Friday, December 1, 2017

Lekala #5195 for Zara

My sweet baby bird is leaving the nest.
So she needs some new clothes.
The beautiful Lekala #5195 which we made her for Formal
Zara loved this dress so much she requested a few more for Summer.
It was a much easier sew this time.
The fabric is a linen from Eliza's Fabric, $7/m.
From 4m I was able to cut this dress, Lisette pj's (to be blogged), Hudson pants (to be blogged) and a hat for Trixie #ninjacutting
Like last time, I took a lot of care with my finishes, setting the straps in under the facings and stay stitching as far as I could.
I also kept a deep hem and hand sewed it in place.
The flat lay shows the clever cut of the custom fit pattern.
The darts which fit her tiny waist but allow  ease for her full derriere. 
She looks absolutely beautiful.
Look at her waist, so tiny!
I love the extra long ties although they were a pain to turn through.
Worth it, so expensive looking.
Although she carries it well I think we may add some more coverage to the front and sew a wee popper to keep it together.
Although there is no gapping, the inner ties keep it quite snug.
I think it will look super cute styled with a denim jacket and Converse or leather slides and a big hat.
~Zara's Verdict~
This dress is absolutely to die for!
I feel so elegant and mature in it. The fabric is just so lux.
I feel like a woman instead of a teenage girl when I am wearing it.

Thanks for reading xx N