Friday, December 3, 2021

Lekala Blouse with Tie Collar #2346 for Matilda

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Camp sewing.

In the Keller household, it has become a tradition.
New clothes, new underthings (purchased) and a big ol' batch of biscuits are almost mandatory.

Tilly was very prompt in pulling her patterns and fabric.
Tilly really wanted a peasant blouse and I suggested Lekala #2346
I saw this sew as a 'wearable muslin' in some leftover cotton/linen, and I am glad I did as I made a very silly mistake.
I gathered the back yoke.
If you scroll back to the pattern diagram you will see it is NOT meant to be gathered.
Le sigh.
Lekala can be a little intuitive with their instructions. I should have looked at the diagram a few more times,
The gathering should have all been on the sleeves.
Tilly has narrow shoulders but it even pulls back a bit on her.

Tilly says she likes it but I think she is just being sweet.
This may be donated or given to a smaller friend.
I am still glad I made a muslin. It is a very pretty blouse but could do with a few more tweaks to make it work better for us.
The front neck is finished with a facing but it could be lowered a tad.

The arm cuffs are a smidge too tight as well.
Tilly is petite but works on the farm and is quite buff, I need to give her extra bicep room.
The opening is bound with a bias strip so you could leave it open.
Tilly chose faux tortoiseshell buttons.
You can tie the bow but I don't think we will.
As my Mum would have said, 'We are up to pussy's bow tonight'
The embroidered flowers are from deep stash. They were given to me with a bundle of sewing notions and are at least 40 years old.

They worked so well with her fabric that she chose to base her fabric selections on.
The fine cotton pinwale was from Spotlight but it is now sold out.
~My Verdict~
A sweet blouse that I think could be really lovely.
With a few tweaks and the right fabric, it would make a swing-y, cool but elegant Summer blouse.
In a rayon or silk, it would look snappy tucked into a pencil skirt (I would add some length).
I would also suggest lowering the front neckline a little. (You would need to alter the facing as well).
The blouse has very neat construction, with the raw edges caught inside of the neck tie. (I did sew bar-tacks at the seam where the tie meets the blouse neckline to reinforce it.
~Tilly's Verdict~
I love the colour and how it works with my skorts (to be blogged).
I do like how flow-y it is around the bottom. I like the ties left undone.
The flowers were a lucky fine, they work quite well.
The cuffs are a bit tight, done up. The neck is a bit high, it feels too small against my throat.
I don't think I would have another one made, but thank you so much Mumma, it is amazing.
Teeny, tiny Tilly!
I can't wait to share my other sews for camp with you, as always, thank you for reading.... xx Nicole 


  1. What a pity the instructions weren’t more clear but you will know for next time! Looking forward to more photos of the other camp sewing (and the biscuits) 😀

    1. Thank you Margaret, I really need to remember to use the diagram as a visual, when sewing Lekala!
      I do love camp sewing!
      xx Nicole

  2. I love Lekala but always struggle with their instructions! I voted!!! I hope you win! 🥰🥰🥰 She's beautiful and it really is a nice muslin!

    1. Thank you!
      I often fall back on my Oliver and S pattern instructions when sewing Lekala. I just need to remember to use the diagram for reference.
      Thank you for voting for me.
      xx Nicole