Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It is all in the planning...

I have a High Tea to attend in January.
I need a new dress.
My #1 Posh Frock needs work (skirt removed, waist lifted, new darts sewn)
My #2 Posh Frock is packed to be re-homed.  

I was going to alter my #Posh Frock like a good little Barbara but my Jed is no Tom.

'Why don't you make a new one'?

So, Lovelies, what do we think?

While pursuing Style Arc (lovely patterns) I found this. Zara was very enthusiastic.
Image from Pinterest
With length, obviously, and I don't think I will need the jacket in January but I may later...
I will probably use this pattern as I can put all my measurements in and get a better fit.
#5166 Lekala
I purchased this from eBay.

What do think? Mutton dressed as lamb or can I pull it off?

xx N

All finished here 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Woven Hudson Pants (or would that be trousers)?

So, earlier this year I made some denim Hudson pants
According to my Stylebook App they are my second most worn item.
Only second to my gold hoop earrings.
So I made another pair.
Now, it is to be remembered the Hudson Pants are meant to be sewn in a knit, not a woven.
The cotton sateen I used is quite stretchy but I sized up by at least 3 sizes.
I used the polo collar trick for the pocket edge again and also lined the pockets with modal knit for a smooth finish.
The cuffs are ribbing.
The tie is completely faux.
I used a double row of elastic, very comfortable around the tummy with more 'give' then a single, wider row.
The have a nice fit at the rear, no mum-bum.
They are very comfortable and as easy to wear as track pants.

~My Verdict~
I really like these trousers. As much as I would like to dress up, every day, it is not going to happen. I do think these look nearly as tidy as jeans with the comfort factor being a very nice bonus.
I wear my denim ones so frequently I have cut another pair in pale denim.
I look forward to sewing them in knit, as a slim pair or track pants.

Thanks for reading and apologies for the plethora of posts.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Burda 6769 A Skirt in the Making

I needed a skirt in my wardrobe capsule, actually two, a black and a denim.

I knew what I wanted, a slim fit, pegged hem but I had to be able to walk quickly, squat and be comfortable in it.

It also needed to be able to be dressed up or down.

My research found me Burda 6769
After reading quite a few reviews I knew it was going to need some work so I made a muslin AND  then a practice skirt before using my precious coated denim.
I made a calico muslin, seams on the outside and Zara helped me tweak it a lot!
This was more design choice then pattern style, I wanted the skirt very shaped at the hem.
I went with the 38, as per my hips but as usual my tummy needed the room but I pinched a lot from the back.
The original and my calico muslin 
Once my calico muslin fits I unpick that and use it as my pattern.
You can see the shape I added to the sides.
I had some stretch cotton sateen leftover from my Hudson's (yet to be blogged) so I made a trial run in that.
Actually, I cut it at the same time and got my Hudson's and this skirt from 2m of 150cm wide cloth, $4/m from Eliza's of Sunshine.
I added back pockets (I used the Ginger jeans ones as they have a nice curved edge).
I seem to have a bit of 'poof' going on over my backside, may need further FAA (flat arse adjustment) or I may have just stretched it a bit when sewing.
I will see how it goes.
And this is why we sew our clothes.
Lots of room for my tummy, one nice flat bum accounted for.
I rarely tuck so this is the view the hoi polloi are going to see.
And I love it!

~My Verdict~
I love it.
I think my trial run is very successful and it has nicely incorporated into my capsule.
I could only sew this is a very stretchy fabric, it needs that extra ease, that said this is a casual going out type skirt. I comfortably squatted on the floor to pick up my twin cousins without any problems.
The PDF pattern was fine, not O+S but fine. NO SEAM ALLOWANCE, my first muslin fit Liddy. The instructions were pretty good, for Burda.
I have a black coated denim and blue denim (which I will distress eek)! on my to do list. 

Thanks for reading!
xx N

A Farewell Woodland Stroll Cape

Our school is losing a very fine teacher to Canada, next year.
But I am sure her 'swop' will be just as excellent and we will make them welcome.
Liddy wanted me to make her something. I was bit nervous, she is a tiny wee lady with a big bust, not easy to 'guess make' something for.
And then Liddy wore her cape to school and Mrs Schilling declared she wanted one, exactly the same.
Luckily, the Liesl+Co Woodland cape, made that possible.
We decided a dark charcoal button would look a bit more grown up but, otherwise, just the same.
I sewed the 16, due to her bust size, I hope it doesn't swamp her too much. It was too big for me but I have terribly narrow shoulders and my bust puts me in the 10... fingers crossed.
I used a heavy, stretch, satin backed crepe, reversed, for the lining.
With a garment like this the lining makes it, so it is worth choosing carefully. 
I was extremely fussy with my clipping and pressing. After I pressed a seam I Clover Clipped it in place until it was cool. To make sure everything stayed where it should I 'stitched in the ditch' in several places along the seams.

A very good PDF, which is good seeing as I have now bought
 the bloody thing three times!
I purchased it when first released, didn't print it. It was released under new packaging and I bought it again, stupidly, thinking it was a different one but did print it.
I got the neatly stored but not put together printed copy out... to find out only half of it had printed.
No worries, I will just download it again from my account at O+S. Nope, cannot log in.
So, purchased, downloaded, printed, glued, packed AND the PDF is now in Dropbox, just in case.
Lesson learned. 

