Sunday, December 5, 2021

Lekala #4936 Dress with Ties for Lidia


Over to Lidia.

A sweet cotton sundress Lekala #4936 

Lidia found some gingham in my stash, that was very light and airy.

It was so delicate I decided to drop in a lawn lining.

This all went a bit pair shaped.

I drafted a piece to match the front facing, lined the skirt with lawn and then the sleeves and bodice with self fabric. Then I attempted to sew...

I got is such a muddle!

I had great intentions of having all the seams enclosed but I just couldn't make it happen.

I ended up sewing the back together with raw edges on the inside, then constructing the front, turning and pressing the ties. I then sewed the shoulders, attached to the front and then set in the sleeves.

Next time, I would sew the main, then the lining and then sew the two together.

Liddy chose river-stone, flower shaped buttons. My dress ended up double breasted, I am not sure why, possibly her measurements threw out the pattern algorithm?

So fresh and pretty! 

We shortened the dress to make it more youthful and I put up the hem by hand, for a bespoke finish.

The custom made Lekala pattern fit her like a glove with no alterations.

~My Verdict~

A lovely dress that I over complicated by trying to be clever! I will definitely sew this one again but not attempt to 'bag' the lining. I am not sure why our pattern ended up with 'double breasted' front but I could easily trim that back. 

It took me 5 hours to sew but I definitely could make it quicker if I simplify the construction.

They were typical Lekala instructions, you do need a degree of sewing skill and the patience to 'nut' the pattern out. Well worth it for the price (around $4.50) for a custom fit pattern.

~Lidia's Verdict~

 I really wanted a yellow dress and was overjoyed when Mum made me one, even prettier than I imagined. 

I love everything about it! 

The gingham is gorgeous and the perfect shade of yellow. The style of the dress is perfect as it is sun safe but still really fun.  I haven't been given too many opportunities to wear it out yet but I can't wait till I can. I feel as though I've already worn it so many times because I am always trying it on.   I can't help it, I put it on and just immediately feel so happy! 

The fabric that I chose and the pattern I loved didn't quite work together. The fabric was too thin and needed lining and the pattern didn't call for one. This meant Mum had to work her magic and make a lining for the dress.   

I am in the process of convincing mum, that as I turn 18 in February the perfect present would be 18 new dresses made over the summer, this being the first. Please help me convince her! Then I get 17 more gorgeous dresses, and you get to read about them!

Oooh, she is a try-er!
Thank you for reading .... xx Nicole 


  1. Sweet dress! Good luck on 18 dresses Lidia (maybe if you did part of the construction....:))

    1. Thank you Elle.
      Lidia is pretty good at running the house while I sew so that may help her!
      xx Nicole

  2. I have pondered lekala patterns for years. They are so economical I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet! I vote yes for 18 dresses!

    1. Thank you Barbara.
      I had not had too many flops with Lekala and not having to fuss with fitting is amazing!
      I love sewing dresses but I am not sure she needs 18....
      xx Nicole

  3. Happy early 18th!!!! I bet if you offered to construct the patterns and cut the fabric it might help with the convincing some 🤣😂🤣❤️ Beautiful dress! Stunning! The first of 17, I'm sure 😍😂❤️

    1. It's all possible, I have so materials (purchased and given to me) to make them all but does she really, really need them? ;)
      Thank you!
      xx Nicole

  4. Super cute dress. It's nice to have something you just want to put on, even if for no reason.

    1. Thank you!
      You are right, if you just want to wear it, it's a winner.
      xx Nicole