Monday, January 24, 2011

A Few Days in Town.

Husband needed an operation so we all headed to the city for a few days. It was a great chance to 'dress up'' the Fab 5 in their posh oliver+S clothes. The packing was so easy as everything works together so well.

The Traveling Wardrobe

I don't drive in the city, so a wonderful couple J & L, shared their beautiful home with us and ferried the patient. I am still overwhelmed by their kindness, taking in a worried wife and five lively farm children into their lovely home and orderly lives is far beyond the call of duty.

What an amazing place it was to stay in. J has the biggest television I have ever seen, and a wonderful, eclectic range of movies. The children really enjoyed watching Madagascar 2(and I enjoyed the comfort of a sofa rather than hard theatre seats).

Sitting in the sitting room
(oliver+S Hopscotch top&skirt and Music Box pinny)

The house had lots of places to sit and read or chat. The twins quickly made the sitting room bay window into a pre-teen nook, playing games and listening to their newly acquired i-pods (which they proudly bought from e-bay with their hard earned house cleaning money).

Hopscotch in the City
(oliver+S Hopscotch top & skirt)

J&L's home is situated next to a playground, so much fun was to be had there!

(oliver+S Jumprope dress and Tea Party dress & bloomers)

It was a well equipped playground but sadly we barely saw it being least not by children.
I am pretty sure what those big lads were doing would not fit into playground etiquette!

Brother love!
(Sketchbook shirt&shorts and Jumprope dress, both oliver+S)
Being a country girl, I was a little shocked at the vandalism.
I just don't understand graffiti. People tell me it is art, what is so jolly artistic about writing the Karma Sutra in the current day vernacular on children's play equipment?

(oliver+S Jumprope dress)

The children thought they were very special , having a whole playground to themselves. Son&Heir only pushed his sisters on the swings instead of the usual line up of tots that he seems to attract.

Blue sky vision
(oliver+s Jumprope dress)

It was quite warm, so we made frequent short visits.

The slippery-dip was so hot I was worried Little Ones legs would burn.

If we lingered too long Small One started spelling out the rude words(much to the suppressed giggles of her older siblings).

J&L are also the owners of a gorgeous swimming pool! A HUGE novelty for the Fab 4.

Resort J&L

With three willing adults to supervise, they spent as much time as possible in the water.

Floating fun

The multi talented J is also a top class scuba diver,and very generously lent his snorkels and time instructing the children on the proper techniques.

oliver+S swimmers
(Hopscotch top&Nature Walk pants)

Little One opted out.

oliver+S Bubble dress

Shedded skin's


We were so well taken care of.
 Husband was in hospital overnight, but stayed another night in town to rest before heading home.
A rest he would not have taken if we returned straight away.
L is a dear friend that I have had the pleasure to know since I nannied for her as a extremely precocious teenager. With my own mother being quite elderly when I had children, L has been my inspiration from breast feeding tips, child nutrition, discipline for pre-teens to home decorating and cooking.
I cannot imagine her not in my life and I love her dearly.

Thankyou J&L......What more can I say?

PS Husband is recovering well, back at work and doing far more than he should!


  1. Their place looks wonderful! Lucky you all! Glad to hear husband is well. Tsk, tsk for over-working!
    Erm, the Karma Sutra isn't art (which I'll define in this instance as something I'd hang for viewing pleasure) and especially not on children's toys! Sheesh.

  2. What a lovely 'break' you were able to have! So glad hubby is ok! Love looking at all your pics - L is asking me about Little One!
    We are usually the only ones at our playground too - and it too is targetted for graffiti, which I 'lecture' my kids about every time we're there!

  3. Such lovely photos. Isn't it lovely to have such good friends. Our local park is just like that with graffiti, such a shame. It always taints a visit there.
    I would love someone to pour me a G&T because I would never think to make myself one!
    I am glad that you husband is recovering well, my husband is also a farmer and it is very hard to rest when there is work to be done.
    I am so glad that you have started a blog, and that I have discovered it!

  4. Thankyou Mel, it was more like a little holiday than the stressful experience I was expecting.
    Husband is well,but I wish he would slow down a little. Graffiti is just nasty , isn't it?

    Thanks Justine, how sweet of L, Little One talks to the 'babies' (older than her)too!
    The older children don't really take to much notice of graffiti , but I could see Small One reading it and looking quite confused! It's a shame they can't just enjoy their childhood.

    Wow Millie , thankyou for your lovely compliments! I was very spoilt(and loved every minute of it).
    I look forward to getting to know you too!