit of firmness.
The legs were a little too full for our liking so I folded them back and made them 'straight leg'.
The 'elastic in the waistband' worked a treat.
I used a 'lapped' finish for the zipper, simply because I like the look!
~Matilda's Verdict~
I love the frills on the arm holes and  how they still show the little bit of puff on my blouse and the little embroidered flowers and shapes on the fabric it just adds a little touch
Thank you for reading...
                                        xx Nicole 


  1. Lovely and with the blazer looks so very smart. What great fabric, no wonder your daughter loves the outfit

    1. Thank you Margaret, I so wished I had purchased just a wee bit more as I could have sewn the skirt as well!
      Ah well, hindsight is a marvellous thing.
      xx Nicole

  2. Oh my goodness this is perfection. Love it!

    1. Thank you Inder!
      I love sewing with vintage patterns and I think many are still very yearbook today.
      xx Nicole