Monday, January 17, 2011

A week by the Sea....Part Two

A visit to Boatswains Point is never complete without a promenade in Robe. Or as Husband calls it oliver+S on parade. Of course the Fab Five are usually dressed , head to toe, in clothes made from these lovely patterns.

Fab Five in O+S
While taking their pictures on the beach , I was approached (again) and asked what label I was doing a photo shoot for. Proud? You bet your little cotton socks!

Tea Party dress in City Weekend

Small One put her new City Weekend  Tea Party Dress to the test, and it hung beautifully, even with a very soggy hem!

Play Date in City Weekend

Little One charmed all the sun baking grannies in her Play Date Dress made in the beautiful City Weekend. They all remembered having dresses 'just like that' when they were little girls!

Ruffled Halter

The Twins couldn't wait to wear their Halter Tops a free pattern from oliver+S (just click on the name) so after smothering each other's shoulders in sun block , they were ready to go!

Ruffled Halter
Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts

Son&Heir picked his favorite Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts , I have nightmares about that shirt (the fabric, not the pattern) it was printed unevenly and was an absolute cow to sew. It is his most worn shirt so I guess it doesn't worry him!

Coffee @ the Vic Street Cafe

Robe is also a popular Cafe District with great little coffee shops and some amazing restaurants (which Husband and I dream of dining in one day)!

So hard to choose!
The Vic Street Cafe is our favorite. Very good coffee and a great atmosphere for families. It's very groovy, which the children love, they never mind the children sharing a meal and are so patient when the Fab Five are taking forever to choose their treats.

That one please mummy!

Ice Cream Blouse Chic

Thankyou Daddy

Bubbles and Hopscotch

We all had a lovely time........ can't wait to go back!


  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday with us Nicole! Gorgeous photos - no wonder you were asked who you were doing a shoot for! & I can completely relate to the 'one day' restaurant dinner for 2!

  2. Looks like you are having a lovely trip.

  3. what an utterly amazing family you have!

  4. Thankyou, we had a lovely trip and hopefully we will get back for a few days before school starts again.

  5. Beautiful family and holiday pics, it looks like a gorgeous spot.
    I grew up on a dairy farm and our "farmers holiday" was a Sunday trip to the beach (2hours away) after milking cows in the morning, and back to milk them late in the evening! Your "farmers holiday" reminded me :-)

  6. Ooooh dairy farms, we looked at buying one of those, thank goodness we didn't. What with deregulation, feed costs, long, long hours and the smell, there goes your quality of life.
    Dairy farmers are the hardest working men I know!

  7. How wonderful!! I am jealous of this sort of beach vacation. Love Little One's face asking for her treat!

  8. It is lovely and very relaxed as One doesn't feel the urge to rush around and see the sights-they will be there next time,or the time after,or the time after....

  9. Lovely - all of it.