Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Posh Picnic Popover

Say that 5 times quickly....

Yesterday I finished Miss E's woolly version of the Oliver+s Class Picnic blouse.

Today I put the finishing touches to Miss Z's.

The elastic casing

As I was using a woollen knit fabric,I omitted the separate bias casing and extended the sleeve piece by a inch at the top,folded this over and sewed it to make the casing.
This worked very well.

Its finished!

Miss Z thought it a little plain.

Miss Z sans specs

I suggested some painted mother of pearl buttons.

Miss Z suggested a random sprinkle of mother of pearl buttons.


So here we have it,a random sprinkle of buttons,stitched in black,orange and cream.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sewing So Far....

Taking inspiration from the lovely Justine,I have made a list for my Winter 2011 sewing.
Its no surprise that most of the patterns I have chosen are my beloved Oliver+S.

For Son&Heir I have made..
One navy track suit.

I have cut out...
Three pairs of  Sketchbook jeans.
Three Sketchbook shirts

At the moment I am cutting out five pairs of Sketchbook pants in navy corduroy for school pants.

I would like to make...
Two Nature Walk Tops
A Burda Jacket very similar to the School Days coat
Two long sleeved T-shirts(kwik sew)

So far I have made the Twins 13+ Hopscotch Tops/Dresses.

Hopscotch top with two backs

Two each of the Sailboat Pants and Skirts.

One pair of Sketchbook 'Jeans'(and one pair cut ready to go)!

One Music Class blouse.

Making at the moment four Class Picnic blouses,oversize to wear as jacket and jumpers.

NB Made one!

Yet to sew...
Three Music Class blouse's
Two Music Class skirts
Two 2+2blouses
Two 2+2skirts
Four pairs of Nature Walk pants
Two Little Things To Sew here capes(they didn't like them until they saw a girl wearing similar in Rundle Mall)

and for school...

Six Nature Walk Jumpers
Two Music Box Pinafores

For Missy L,I have made.....
One Sailboat skirt and one pair of pants.

I hope to make....
A 2+2blouse and skirt
Two Music Class blouses and One skirt
A Sunday Brunch jacket and skirt
A corduroy Birthday Party dress
A drill Jumprope dress
A silk School Photo dress
A Hopscotch top and skirt
A School Days coat OR a Little Things To Sew cape #

For Missy M,I have made...

Sailboat Pants
I hope to make....
A Sunday Brunch jacket and Skirt
Two Music Class shirts and a skirt
Two Jumprope dresses one in each view
A Birthday Party dress
A School Days jacket
Two Hopscotch tops and skirts
Two 2+2 blouses and skirts
Note the use of 'hope' to make?

Fight the good fight!
x N

A Class Picnic in Winter

Everyone knows I love oliver+S patterns and the newly released Spring patterns were no exception!

I loved the Class Picnic Blouse on sight and was even more impressed when I received the ensemble made up by the lovely and talented Mel.

Missy M in Class Picnic made by Mel.

I decided that I could not possibly wait until Summer to make this top!
The Twins needed jackets for Winter 2011. The O+S pattern range does not include a jacket for their size(YET) and the lovely Lisette jacket that I had my eye on for them was still too large.

Looking at the line drawing on the pattern packet I thought it may make a great overshirt.....

And this is what we came up with!
The cloth is a lovely felted oatmeal marl wool flannel. It has a lovely weight,good body but not stiff and it is so snuggy and warm.
I made the size 12,which has lots of room for layers underneath.
The sleeve hem is a little less then suggested but this was the only alteration I made.

To make the brooch,I asked Missy L to draw me a basic flower shape and then I drew two more slightly larger ones,stacked them and sewed a Mother of Pearl button in the centre.
As the fabric is felted it shouldn't fray much.

The Twins immediately pulled out another brooch to try another look.

I tried stacking the gorgeous flowers that I received from the aforementioned Mel and came up with this.....

Overall,a very successful jacket substitute!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two Weeks of Heaven

No,I am not being sarcastic,I like school holidays AND my children otherwise I wouldn't have had half a dozen(give or take).

The girls took the baby to play....


I did a little sewing....

Lisette Portfolio Tunic in linen
I made this for me...

Oliver+s Sailboat Pants
These and...

Oliver+s Sailboat skirt
This for Missy L.

Oliver+S Sailboat skirt

I made this....

Ruffled Halter Top

And this for Miss E.

Which Missy M declared 'Mine'

Sailboat pants
Oh,and these,which look fabulous on but very ordinary on a hanger.

Easter was on the middle weekend.

For the final week we headed to the city where Son&Heir attended a football workshop.
He had a blast!

The lovely J&L put us up again in their beautiful home.
We were lucky enough to catch up with L's daughter,whom I used to nanny,was my flower girl AND is Missy M's Godmother!

Methinks a week in the city was a wee bit long.
(Don't worry L,I sent them outside straight after this photo,promise)!

Home again,children back at school,ironing nearly finished and then.......