Monday, September 19, 2016

A Nice White Shirt

Last year, I went on the search for the perfect button up shirt.
I found it in the Aime Comme Marie. Once I had my muslin, I was all set.
I made three, white linendenim and blue and white gingham.

I wore them continually.

Due to some minor health issues and just the passage of time I have lost some weight and they just didn't fit nicely anymore.

I borrowed a shirt from Hugo and found it a great fit so made myself one too.

It is a great shirt but a little bunchy around the hips.

I want a nicely fitted ladies  button up so I gave the Vado custom fit shirt a go.
The waist darts were none existent so I left them off.
(I purchased this pattern at the same time as my Vado jeans, I realised later that I had measured my waist incorrectly and that would explain the dart issue)
I sewed it up in a linen remnant I picked up in Melbourne, using MoP buttons what else?
The shirt has a centre back seam and no back yoke.
I prefer a double back yoke myself.
It also has a continuous lap sleeve placket.
I swopped that for a two piece placket, much smarter.
The bust darts are great, a really good fit but the shoulder is too dropped for my liking.
It feels a little constrictive. 
I added side vents...
Which nicely facilitate the part tuck.
Which my Twins inform me is very 'now'
~My Verdict~
To be honest, I am disappointed. Even allowing for my waist measurement discrepancy, the shoulders are too wide and if I narrow them, the sleeves will be too short.
The pattern wasn't cheap, $15 and I have to start again and buy another to alter it.
As it doesn't have a back yoke or nice sleeve plackets I think I may make another Aime Comme Marie muslin and start again.
I will wear this, it is a basic linen shirt and comfy enough if I am out and about but peeling potatoes in it is not so easy.

Oh well, onwards and upwards.

xx N

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sportswear for my Love ~KwikSew1242& NewLook6473

Jed's turn and what he wanted was a leather cap.
I am working on that one.
What he needed was a casual, sports wear type of thing.
Something to put on in the evening or to wear to informal  meetings.
Yet another Kwiksew polo top.
Yet again I lengthened the pocket and fused a large square of interfacing to the wrong side to stabilise it (the pocket).
Yet again I used the quality rugby knit I purchased in bulk from Lloyd Curzon
However, this time I mixed it up with a light denim collar.
I use jeans thread for the topstitching and metal buttons instead of the usual rubber ones.
I also left off the labelling tape.
The track pants are NewLook6473. I spent quite some time altering the pattern for Hugo and it seemed to have created 'magic' pants.
Since then I have made Zara, Elsa and Hugo several more pairs, all the same size and now a pair for Jed!
Jed tends to find track pants a bit on the warm side so I used a sturdy but light weight poly/cotton knit I picked up from Eliza's.
I topstitched all the seams and re-inforced and stitched down the pocket bags as Jed is so hard on his clothes.
The draw string is faux but I think it dresses them up.
Jed has short legs, really short legs, think #gnomesewing.
I choose the colours this time, it is quite subdued for my colour loving Love.
I like it but I do admit the lighter coloured bottoms don't help him look taller.
'Lets get physical, physical'
'What are those sheep doing, Trix'?
~Jed's Verdict~
Comfy, good fit, they look good on my short legged frame.
Tailor made for me.

I had better find the cap pattern.

xx N