Wednesday, July 31, 2019

OOP Style 4213 Dungarees for Zara

So... you know I love sewing vintage patterns

This one, Style 4213 , was no exception.
Image from Pinterest
Zara has been asking me to sew her some 70's style dungarees with super wide legs.
Image from Pinterest.
Well, they don't come too much wider than this.
Check out those legs, nearly as twice as wide as the waist!
How fabulous does she look?
Zara has the best style.
The pattern was a straight forward enough sew but I knew fitting was going to be an issue.
I told Zara she was going to have to come home and let me fit as I sewed.
The waist was spot on but I did add some length to the waistband, just in case, and I ended up using it to make an underlap for the back button.

I also added length to the straps as they alway seem to run short and you can always cut it off if you don't need it.
I laid the pattern against Zara's 'leg and 'guesstimated' an extra inch to each thigh.
I tapered it out, above and below.
I sewed the inside leg, topstitched, and then basted and fitted the outside leg.
I nipped the waist in a bit more and tapered the front darts.
I shortened the leg, at the lengthen/shorten line, by 3cm.
To imitate a RTW look, I sewed a jeans label I unpicked off of some old work jeans.
I sewed them up in Denim Light Cotton Twill- Bleached from Spotlight $17/m (it regularly comes on sale)and apart from being a bit pong-y (you could smell the bleach) it sewed up really well.
I topstitched with heavy, jeans weight thread in white.
The buttons are white, river-stone.
~Zara's Verdict~
These overalls are absolutely gorgeous, what a vibe!
They are exactly what I was looking for and so flattering.
The wash of the denim is perfection, it is the exact blue I wanted.
Once again my mum is an absolute genius.
~My Verdict~
I had so much fun sewing these.
I think I may have to knock up a sneaky pair of trousers... you just leave the front bib off.
I think we got very lucky with the sizing.
Th only thing that confused me was the waistband is attached after sewing the zipper but there was no under/over lap for the button?
Maybe it needed a hook and eye?
A very quick, rewarding sew.
Special thanks to Ruby for the photos.

Thank you for reading....xx N

Monday, July 29, 2019

McCall's M7261 Active Wear for Lidia

I made Lidia some new PE kit.
I was seriously impressed.
M7261   McCall's 7261... and I cut the pattern!
(My new, time saving tip. If I pick the pattern up in the sale >$4  I can cut it to size)
Lidia measured a size 10
I made the hoodie from some unbrushed cotton fleece (DK's fabric)
and went with the View C pattern, no mods.
The arms were good and long (Liddy has long arms) and it had ease  but was not sloppy through the body.
The thumbholes are perfect. Just the right position and easy to sew.
The hood is very neat.
I used the wave stitch on my machine to top stitch as it is very flexible stitch and will take some tugging.
I had to cut the kangaroo pocket against the grain as I had run out of fabric #ninjacuttingfail but it seems to be okay.
It is a cute top!
I sewed the t-shirt, with thumb holes, in some light weight cotton/lycra I got in a job lot off of eBay.
I cut the size 10 but fitted the waist by several cm's.
It is a little big but has a nice shape.
The thumb holes are a huge hit!
It was great for active play but also looked snappy under her poncho 
The leggings were very roomy.
I cut the size 10 (again) but had to take the seam in by a another solid 5/8ths seam allowance.
The fabric is 4 way stretch and super super stretchy so they may have been a issue.
I purchased it from eBay, it was a remnant marked 'Sports Knit', completely vile to sew but it is washing well and seems very sturdy.
The black/grey stripe, also from eBay , was left over from Elsa's rash vest , which is still going strong after being worn by Lidia and now Matilda.
I mixed the stencil colour myself, to match Liddy's shoes and fabulous Ugg boots available here 
I think they look fine but Lidia would have preferred them tighter.
Lidia was so happy she even changed her blonde streak to match

~Lidia's Verdict~
My first P.E. kit made by mum was definitely a success.
 The colour of the jumper and stencil work perfectly with my sneakers and my Ugg boots.
 I wore the jumper and black top when we went to the Zone Play Centre and they were both incredibly warm.
 The leggings look really cool although I would have loved them to be a bit tighter.  
~My Verdict~
My first attempt at 'proper' sports attire.
I was very impressed with this pattern. It did have a lot of ease (for fitted active wear) but that was not hard to adjust.
The leggings are so cool, I think you could make them in a bengaline for a comfortable travelling pant too.
The sections enable you to colour block but they also slightly change the direction of the fabric grain to allow ease.
My overlocker was due for a service so I actually sewed these on my regular machine (with a 3.5 stitch) and we have had no stitches popping.
If this is the quality of sports wear patterns that is available, this is a type of sewing I could definitely embrace.
I found all the seams great for adjusting the fit.
My advice would be to make a wearable muslin to check the fit and on you and then make your good version.
Very pleased with this pattern.
Jed surprised me with a cover stitch machine when I was dropping off my overlocker to be serviced. (On our holidays in Vic)
I guess there will be a lot more sports wear in my sewing future.

