Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Baby is Growing Up.

Little One has just woken from her sleep. I scooped her up, brought her down to the computer and hitched up my shirt to feed her. As I always do.
''No, cuggle me'' she said.
So I am typing this with her on my lap having a 'cuggle'

and I am a bit sad....


  1. I understand -- I'm in a melancholy mood myself today for the same reason. What a blessing and a curse to be a mother and see your babies grow up and become more independent! It's also been a sad day in Toronto today because we saw the funeral of one of our finest...a 35-year-old police officer cut down in his prime in the line of duty, leaving a two-year-old boy without a father. I guess we should all count our blessings!

  2. Oh Susanne, I am so sorry!
    It's just wrong that a young man working for his community should lose his life.
    My thoughts are with his wife and child.
    I think I will go and ring Husband and tell him I love him.

  3. I got unreasonably excited at the first photo -- I thought you had somehow been pregnant for the last nine months without any of us knowing and we were in for a surprise! Sorry, it's been a long day and I'm not all here.

    Very sad story, Susanne. Yes, let us all be thankful for our good fortune.

  4. Do you really think I could keep that secret from you guys Sarvi? I would be posting a photo of the preg test!

  5. Oh, Nicole, I'm sorry. I imagine it is bittersweet. I worry myself over this all the time. Niblet isn't there yet, but I dread the day. What will I be to her then?! I already have so much guilt over leaving every day for work and seeing her just a couple hours before bed at night.

    Susanne, how terribly awful and so unfair for the son. I will say a prayer for the family.

  6. Sarvi, you always make me laugh. My baby said the same thing at 14 months. Now he says things like, "My mommy wufs me." That more than makes up for it.

  7. She still woke for a feed at 5 am!

  8. Sarvi - yes, you make me laugh too!!!!!!
    At least they go back off to sleep after a 5am feed (I hope, anyway!!)
    Mel, you'll always be her mum! - ALWAYS!!

  9. LOL - we'll be waiting for a picture of a pregnancy test to show up some day, Nicole!

    I know it's hard to let them grow up. I feel the same way sometimes. I cried when Oliver weaned. He had terrible reflux as a newborn and was terrified to eat for months. He had learned to associate it with pain. I could only feed him in his sleep or he'd scream and scream. Then I had to hold him upright for 45 min and then sit him in his car seat to sleep. Within 30 minutes it was time to nurse him again. This went on 24 hrs/day. I was a wreck all the time with no sleep and so much worry about keeping weight on him. He refused to nurse again at 7 months. We had been through so much just to get him that far and I couldn't bear fighting it again so I let him go to the bottle. It was very difficult. Fortunately, I had about 60 days worth of milk in the freezer because I had to pump constantly when he wouldn't eat. At least I didn't have to put him straight onto formula. He still isn't much of an eater, but a true Mama's boy through and through. She will always need you even if she doesn't need your milk anymore.

  10. I finished nursing my twins over a year ago, (I had fed my two other's before that too) and the other day I went to visit a friend with her first baby.... I was there to help and advise her on breastfeeding, and it was nice to be able to be there for her. I hope she has many months (or years) of nursing her baby boy. Seeing and hearing him nurse brought me right back to when all of mine were tiny though!

  11. Oh Sandi, fabulous you for persevering! I do a little breast feeding support and it so hard to get some girls to see the light at the end off the tunnel, well done for sticking with it so long in that situation.

    Hi Millie, I feed my twins too! I figured I had enough to do without making bottles!
    I am so pleased to hear that you are supporting other new mums... to be there in person and empathize with the mother is more valuable support than a hundred books.