Friday, October 30, 2015

Sewing for Jed

Jed's turn again.
I finally made his Liberty shirt.
I have only had the fabric for two years.....
Vintage Butterick 
The boxy over size 80's look works really well in the silky lawn and accommodates Jed's tummy really well.
I love sewing with Liberty.
Capel is one of my favourite prints.
Paired with smokey charcoal buttons.
Look at the drape!
Le sigh, I love Liberty.
Next up, more jeans!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fabric Choice Fail

I am looking for the perfect tee.
Something like this.
I picked up some navy stretchy ribbed knit for $1/m from Eliza's in Melbourne and I tried this pattern.
And after several hours fitting ended up with this.
I gave it to my neighbour who gave it to St Vinnies (with my blessing)
So, I tried this one which I had had success with in the past.
I have three made up in a heavy cotton/lycra.
This photo was just after my parathyroid surgery and I was a solid 10kg heavier but still.
Double yuck.
This fabric grew upon handling.
Those bulges are not me! 
I am sucking everything in, that is the fabric.
I spent so long fitting this tee, I trimmed the shoulders, fitted the side seam over and over.
Big. Fat. Fail.
Possibly why it was marked down to $1?
This one has gone to my neighbour too, I think she kept it to sleep in.

So, my fellow sewing friends, please help me find a tee pattern.

I promise to try it in decent fabric.

xx N

Saturday, October 3, 2015

When you have to get dressed

More clothes for Mummy.
How does the saying go? When you have to get dressed but don't want to get dressed.
First, a neat tee.
I first saw this pattern on Flickr. The lovely MC had made a very groovy version and I when I commented on it she offered to send the pattern to me.
How awesome is that?
My bust measurement put me in a large (!) but I went with the medium as I was using a very stretchy knit.
I really like the hi-lo hemline. I wondered if I was not a little old but the Twins assured me I wasn't.
The fabric was again from Eliza's , a lovely cotton/modal in a nude pinky tan colour.
It looks lovely but was not so lovely to sew. I may have likened it to sewing snot. Stretchy and slippery but worth it and only $3/m.
Next up some neat house pants.
The Hudson pants.
This style of pant is not something I have worn since school days but according to The Twins, I needed them.
I am pleasantly surprised at how nice they are.
Neat and not sloppy at all.
I sewed them up in some more cotton/modal knit.
I like cotton/modal.
For when you have to get dressed but don't want to. Check!

The nitty gritty Kitty!
Simplicity 1463
I love this tee pattern. I made the medium and will stick to that in this soft fabric. To be honest, I think I would only sew this up in a draping fabric or it may be less elegant and more 80's batwing on me!
I have seen some teeny tiny girls pull it off.
Definitely a generous fit. Consider sizing down. I have read the arm bands can be a bit firm but mine are fine.
I think it took me less time to sew then to cut and pin but I recommend matching your notches and taking your time to get a professional result.
I have several more pieces of cotton/modal earmarked now....

Hudson Pants.
I am super surprised by how much I like these pants on me!
They are a nice sew with natty details on the pocket and neat ankle cuffs.
I would wonder about adding some length (if you are tall) as I am only 5'3 and they were perfect for my height.
I think I may leave the draw cord off my next pair as I would only wear them with an untucked top.

A great house / run to the school/ off to gym type pant.
I wear mine a lot 
(and fight them off the Twins AND hey even look good on Hugo)!

See you 'round like a rissole 

xx N