Monday, March 31, 2014

Farm Girls like to be Pretty Too

Introducing Miss Tildy in her Garden Party dress

I promised cuteness!

xx N

Special thanks to Sarvi for her photography tips, a little bird tells me she may be doing a blog post  @ O+S soon on just this subject.....

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Garden Party Dress-Part Three

Lets finish this!
As directed in the pattern, pre-fold and press the hem.
This will make sewing much easier later.
Gather the top of the sleeve pieces between the notches with two rows of thread.
Pin the sleeve to the dress, matching notches.
If you use vertical pins it can be easier to ease!
Sew the sleeve, check for tucks, press, neaten and press again.

Press the seam towards the sleeve.
Take your time here, press it well and leave it to cool and set.

Pin the side seams matching notches and the underarm seam.
Sew the seam and press well.
Consider clipping the curves and the underarm seam to remove bulk.
Neaten the seam over the clipping.
Press well.
Press the seam towards the dress back.
Consider topstitching the waist band seam, just to hold things in place.
Re-fold the sleeve hem, press and pin.
Turn the dress to the right side and sew on the inside of the sleeve.
Stitch a turning guide. Press a narrow hem along the stitching.
Turn the hem again, press and pin in place.
Stitch the hem and press again.
Sew on the button and embroidery stitch a tread chain.
I have given up on the thread chain, mine always break so I make a small loop of millinery elastic and hand sew that in place.
And there you have it.
Terribly sweet.
Very practical.
And a luverly sew!

Modelled piccies soon! 

xx N

Friday, March 28, 2014

Garden Party Dress- Part Two

Time to do the front!
Isn't it pretty?
Transfer the front gathering line.
Sew a gathering thread along the transferred line. Then sew a second and a third gathering thread either side.

Then two rows of gathering thread along the top of the front piece.
If you wish to add piping do so now.
Don't forget to add the proper seam allowance.
Sew a basting stitch at 4/8ths at the top and bottom of the waistband piece.
Use this a fold line, press it to the wrong side.
I interfaced this piece in my denim version.
Turn and press the long sides underneath.
Mark the centre of the front waist band and the centre of the front piece.
Gather up the threads to fit the waistband piece.
Once you are satisfied with the width, knot the threads and spend some time getting the gathers even.
This dress is all about the gathers!
Use the side notches to line up the waist band.
Pin in place.
 Topstitch the front waist band in place. Take you time and tidy the gathers as you sew. Use a zipper foot if you are using piping.
Pin the bottom edge of the front waist band, easing gathers. Topstitch that in place.
Press well, use the edge of the ironing board/
Remove the gathering threads.
Gather the top of the front to fit the front yoke.
Again, if you knot the threads you will be able to distribute your gathers well.
Pin one of the front yokes right side to the front wrong side.
Match the notches.
Press and trim the seam.
Press the seam up towards the yoke.
Roll this seam under your fingers to make sure it is good and flat.
Pin the shoulder straps to the dress front so that the wrong sides are facing each other.
Match notches and sew with a narrow seam.
Press well.
Prepare the front yoke.
If you wish to use piping, add it now.
Don't forget the correct seam allowance.
Otherwise, sew a basting stitch at 4/8ths, on the notched edge and fold and press along that seam.
I interfaced this piece.
Matching notches pin the front yoke right side  to the wrong side of the dress front sandwiching the straps in between.
Press the seam well and trim.
Under-stitch the seam to the facing if you wish.
I prefer to top stitch.
Flip the facing down, hiding all the raw edges.
Spend some time pressing and getting this piece just right before  pinning in place.
Topstitch in place.
Use a zipper foot if you are using piping.
Topstitched, pressed and oh-so-pretty!
We love it!

xx N

Next up, sleeves and finishing off.