Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I married a man with short legs.
And we passed them on to our son.
Isn't he gorgeous?
Now trousers and jeans are easy to knock a bit of the hem, but track pants look really odd if you just trim the bottom.
Time to have a play with those lengthen/shorten lines on the pattern.
Using a pair of purchased trackies (mine actually, that Hugo nabbed when my belly got too big) I noticed they are lower in the waist as well as shorter in the leg.
So I took that length out of both sections.
Rather the cut the pattern, I folded the length out.
The pattern I  used had pieced together legs, so each section had to be altered.
That is a lot of length!
Making sure things match up.
The waist section had different shortening lines so I did have to alter notches.
I took the time to re-trace the pattern pieces as I figure a good pair of trackies is going to get made again.
I did leave the pattern folded though, Jed fits in the size range, you can see what I am thinking.
And there we have it.
Track-pants that fit!
No soggy ankles.
I used the leftover fabric from Jed's rugby very yellow rugby
 Just in case they didn't work out.
Its a heavy knit with very little give but very very sturdy.
I did run a stencil down one leg, I kid myself it slightly breaks up the yellowness!

Hugo is wearing the Liesl+Co Metro tee and the track pants pattern is a old NewLook from my stash.
I have doubts it would still be available.

xx N

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Winter Birdie

I just got in sewn in time.
Tildy's winter coat.
The Clever Charlotte Kestrel coat.
By the way, I have a full tute here 
Isn't it lovely?
I have made this coat so many times 
As always, I am completely in love with the back view.
That beautiful shaping, those lovely gathers.
My fabric choice was a little prickly so I lined the neck scarf with bemsilk lining.
The wool was a remnant I purchased on eBay. It has a rustic hessian look and like most wools, pressed and sewed like a dream.
The leather scroll toggle buttons are from Hong Kong.
Tilly chose them herself!
I lined the body with some Japanese lawn from Spotlight but I used bemsilk for the sleeves and body.
It just makes dressing a little easier.
I also interfaced the wool front AND the lining front.
There is a pattern piece for interfacing included.
Sigh, so pretty.
It certainly got a work out on our holiday 
I made Matilda the size 4 with an extra 1/2' in the sleeve length.
She is 5 but on the small side.
It kept out Penola's chilly breezes.
Coped with Karate Kid poses at Nigretta Falls.
Coin operated rides in Geelong.
Fabric shopping in Sunshine, Melbourne.
And posing with Mystery Flowers.
Does anyone know what this is?

Its another winner.

xx N

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I saw this dress on Pinterest.
I really loved the colours and the clean style, so I started searching for a similar fabric&pattern, on eBay.

This pattern jumped out at me.
A vintage McCalls from the 1960's.
Next I found this fabric, not the same but Tildy and I both liked it.
(To be honest, its not washing that well, its going pilly, I wouldn't recommend it).
I made View B with a few inches extra length and I used the faux pockets from View A.
Real pockets would have been better, Tildy is constantly trying to put her hanker sniff away.
I used the notches to match the plaid.
The back took a few 'goes' to match.
I ended up sticky taping the zipper in place, basting it, and then topstitching.
I added a full lining but simply cutting another dress from cotton lawn and putting the dress and lining right sides together.
I sandwiched the collar between the dress and facing and then hand stitched it in place at inch intervals.
I also under stitched the dress and dress lining to the facing.
I hand sewed the lining and facing to the wrong side of the zipper.
To hem the sleeves, I trimmed the lining back and then hid the raw edge in a double fold.
For finishing off, a simple double hem with a long stitch to stop the lining riding up.

One groovy dress.
For a groovy chicken.
Perfect for Winter days.
For my little Sunbeam.

xx N

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Holiday 2014 Bits and Pieces

I lost my camera charger-grrrrr
So photo taking became sporadic.
Hugo saved the day with his iPhone.
So, some mixed piccies!
On Sunday morning, we met up with one of my fab online friends at this amazing swimming centre.
It has incredible heated pools and a marvellous children's play area.
It was perfect. Mel, Andrew, Jed and I could sit in the water and chat whilst the children played.
I cannot tell you how good it felt to be weightless for an hour.
We had planned to go for a steam engine trip in the afternoon but we were all pretty mellow and didn't really feel like it.
So we went shopping in a fab direct-to-the-public warehouse we visited last time we were over this way.
As well as great asian and antique furniture there a range of Japanese ride on machines.
All set up to run for free!
Tildy had a ball!
They stock the most amazing stuff, from light fittings to scarves.
Rolls of voiles and Obi off cuts.
Stone garden ornaments, drawers knobs and jewellery.
And funky funky toys!
Lidia found this wonderful dress, $45!
And Tilly got one too, $25!
How could we leave them?

We were home in time for a fish and chip supper!

xx N

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Holiday 2014 Day Five

This time I wasn't left out!
Next stop Erskine Falls
Magnificent trees that reach for the sky.
And then just keep going.
A extremely well designed National Park nestled in the hill side.
With stairs leading down......
To this.
Erskine Falls.
''It has inspired thousands of of bush lovers over the decades. Even the poet and novelist Rudyard Kipling wrote of buying a frond of fern “gathered where the Erskine leaps down the road to Lorne''

Absolutely breathtaking.

The romantic mist caressed and cooled you as you continued down.

There were plenty of seats to stop and catch the changing views, and your breath.

The deafening roar and the incredible force of the water is spectacular.

But then you have to get back up.....

I made it, just.

Next stop, Point Lonsdale and our next home.

xx N