Saturday, July 16, 2016

Oliver+S Playtime tunic, After School pants and School Bus tee for Matilda

Apologies for the photo heavy post.
It wasn't her turn...
But somebody has grown!
Instagram can be hazardous to one's bank balance.
The lovely Jane and Fiona popped up this gorgeous fabric on insta and I snapped up 2m.
We have been tempted by The Drapery before.
I sewed this cute little Playtime in 2014.
Another Playtime by O+S  was long needed.
I made Tildy the size 6 with the length of an 8.
Tildy measures 4 but she is average height for a 7 year old.
Matilda's signature heart shaped buttons, coconut shell sewn with pink silk.
And for some sparkle... bugle beads hand stitched to one of the clouds.
''I will have to get undressed sensibly Mummy or they will scratch me'' #tildyspeak 
I used a scrap of stretch poplin for the pocket bags as I was eking out the fabric.
It has plenty of room for growth.
It is layering perfectly on our Winter holiday.
~Matilda's Verdict~
I like the sequins on the cloud. The dress is very warm, even when I go outside to play.
I like wearing it with stockings and my fluffy boots.
I really like the bit where Mum has sewn two different clouds together.
I think this is even better then my sheep-y dress.
I like the 'crinkles' (gathers) around here (gestures waist).

With the leftovers...
I made some After School trousers.
Tildy's pair from Summer still fit just fine so I went with the size 4 with the length of a size 7.
I had to use velvet for the pocket bag and some lawn for the pocket lining as I had nothing but tidbits for mice leftover.
I topstitched the pocket bags in place.
I love all the details on these trousers.
And they are an awesome fit on a skinny child.
~Matilda's Verdict~
They are nice and warm (worn over stockings in chilly Bendigo).
I like the colours, I like the patterns on the clouds, they are good colours.
I like the frills, they are tricky. They make me think the back pocket is at the side.
I like them being tricky.
I think these would be good school trousers in blue. It has to be blue to wear to school.

And the top?
More leftovers, more gorgeous fabric from The Drapery
Hugo purchased me 1.5m of the luscious Merino knit for my birthday.
I made myself a Plantain tee  (which I have not blogged yet) and had enough to get this School Bus tee and I *think* I may get a tee for Trixie too.
The cloth is very fine but very warm and not scratchy at all!
After sewing in the sleeve I noticed I had snipped a hole in the shoulder.
I darned it but it still looked like a hole, just a darned hole.
As I had the vinyl out for the groovy elbow patches a la Plantain, I cut a wee heart, held it in place with some double folded sticky tape and stitched it in place.
I originally cut ovals for the sleeve patches but they looked too big.
It is a child's top so I went with the simple circle shape.
I used the placement of the Plantain sleeve to get the position right and placed the sleeve on Matilda to make sure I had it at her elbow.
It was then I realised the sleeve would be a bit short so I added a cuff.
Tildy has flogged this on our holiday. She has worn it four times and it still doesn't needs washing.
Wool is a wonderful fibre for repelling dirt. An air before the next wear and a sponge down of any stains and it is good to go!
I love hand-me-downs.
The tee and trousers look awesome with a jumper I made for Hugo, from some wool mix knit, 15 years ago!
It had a huge hem that I let down so it is like a tunic on her.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I love my matching t-shirt to Mum. It is not itchy at all. I like the heart, I like the elbow patches.
I am glad Mum made a mistake.
It is very warm and sand brushed right off.

They are getting a good work out on hols.

Thanks for reading xx N


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Half of a Canadian Tuxedo...

So, I am doing this capsule wardrobe thang!
And I needed a denim shirt.
Image from Witchery website
I really like this one, I saw on Witchery.
Sadly, no longer available 
I really like the mannish style with the front pockets and sleeve straps.
After trying on Hugo's shirt I determined, apart from the sleeve length, it was perfect!
Who knew I had such a masculine physique?
I used some soft denim from my Magic Pudding roll of cloth, top stitched in copper thread and with reversed MoP buttons.
(I didn't fancy the metal press studs on the inspiration shirt)
The back yoke is nice and high, it works well for my narrow shoulders and the shaping works well for my thicker waist and  hips.
The fact that you can roll up and button the sleeve is not that noticeable.
Which I like.
But it looks very groovy and IS totally practical for a mum that has her hands in water, on and off, all day!
I just love the sleeve placket.
How lucky is this fit? I am definitely checking out more mens shirts patterns.

I love that it fits my shoulders.
There is some back puddling but as it is just a casual shirt I don't really mind.
I am thinking about side vents for the next one.
And maybe pocket flaps?
~My Verdict~
It is crazy how often I have worn this shirt. Being a light denim it is warm but breathes so I don't get hot.
It is long enough I can wear it over leggings as it covers my backside.
I can hang it up and air it and get another days wear, no problems.
(I am embracing the apron when cooking and cleaning and my clothes are staying much cleaner. Less washing means clothes last longer and better for the environment)

I have worn it under cardy's and worn it undone, over a singlet, as a light jacket.
I have worn it so much I am seriously considering making another in pale denim.
What do you think?

Thanks for popping by...

xx N