Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lekala #6017 Sportscoat for Hugo

Hugo's sportscoat is finished, Baby!
(Quick recap, Beamish sits his UMAT in a few months time and asked me to recreate this)
Hugo's 'lucky' outfit.
We decided to leave the vest for now, I was worried it would be too warm and I am slightly over tailored sewing, just for now.
It was a lot of work and I am so glad to be done but it looks so nice on him.
Lekala #6017
I used this pattern from Lekala.
The fit was perfect, no alterations needed at all.
I sewed it up in a wool/poly herringbone cloth that I purchased in bulk from eBay.
The same stuff I made Liddy's coat from...
And Trixie's dungarees.

The lining is a satin backed crepe. It has a wee bit more body then regular satin.
I wished I had used a stretch satin although the lining does have good ease.
Hugo has a few stressed seams in the lining of his Thread Theory coat.

Please excuse the WIP photos, I am blogging them as a note-to-self. The pattern instructions are a bit on the light side.
I maxed out our internet data using youtube tutorials.
For the chest pocket I used this video
The pockets have lining one side and silky lining the other.
I interfaced the front jacket with sheer weft for stability as well as the facings and collar.
The flap edges are hand sewn in place.
It took me around an hour to sew the pocket.
For the welt pockets with the flap I used this video
My welts are a little wonky but my fabric was starting to deteriorate so I left it be.
For sewing the back vent (and again for the sleeves) I used this video

I tried to bag the lining but as I had already sewn the sleeve hems it didn't work.
So I pinned and sewed the sleeve lining to the body lining, in increments and then hand sewed the gap shut.
I didn't like any of the shoulder pads I had but it needed something. On a whim, I tried the swim suit pads I had purchased for the Twins bikini tops and they were perfect.
I hand sewed them to the main coat before finishing the lining.
I am really pleased with the lining. I added extra ease after making a mistake with Elsa's so I had very nice folded hems to allow good body movement.
The buttons are Hugo's choice.
I would have preferred a darker leather button but the light coloured stone look is very fresh and modern.

It is certainly not perfect but I am very happy with the results.

Modelled piccies soon!

xx N