I wil make one of these for me, I think it will be perfect for those quick trips outside in Winter.
And I want one
And I have to make the pattern worthwhile...

I hope Mrs Schilling finds it useful on the plane, or in Canada in Spring...

xx N

Friday, December 16, 2016

Elise tee for Me

I really like Zara's Elise tee
So I thought I would try one for me.
I sewed the largest size (as per my bust measurement) from some very light weight, burn out knit one of the Twins rejected.
The fabric was not pleasant to sew, each seam required machine basting before overlocking and then I pressed and topstitched the cuffs and neck band.
My new cover stitch is still being uncooperative so I sewed a narrow, double hem with a 3.5 stitch length (4 is my longest stitch)
It is not the most flattering of tops but it is just what I was after, for Summer.
I will sew another in a drape-y b&w stripe and possibly a nude pink (a better colour for my lifestyle then white)
Despite my RBF I am pleased with the one.
The Elise Tee is a free PDF. It is extremely well drafted and the instructions are very good.
As always, I take my time with knits, pressing well and top stitching where the seams allow it.
The neck has plenty of ease so I bound the back seam (purely for aesthetics) the same as Zara's above.

I recommend a very light, very stretchy knit. Something with modal would be perfect.
This style of top is quite pricey in Witchery and Country Road so well worth making one or two yourself.

xx N

Lekala #4562 Capsule Sewing

I am thoroughly pleased with my capsule wardrobe program.
I am not finished yet but it is coming together nicely.
I have enough tee's but I needed a slightly more dressy top, something that would work, dressed down with jeans or dressed up with a skirt/trousers.
Lekala #4562 fitted the bill.
Lekala patterns suit me well as I can put my measurements in and get a product, ready to go.
And at around $3, what is not to like?
The wee pocket is faux but a neat detail.
The neckline is faced. 
It had a nice long shaped hem, the back longer then the front.
I added side vents as I like the ease it gives me.
The sleeve cuffs are not mentioned at all in the pattern instructions so I attached them, with the seam on the inside, covered with the folded cuff.
It has a really nice shape,very comfortable and very cool to wear.
The fabric is some vintage John Kaldor rayon from my SIL's stash, the same I used to sew Zara's blouse.
I wore it with my Vado jeans and Converse (under my leather biker jacket) to a casual Christmas BBQ.

Paired with my Burda skirt (yet to be blogged) silver slip ons, a hat and pearl jewellery to a 1st Birthday.

Last night, I wore it to Presentation Night with the same skirt but under my biker jacket and with black slides and bolder earrings.

I am tossing around making a black rayon version but, to be honest, I don't think I  need it.
Maybe when this one wears out?

I love my capsule wardrobe and will continue working at it.

Thanks for reading.
xx N 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Do De Do Deer&Doe Plantain

This is my t-shirt pattern.
The Deer and Doe Plantain
How I love it.
So I made a few more.
In a Merino knit Hugo purchased for my birthday, with tan vinyl patches.
This is my favourite and the most worn top in my wardrobe.
Another is a light weight cotton knit from Eliza's of Sunshine with mock croc elbow patches.
This one, with 3/4 sleeves, in a cotton/modal with tan vinyl elbow patches.
I love this one but it is a very fine cheap knit, again from Eliza's and it hasn't washed that well.
Lastly, a heavy, quality cotton/spandex from my lovely Ebay seller.

Such a great pattern and it is free to download.

Suits my jeans and tee's life style to a, well, 'T'.

xx N

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Garden Party Dress

Lidia won a place at a music workshop in the city.
And I thought that warranted a new dress.
The Oliver+S Garden Party dress
Liddy is 12 1/2 and this is the size 12, it fits perfectly.
(Her measurements put her out of the size range but I knew this dress had some ease so I chanced it)
The fabric is some shifty polyester stuff Lidia fell in love with at Eliza's of Sunshine. It was $2/m so I let her have it.
It was pretty horrid to sew, wouldn't take a nice pressed fold and was very slippery but is did gather nicely and had beautiful drape.
I swopped the thread chain for a bias loop and used a simple MoP button.
I added a huge hem to help with the fall of the skirt (and to use this nasty stuff, up).

I asked my #sewingfriends for advice for trims.
But I left the final decision to my beautiful girl.
No lace, just bobbles on the sleeves.
I hand sewed them in place after hemming so that I can remove them, easily, if they get tatty.
Liddy was very pleased.
I am so sad she has sized out of this lovely pattern.
There is plenty of length but it is already quite firm across her back and shoulders. 
My little swimmer does not take after her narrowed shouldered mother.
~Lidia's Verdict~
Mummy made me this dress especially for the music camp that I  attended with my friend Jessie.  
It was so perfect for the occasion and I absolutely love the way it twirls out when I spin and the colour is gorgeous. 
I love the little bom boms on the sleeves and I think they are the eccentric, lovely finish to this dress mummy made me.

Nothing  like 'bom boms' 😏 to finish off a dress.

Love this girl!

xx N