Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bubble Dress part two

With all my children, I find it quite hard to write a long blog without being interrupted, so I shall try and blog in parts, hopefully it is still understandable!
Quick re-cap, I am sewing three little Bubble Dresses.
So here we go!

Bodice of dress

Interface the back bodice as instructed in the pattern. Sew the shoulder seam on the bodice AND bodice lining.

Bodice lining
I like to use a cotton rich poplin for the lining as it still breathes but needs little ironing.

Sewing the shoulder seams

Try to sew all similar actions at once, it means less time getting up and down, and One really perfects Ones skills.

Trim seams

Press and trim the shoulder seam on the bodice AND bodice lining.

The bodice

Press the shoulder seams open and stay stitch the neckline.

Pressing the shoulder seam
Due to the curved nature of the shoulder seam it can be helpful to press this seam over the end of your ironing board.

Pinning the back seams

Following the pattern, pin your back seams together, the back lining is smaller! It is meant to be! Don't worry!

Bodice side up view

Lining side up view

Stitch these seams.

Press this seam open

Matching notches

Matching your notches fold the bodice back, back on its self, if your arm holes meet you have it right. Press in place.

The other side

Pin the neckline

Mark with fabric pen

Mark and pin your stitch line on the back bodice as instructed in pattern.

Consider marking the sew line

Pin the sleeve edge. It can be helpful to draw this sewing line with fabric pen to get a nice curve.

Pinned, ready to sew!

Sewing those seams!

To be continued.....


  1. Looking great Nicole. I haven't yet made this dress (why o why??) but maybe I'll have a go next week for E's birthday party.

  2. So interesting to see how you make multiple garments...even when I am sewing for my twins, usually I sew each dress, one at a time...mind you the second one is always so much easier! I must use this method more often. I think I am afraid that I will mess up, and then I will mess up two at once!.....can you tell I lack confidence in my sewing!!!!?
    I am waiting for a couple of new patterns to arrive, and when they do, I might give this plan a whirl!

  3. Oh do Claire, it is delightful!
    Consider sizing up if Miss E is tall, I found it a little short on Small One.

    I had a squize at your blog and your sewing, I very much doubt you would have ANY trouble with garment making!
    It is a luxury to make one outfit, but this is so much more productive Millie, and I am guessing you would be pushed for time too?

  4. Make it Claire!!! It's really fun to make and is pretty fast - the bodice is the slowest part! Like Nicole, I try to group things together - I sewed it all out of order (linings all first) so I didn't have to keep swapping cotton!

  5. Oh thank you Nicole! I have always sewn from Ottobre Magazine up until this, and every garment is made with only written instructions, so you have to think hard while making it! I would normally only make one of a garment, and because there is so much variety, maybe never make it again...However, I can see how this would work well with garment that you know will work perfectly every time, and that you are familiar with. ie. O+S! I love Ottobre too, but I can see O+S being my "go-to" patterns.
    I have just traced a Sunday Brunch pattern for the twins...they have chosen their own fabric! I will try your method of making the two together!

  6. Good on you for giving it a go! I hope it saves you some time Millie!

  7. Oh, oh, the beauty!! I cannot wait!

    Yes, I do agree that the sewing multiples is a good idea. Love a good time saver, and less trips to the ironing board!

  8. Nicole, do you have any suggestions for how to treat the seams on the outer fabric? You had mentioned that something you'd made in silk had frayed right up to the seams. This will be lined, and probably only worn a few times, maybe I don't need to worry?

  9. Thankyou Mel!

    Sarvi, that was a sleeve seam on a jacket, this dress doesn't really have ''strain area's''.
    I made Little One a silk Ice Cream dress which has been washed and worn a dozen times or more and it is fine.
    If you are concerned, it would be very easy to do a narrow zigzag after trimming and notches.