Friday, February 5, 2021

StyleArc Kent tunic and Lekala #5099 for Me

Please excuse the ferocious facial expression.
I adored the Style Arc Kent tunic  from first we met and I was determined to sew it for Christmas Day.
Spoiler, it didn't happen.
However, I did sew it pretty soon afterwards.
I used a metallic finished linen that I purchased from Eliza Fabrics before it, sadly, shut its doors.
It is quite hard to capture on film but there is a definite, delicate, silver shimmer. Not too much, nothing to delegate it to Evening wear, just enough to make it very, very special.

And I certainly feel special wearing this lovely piece.
From the website "Tunic featuring a tab front, shaped stand collar and a fashionable elbow length sleeve"
The sleeves are the special, special detail of this pattern.
The outer sleeve is very full but to create that delicious 'puff' there is a less voluminous inner sleeve to pull it into place.
Another clever feature of this pattern is that you can simply use the inner sleeve if you don't want a puffy sleeve.
The shirt has a deep, single back yoke.
I prefer a double yoke, so I cut two and used the 'burrito' method to attach it.

I also added side vents, finishing them with a double fold, the same as the hem.
I absolutely love it!
The front placket fastens with a concealed button and it is a perfect finish for me.
It looks plunging but my boobs are very much contained.
I love the cut, I feel shapely and smart rather than 'swimming in fabric' which can happen when I wear a tunic.

I did wonder if I would FBA any subsequent sews, but the top doesn't not pull or feel uncomfortable when worn, so I won't.
I sewed the 10, which is what my measurements put me in, and I did end up taking in a few cm's from the side seam.
The pattern is cut to nip in under the bust, which is very nice as that is the narrower part of my torso.

My only grumble is the sleeve cuff.
It is meant to fasten with buttons and button holes but there was no way it would do up.
I do have quite chunky upper arms but I also suffer from bursitis which means I cannot bear pressure on my bi-cep.
I unpicked the cuff end and inserted some elastic roulette with a mind to use silk, Chinese knot buttons. I ordered some vintage ones from eBay but when they arrived, I realised they were cuff links.
I think this may actually work in my advantage and give me even more ease, so I intend to unpick the other side of the cuff , insert more roulette and use the cuff links to give my maximum ease.

So for now I just wear it with the buttons undone.
(Goodness, I look so cross, no wonder my children are scared of me)
I also made myself a pair of shorts, to wear under the tunic.
I used Lekala #5099 but shortened the legs to, well, shorts!
I sewed crease lines down the centre front and a wee cigarette spilt at the side seam.
I have used the same pattern previously to sew a navy linen pair that I have worn over and over again.

I use a lapped zipper installation and I like to add belt loops.
In conclusion, I have a mixed relationship with Style Arc and a little trouble getting my correct size. That said, the patterns are stunning, very en-trend and an extremely enjoyable sew.
They are not for the faint hearted and do assume some sewing knowledge but I like them!
The same could be said for Lekala, not a lot of hand holding but if you can figure them out, a great result.

Thank you for reading xx Nicole