Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I will survive.

Well,Tilly is officially at kindy.
I was allowed to take a photograph.
And then she gently told me it was time to leave.
Today is her third day.
She was dressed by the time I got up.
Its a great little school,with teachers and SSO's who care about the children.
We have just over 110 students and the technology they have access to is great.
So why can't I stop crying?
xx N

Sunday, January 27, 2013

School Days!

When I was a little girl my best friends mother used to come in to her room at the start of each term and sing
'School Days' at the top of her voice.
It is a tradition I have continued with my own tribe......and I don't think they appreciate it any more then Binita did.

But we have had an awesome holiday.
Off course,we had Christmas.
And New Years Day at the lake.

Barbecue's a'plenty.
A visit to Wiggly Worms play cafe for Lidia and Matilda.
(The noise had to be heard to be believed)!
A quick trip to Adelaide to catch up with Hugo whilst he was at Geology camp.

My sister Veronica and her friend Guy.
Family came to visit.
As did special friends.
There was plenty of making.
And some new pets.
Of course we went to the beach.

But tomorrow its school days.
And Tildy starts kindy.
And I am going to cry and cry.

School days! sigh....

xx N

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another FairyTale?

I showed you the complicated version.
Oliver+s FairyTale dress
Now here is the simplified one.
As I had limited fabric I cut the bodice from the main fabric and lined with poplin.
Zara wanted a full skirt so I cut the front and back skirt the width of the fabric.
Transfer all the markings.
Stitch the darts and press in place.
Pin and sew the shoulder seams.
Bodice and lining.
Sew the lining and bodice together at the neck and arm seams.
Trim and clip the seam allowances.
Turn through,finger press and then press the bodice neatly.
Open up the bodice and under-stitch the lining to the seam allowance as far as you can it each direction.
Press the seam allowance open.
Sew the bodice to the bodice and the lining to the lining.
Press the seam open.

Fold the lining to the inside and press again.
I like to baste a folding line at 4/8ths and press it in place.
On with the skirt
Sew the side seams and centre back seam to the zipper opening.Neaten and press.
I like to turn a narrow hem and then a deeper hem.
Repeat with the lining.
Pin the lining to the skirt right sides together. 
Neaten the edges together.
I like to stagger the seams.
Match up the zipper openings and press them to the outside.
The seams will be covered by the zipper.
The inside view.
Mark the centre front.
Leaving a inch or so either side of the zipper opening,gather the top with two rows of gathering stitch.
Match the side seams and centre front seam and pull up the skirt to fit the bodice.
Pin and sew in place and the press the seam up towards the bodice.
(If you need a bit more guidance with this step refer back to this post)
 Pin the bodice down covering the gathering.
Match the darts and side seams.
 I really like poplin as a lining.
Pin the lining in place.
You may handsew it in place for a perfect finish.

Remove the gathering threads.
I chose to top stitch the bodice catching the lining underneath.

Pin and baste the centre back seam together.
Press the seam open.

Press the top and the bottom raw edge of zipper to the wrong side.
Place the zipper over the seam allowance.
Trim the seam if it shows.
Pin and basted the zipper in place.

Sew the zipper in place.
First at the edge of the zipper.
Then change to the zipper foot and stitch closer to the teeth.
Unpick the basting.
And there we have it!
Fully lined.
Nice and neat.
A sweet summer dress.
Sophisticated enough for my little fashionista.

xx N