Sunday, January 30, 2011

But I don't want them to go

First day of school tomorrow and going to be 42 degree's!
Water bottles are in the freezer
Lunch boxes packed
And in the fridge.
Books are covered
Pencil cases filled 
Contents labelled
But I don't want them to go...

Perhaps they could stay home one more day?
Its going to be 
So very,very hot.
The bus has air cons,
The classrooms have air cons,
They eat inside anyway.
They'll be fine,said Jed
I know you don't want them to go...

Holidays aren't long enough!
They need more than five weeks!
Last term is busy
Tests and Exams
Presentation Night
It's still so hot
Too hot for them
I don't think they should go...

The Bigs Ones are excited to go back to school,
They miss their mates
They like their teachers
They want to play sport
And talk about sport
And talk about clothes
Small One is sad
She doesn't want to go

We are raising strong independent children
They know the right things
They avoid the wrong things
But I don't want to share them!
I know that I have too
I know that I need too
I know that it's the best thing
It's time for them to go!

but I'm still going to cry

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bubble Dress the finale

Here we go listeners....

Gathering the top of the skirt

Gather the top of the skirt between the notches(these were the stars on the pattern). I set my stitch length to 4 and that works well. I don't touch my tension as the pattern suggests.

Pulling up the threads
I gather the skirt to approximately the width of the bodice. I work from one edge to the middle notch, and then from the other side.

The gathered edge

Attaching the skirt to the bodice

Pin the RIGHT side of the BODICE LINING to the INSIDE of the skirt, lining to lining.
Pin the bodice away from the edge to prevent catching it when you sew.

Turn inside to stitch

My machine doesn't have a sewing arm, so I turn mine inside to stitch.

Ready to sew

Before stitching
Consider flipping the dress over and stitching this bit (at the base of the back placket) at either end of the seam first so that you don't catch it when you sew the gathered skirt and bodice together.

After stitching

Sewing between the gathering threads

Sew slowly and carefully between the gathering threads watching for tucks and making sure your gathers are even.

    Three little dresses
  • Nearly there

Carefully pin the bodice to the top of the skirt covering your previous stitch line. Pin in larger increments first and gradually pin closer, easing as you go.

Check your seam for tucks.

Add as many pins as you need-take your time with this step!

Adding trim
This is the perfect time to add trim or piping.

Topstitching the bodice.

Taking your time stitching closely to the edge, topstitch the bodice to the skirt.


Carefully remove the gathering stitch, a pin works well to slip through the stitch. Don't tug or you may leave holes in your fabric.

The finished seam


Choose your buttons and decide on placement.

I use sticky tape as a button hole guide cutting it a little longer then my buttons.

Cut your button holes, placing a pin long ways to prevent cutting through accidently, make a small slash with a quick-un-pick.

Then snip the button holes with small sharp scissors.

Mark your button placement.

I sticky tape my buttons in position.

Then I sew them on with the machine using the bar tack stitch of my button hole stitch.

I pull the threads to the back with a pin.

And tie a double knot.

When I am sure it is secure, snip the threads.
So much quicker than sewing them on by hand!


There you go, bubbles galore!

To be continued......(just kidding, thats all folks)

Tula Pink's Bunny Damask

Michael Millers Disco Dots

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bubble Dress part five

More Bubbles!

Finished bodices

Following the pattern instructions, sew the back skirt and back skirt lining together, stopping at the transferred notches and press the seam open.

Sewing fronts to backs

Sew the front skirt to the back skirt on main skirt and the lining, matching notches. 

View A 

For view A in can be helpful to draw the stitching line to help stitch neat curves. Take your time,lift the foot and turn when needed, slow and steady is the way!

Trim the seams View A

Trim the edges with pinking shears or follow the patterns suggestion of trimming and cutting notches as necessary.
Trim the seams view B

Following the pattern turn the skirts the skirts right side out,roll and finger press the side seams. When you are happy with the finish, press the seams with the iron. I press mine to one side.

Skirt and lining view B

View A

As per pattern instructions, mark the stitching line and use pins to hold the layers together.
Top stitch this line.

View A
This next step is a experiment. I love the scallops but was disappointed when they lay flat against the dress. So this time I have stitched them flat top and bottom to see if they will sit up a bit more.


Pressed,pinned then stitched

Side seams
Place the skirt and skirt lining right sides together one inside the other. Pin around the bottom of the two skirts and sew together.

The skirt SHOULD be longer than the lining!
Stitched hems

Elastic marked in equal quarters

Following the pattern, cut your elastic, join and mark in quarters(front,back,side seams). I cut my elastic a good 2'' shorter than the guide as I found my last dress did not balloon enough.

Attaching elastic to the hem

Pin the elastic to the hem evenly, this is simple! Match your pins to the front, back and side seams, a gentle stretch and a few extra pins!

Zigzag the elastic to the seam allowance
Stretch the elastic as you slowly sew, I promise, it's not hard!

More ta-dahs

Top stitch the opening 
Match the skirt tops(top skirt and lining) pin together. Following the pattern, top stitch the back opening catching the lining.

Top stitching

Skirt and bodice
Two become One! ( Oh dear, channeling Spice Girls , time to go to bed)!

To be continued.....(only one more, promise)!