Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Very Happy Birthday to You and You!

Today my beautiful babies turned 12.
Zara Grace and Elsa Rose
From this...
Zara Grace and Elsa Rose
To this!
Unwrapping presents.

Gifts from little sister.
Mango love.
Gifts from big brother.

THE birthday gift. 
oliver+s Class Picnic blouse made into a tunic.

Birthday gift #2 oliver+s Seashore dress 

Mum,I am changing!!!!!

Thanks for sharing our day with us!
xxx Zara and Elsa.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different.

There is my first true love,oliver+s,a haven from the mundane Big4 patterns I have sewn for the last dozen years.
Then I discovered Clever Charlotte and my heart sung at these original and very beautiful designs.
Both designers produce beautiful clothes but they do take time to bring to fruition. Sometimes you want to make something quickly but I have been spoiled by lovely styles and I don't want to go back to boxy ''Its So Easy'' patterns.

Enter Heidi&Finn,fun,funky and very fast to make.!
The first one I made was the Girly Cardigan.
I made the size 12-18 mnth for Matilda.

How cute is this?
Next up I made the Chic Cocktail Swing Coat.
One for Matilda.
And one for Lidia.
Isn't that bow fabulous?
Equally lovely from behind.
Ooooooooh Mummy!
When constructing the jacket consider interfacing where the button hole and bow are to be worked.
Also consider trimming the shoulder seams with pinking shears ans clipping under the arm.
I also pre-folded my sleeve hems before sewing the lining to the main.
I decided to trim the neck seam as well.
The coat would easily fit an eight year old
Here it is on Elsa,who is nearly 12,but is petite!
Before I sewed my bow edges I folded a narrow hem to the wrong side so that there wouldn't be raw edges.
The bow pinned ready for stitching.

Just to remind you....

Nighty night!
x N

Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh So Fabulous Finch

Have you seen the Finch Top and Shorts?
They are gorgeous and the shorts are causing quite a stir.
You can see them here and here and I blogged the construction here and here.

Elsa chose this outfit for her birthday gift. Her measurements put her in the 6 but I made the 8.

The shorts were fine with shortened elastic but the top is a little big................hopefully I will have time to make a smaller one before her special day.

She will grow!

So without further ado
The Finch Top and Shorts by Clever Charlotte!

Thanks for stopping by.....
x N