Thank you for reading... xx N

Friday, July 26, 2019

Hatteras Hoodie, Mini Hudson Pants, School Bus Tee and Sunki Leggings- Active Wear for Matilda and Beatrix

I make no secret in the fact that I don't enjoy sewing knits.
However, I do subscribe to the theory of doing everything to the best of one's ability.
So I strive for the best finish possible.
Liddy is wearing a McCall's pattern, to be blogged.
We have just got back from a brilliant holiday.
Two weeks in Victoria.
The girls had some active play planned and new kit was required.
I made the girls Hatteras hoodies a few years back so I pulled the pattern out and drafted the larger sizes.
In retrospect, I should have measured the girls. I made the size 5 for Trixie (who is 4) and the size 10 for Tilly (10) and they are a bit snug.
The fabric is a black flecked tangerine unbrushed fleece I purchased from DK Fabric in Adelaide.
It's a stunning colour but I am a bit cross at how it is washing up. It was $25/m and has pilled on the first wash (even washing inside out).
I decided to line the hood with some stretch satin, leftover from the lining of Hugo's vest (also from Dk's, $16/m, but very nice quality)
I find it keeps hair neater.
The pattern talks you through binding the neck with self fabric but I prefer to use twill tape.
I also lined the kangaroo pocket.
Tilly version was sewn from a scrap of very fluffy (but quite rigid) brushed poly/cotton fleece from deep stash.
I sewed Hi-vis tape to the pocket for a sporty look AND extra safety.
A scrap of grey satin made the hood and kangaroo pocket at wee bit more luxurious and I bound the next with pink cotton webbing.
For a bit of fun, I stencilled the sleeves.
Although very cute it only just fits #childabusetop 
I pulled out the awesome Mini Hudson pants to make bottoms.
From 2m of the extra wide, rigid, black knit I purchased from #Elizasofsunshine, $3/m, I was able to #ninjacut a pair for Jed,Liddy, Tilly and Trixie!
Again with the Hi-Vis tape!
(Cheap shoelaces make great faux waist ties)
When I make the Hudsons I omit the waist channel to run a real waist tie.
I used ribbing for cuffs for Trixie's pink pair (a scrap of unbrushed cotton fleece from BullRush that bleeds like a stuck pig when washed, grrrr) but I used self fabric for the black pairs.
Bad idea, not enough ease and they are a bit tough to pull on and off.
As I was trying to make Tilly's legging from the scraps of Liddy's pair, my tried and true O+S Playtime leggings were not going to work.
I pulled out the Sunki leggings, which has a separate from and back leg, and, bonus, the size 8 was already drafted.
I added a wee stencil for fun.
A couple of black School Bus T-shirts ...
With Van Ikke transfers finish the look.
Perfect for after a swim in the heated pool at Horsham.
Rock climbing at Ballarat.
Tilly LOVED rock climbing.
Rollar skating at The Zone, Bendigo.
And mini golf, And go-karting...
The amusement arcade.
*Special thanks to Hugo, Zara and Elsa for taking them so I didn't have too*
And laser tag
A trip to Inflatable World.
*Special thanks to Lidia for taking her sisters*
At times a big family is a big blessing!
(Mumma doesn't like play centres)
And another swim at Ballarat Aquatic Centre.
(Momma does like swimming)
~My Verdict~
Okay... maybe I did have a BIT of fun sewing this stuff.
The girls looked so cute and it was fun to work with their existing sand shoes.
They got lots of compliments and Trixie wondering around with her hood on and her hands stuffed in her pockets just cracked us up #minithuglife 
~Tilly's Verdict~
I absolutely LOVE the satin in the hood and kangaroo pocket.
The hoodie and the leggings were very comfortable when rock climbing, roller blading,jumping around on inflatable toys,Go karting and doing laser tag.(Best holiday EVER right!)
It was very comfortable when running around as the satin would rub against me(In a good way) making a nice silky feeling on my neck. It was also very easy putting back on after a nice warm swim at the Horsham heated pool.
I could move very well when rock climbing too. 
 ~Trixie's Verdict~
I like both pants.
I played Laser tag with Hugo.
The silky hood feels like gold shiny and I like it.

I have the BEST children.

Thank you for reading... xx N