Saturday, August 10, 2013

Music Class Sheepnanigans

I have missed you!

My Littles, Macbook and camera have all been sick and keeping me from you.
But I am back, Baby!

I finished up Tildy's latest farm outfit and I have some pictures to share.
'No, really'? I hear you say....
The Oliver+S Music Class blouse and skirt.
I made Tilly the size 3t with no mods and it is spot on for fit.
The blouse I sewed up in some Japanese cotton I purchased from Spotlight for $7- bargain! 
I had been looking for a stripe with a vintage feel and this was just the job.
I skipped the pin tucks and went with the gathered yokes as it is a play shirt.
For the skirt I picked up a remnant of wide wale corduroy in a rich cocoa brown.
I reversed the nap a'la Liesl which gives it a sumptuous look.
I couldn't resist adding wee gingham bows to the sides of the pockets.
And what pockets! Super clever fold-up-on-themselves type pockets.
Love them.

And the reason I was hunting for a vintage toned stripe for a blouse?
This cardy. I purchased it last year and it had not been worn.
We can't have that!
Nice and snuggly for collecting the eggs.
(D'ya like her new wellies)?
Taking a little friend from the USA for company.
Toasty in my knitted hat from Susanne.
Lets go!
I wonder who we will meet?
'Baaaa, who is that coming our way'?
'Oh, its Maaaaatilda'
'Kisses Matilda'
'Okay, a cuddle will do'

xx N

Music Class blouse tute here