Wednesday, April 14, 2021

OOP Simplicity 7000 Dress for Matilda

 Matilda had a vision for her Christmas Day frock.

She wanted it long and swishy with ruffles and fancy sleeves. Matilda chose the linen/cotton fabric from Spotlight, herself, and spent quite some time choosing her pattern.

I quizzed whether she really wanted all those frills and the long length and she did!

I wasn't too sure how it would look (I was worried it would look terribly old fashioned) but it was actually quite pretty.

The ruffle is finished, separately, and then top stitched in place so it would be possible to remove it, if you wish.

The sleeves are deliciously full  at the cuff with a neat little sleeve placket. I used hessian knot buttons to close it.

I was concerned the dress may be a little scratchy but I didn't want to make is too warm, so I used a partial lining.

I laid the Bemsilk lining over the outer bodice fabric and then treated them as one. The skirt lining hangs separately at the sides but I incorporated the lining with the zipper at the back.

A very satisfying sew.

As you can see, a very straight forward sew.

I didn't get the chance to take proper photos, but Jed took some snaps in the lovely Japanese Gardens in Adelaide.

Which was just as well as Tildy has had a HUGE growth spurt and it doesn't fit anymore....

And guess what? She didn't wear it Christmas Day as it was too hot, she wore swimmers!

Matilda has grown out of ALL her recent sews and jumped size 12 straight into a 14!

My baby girls is growing up!

Thank you for reading... xxNicole 

Monday, April 12, 2021

NewLook 6378 Soft Coat, Liesl+Co Bento tee and OOP Butterick 3179 Shorts for Elsa

 I did some sneaky Christmas sewing this year....

I love what I made for Elsa.

She looked absolutely amazing in it.

I used Newlook 6372 for the soft coat. The fabric is a rayon from Spotlight that has a slight 'twill' finish. It was a nightmare to sew, it frayed badly and did not want to take a pressed fold.

The pattern directed you to just turn and stitch the hem but I didn't think that was a nice enough finish so I decided to bind all the edges.

I made binding using my bias making tool (which was not a happy task) but by damping with a water spray, running it through the tool, placing weights on the made bias and then promptly rolling in on some card, it made a pleasing bias.

A favourite among my girls, the Bento tee (View B) was my choice for the top. I used a very soft, very stretchy cotton/modal from Elizas Fabrics. 

This is such a nice pattern but all Liesl patterns are!

Liddy was rather keen on the one I made Elsa...

The shorts pattern was an Op Shop find. The pattern was well worn and quite tatty so I guess the original owner liked them too!

I made the 'Jamaica' version which were super, super short.

I added elastic to the back casing, to create a great fit but keep them comfortable to wear.

~My Verdict~

I had quite a bit of fun putting this outfit together. Elsa seemed to like it but admitted it was not an ensemble she would have come out with.

Although a very simple pattern, the nature of the fabric made the soft coat a challenging sew (which I enjoy)

The Bento tee is always a good sew, the neat, shaped sleeve cuff sits so nicely. The neck band is very slim so I tend to machine baste it in place and then run it through my overlocker. 

The shorts are a fabulous fit and I have already sewn another pair for Elsa and cut two pair for Liddy. I did use View A, with the longer leg, as Elsa felt the Jamaica shorts were a bit 'cheeky' for her.

A lovely sew for my gorgeous girl!

Thank you for reading.... xx Nicole 

Mimi G Wooster Shorts and Liesl+Co Metro Tee for Hugo

 Sometimes a pattern doesn't work for us. It's not a fault with the pattern or the designer, it just doesn't suit.

I think Mimi G is kind of fabulous and I was so excited to sew these shorts up for Hugo.

I thought they would suit his new style, very casual, cargo pants and tees and he was keen to give them a go.

This photo shows just how long the dropped crotch is, very, very long.

I wish I was better at pattern modification as I love the jodhpur inset.

I was slightly hopeful it was just my mannequin throwing off the fit...

But I wasn't that hopeful.

Maybe it was my fabric choice (a stretch denim) the pair I saw made up were in a tweed-y wool fabric.

But they didn't suit, when quizzed (I had posted them to Hugo) he admitted he had to donate them.

However, I am not a woman that is easily gainsaid.

I promptly purchased this pattern and will be trying these next!

A pattern that always delivers is the Liesl+Co Metro tee

I had previously adjusted the pattern to be slightly fitted through the waist and hips.

I sewed it up in some heavy cotton/lycra that was left over form has Christmas Thread Theory Strathcona henley (to be blogged)

Lidia made the 'Pumba' stencil for me on my new Cri-cut machine that I got for Christmas 

It's a funny little thing that Liddy hooks up to my phone and prints off all sorts on to a vinyl product that can then be ironed onto fabric. 
I think I will get a lot of use from it.

As usual, I taped the back of the neck with cotton tape for stability and neatness.

At least he can wear this!

Thank you for reading ....xx Nicole 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

OOP Kwiksew 2600 Top and OOP Butterick 3179 Shorts for Elsa

 Elsa's turn #sewingrota

Isn't she gorgeous?
Back story....

I had justmade Lidia a new rash vest with OOP Kwiksew 2600 (to be blogged) and Elsa was playing silly buggers in it being a Super Hero. (For context, it is made of aqua, mermaid scale, iridescent lycra)

I sewed Lidia, View A but cropped the length to just under the bust. It just happened to fit Elsa perfectly too. 

Instead of Aqua Woman lycra

Elsa choose some lush, cotton/lycra, very soft and stretchy, that I had purchased from Eliza Fabrics. 

The shorts are another pair of OOP Butterick 3179 shorts. This time in a remnant of stretch denim.

The top is finished with self binding around the edges which finishes it nicely and gives it a bit of stability.

The zipper is attached after finishing the edges. I used a chunky white plastic one.

The shorts are a super quick sew as they don't have a seperate back yoke. They are a little big in the waist so I threaded elastic through the back. This cinches them in but means they will fit over Elsa's booty and bonus points for being very comfortable.

~Elsa's Verdict~

Sorry Readers, still trying to pin her down!

~My Verdict~

I love it!

Kwiksew are always a good sew. They go together beautifully, have solid (albeit brief) instructions and are very true to measurements.

They are also multi-size which means you can draft between sizes to get that perfect fit.

The Jamaican shorts pattern has become a tried and true! It fits Elsa and Lidia so nicely and sews up quickly with a scant piece of fabric. (I have started an eBay search for other sizes)

Thank you for reading .... xx Nicole