Sunday, July 3, 2022

Simplicity 1370 skorts, Lekala jumpsuit with pockets #2318, Butterick 6296 pyjamas, Burda 9745 tops and Kwiksew 3481bucket hat for Matilda.

 The last of the camp sewing.

Matilda's Summer camp has been and gone but I still have a few things to share!

I have shown you her Lekala short blouse

And her very pretty Lekala blouse with tie collar
Now for the rest...
A popular sew with my girls is  Simplicity 1370.
It is a nifty skort pattern that gives the mini skirt look but with good backside coverage.
Pockets are the cherry on top.
Sewing the garment is like constructing paper origami, you definitely need to take note of pattern markings.
The front panels are hemmed before being sewn to sides.

The shorts are finished with a wide waistband that sits down on the hips and a centre back zip.

I like to finish the back seam and then set in the zipper. This means I can let the garment in and out, easily, just by unpicking the zip.
The fabric is a very pretty retro print pinwale cord from Spotlight. It was lovely to sew.

The second pair were made from a linen/cotton from deep stash.

This lighter weight fabric sewed up particularly nicely.

I did my best to match up the gingham squares but all the panels made that a little tricky.

Next was this super cute Lekala Jumpsuit with pockets #2318

I sewed it up in an apricot linen from deep stash with faux tortoiseshell buttons.

The jumpsuit has elastic at the waist which allows the bodice to fall in a blouson style.
The jumpsuit is finished with facings which I chose to interface and topstitch in place.
I used self-fabric to bind the arm holes.

Of course a camp packing list has to include new pyjamas.
Tilly requested a soft tee to pair with cotton bottoms.
The avocado poplin came from Spotlight and I piped it with green piping.
I used our favourite pyjama pattern.
Butterick 6296, by the fabulous Ms Liesl Gibson.
The top pattern is Burda 9745

I sewed it in some very soft brown cotton spandex and used a khaki contrast for the sleeve and neck bands.

The shiny sequin avocado was 50c, from the remnant bin at Spotlight.
Using the same pattern I made a plain black ribbing tee which I sewed on some felt numbers that we found on eBay.
Finally, I made up some face-masks, scrunches and a bucket hat.

I was disappointed with this hat pattern, it was way too big in the brim even though I measured properly and the brim was far too narrow to give any sun protection.

I really enjoy this sort of 'collection' sewing, it is such fun to design and sew a cohesive collection.

Thank you for reading and stay safe and well xx Nicole

Saturday, July 2, 2022

OOP Kwiksew 1556 pyjamas AND OOP Kwiksew 1692 and Mini Hudson Secret pyjamas for Beatrix

 Trixie found some very cute flannelette in the remnant bin at Spotters and wondered if there would be enough in the cut to make a pair of bunny japamas.

There was!

Kwiksew 1556 with a twist!

I made these Harry Potty pyjamas for a dear friends daughter and drafted a size especially to suit her her slim build and long legs and I figured it would work for Trixie.

I piped the collar and the pocket with black readymade piping and stitched down the facings for a neater finish. The buttons are clear plastic (very sturdy) Although the directions didn't call for it I like to interface the collar, facings and pocket top. I use a very soft interfacing so it is still comfortable to wear and sleep in.

I also interfaced the cuffs but used my method to attach them.

I interface the cuff, then apply piping to the edge, adjusting it to fill the seam allowance. Sew the cuff, press the sewn seam open and the piping edge down. Then I attach the cuff to the inside, flip and topstitch in place.

Much neater!

Trixie approved pyjamas.

Warm and snuggly

With just a little bit of growth.

But sometimes a girl doesn't want to look like she is in pyjamas. She needs secret pyjamas.

Super comfy and sewn from your sisters tracksuit (to blogged)

 left over fabric.

The fabric is French terry I picked up on a runout at Spotlight for $3/m. I added a Cricut  label to the jumper front (made by Lidia) to further disguise its double life.

I used Kwiksew 1692, leaving the tunic length but omitting the hip band.

The black French terry bottoms are the tried and true Mini Hudsons 

with another Cricut stencil on the thigh.

This outfit is just the job for Friday night dash to the beach. Comfortable to travel it, neat enough to stop at Kingston for a hot chocolate and perfect to crawl straight into bed after a quick teeth brushing session at Bosuns.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and well, xx Nicole 

OOP Style 1134 , OOP Butterick 3179 and Kwiksew 2740 for Matilda.


A modern take on a vintage pattern, by Tildy.

Image from Pinterest

My girls love Pinterest and it is great for ideas.
Matilda found the outfit above and I sent her looking through my patterns. I have got wiser with the younger girls, I make them choose their pattern rather than me find it. I have a lot of patterns and it is a big job to trawl through them all, I found the older girls would say 'Yes' to my suggestions because they couldn't be bothered looking themselves and then we had a lot of rejected sewing because I 'picked' the pattern.

Tildy chose OOP Style 1334, a lovely fit and flare skirted pinafore and Kwiksew 2740 for the top.
The corduroy came from Spotlight and it was nice enough, not Drapery quality but not that awful inky smelling stuff you can get.

I reversed the nap of the fabric, a la Liesl Gibson, as it gives a lush finish.

The bodice is lined with poplin, a pretty remnant that I picked up at Spotlight.

The pinafore fastens with a long zipper, that is set into the garment when you have finished sewing it.
Most vintage patterns will get you do this. I like it, it makes replacing a broken zipper easier.
I had a lot of trouble finding the burgundy lycra for the top. One of the few colours I don't have in my stash. I eventually found it on eBay
Kwiksew do a lovely knit pattern and this one is no exception. A lovely shape to the sides and a good length.

While we were looking for brown corduroy we found a small piece of mustard yellow pinwale cord.

Just enough for our favourite shorts pattern, OOP Butterick 3179.
PS If anyone has a size 12 they would be happy to sell, please let me know.

This pattern is super quick to sew, with patch pockets and a basic zipper application.
By inserting elastic is the back waistband the fit is adjustable between Liddy and Tilly.
How cool is the girl!
~My Verdict~
I adore this outfit on Tilly. The pinafore was a lovely sew. I shortened the skirt 7 inches and then ended up trimming a further 2 1/2 inches after fitting.

I graded the waist seam as it was quite bulky and I hand sewed the bodice lining in place before topstitching from the right side.
The narrow, double hem lets the skirt swing nicely, another option would have been to finish it with bias.
The t-shirt was just the fit Tilly was after. She is quite fussy with her tees as she has a lot of moles that need covering from the sun.
 She also has a C-D cup bust and this patterns has discreet easing/gathering in the front piece side seam that gives her some breathing room.
We love this shorts pattern. I picked it up in an Op-Shop and, sadly, the view with the set in pockets is missing.
I have made at least 10 pairs, shared between Elsa, Lidia and Matilda.
It is a very simple pattern, without a seperate fly piece, but in light to medium weight fabric, that is fine.
~Matilda's Verdict~
I love corduroy, it's really cool and feels cool. I like the deep V and the sleeveless (style) of the pinafore as I can wear something under it. The skivvies are very warm, in Winter I can wear it with stockings too, as a layering piece.
I like the short sleeve skivvy for Autumn weather. 
I love this pattern (the shorts) and I love yellow, the yellow corduroy is perfect.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and well.... xx Nicole