Friday, December 1, 2017

Lekala #5195 for Zara

My sweet baby bird is leaving the nest.
So she needs some new clothes.
The beautiful Lekala #5195 which we made her for Formal
Zara loved this dress so much she requested a few more for Summer.
It was a much easier sew this time.
The fabric is a linen from Eliza's Fabric, $7/m.
From 4m I was able to cut this dress, Lisette pj's (to be blogged), Hudson pants (to be blogged) and a hat for Trixie #ninjacutting
Like last time, I took a lot of care with my finishes, setting the straps in under the facings and stay stitching as far as I could.
I also kept a deep hem and hand sewed it in place.
The flat lay shows the clever cut of the custom fit pattern.
The darts which fit her tiny waist but allow  ease for her full derriere. 
She looks absolutely beautiful.
Look at her waist, so tiny!
I love the extra long ties although they were a pain to turn through.
Worth it, so expensive looking.
Although she carries it well I think we may add some more coverage to the front and sew a wee popper to keep it together.
Although there is no gapping, the inner ties keep it quite snug.
I think it will look super cute styled with a denim jacket and Converse or leather slides and a big hat.
~Zara's Verdict~
This dress is absolutely to die for!
I feel so elegant and mature in it. The fabric is just so lux.
I feel like a woman instead of a teenage girl when I am wearing it.

Thanks for reading xx N

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Jiffy Sewing Simplcity 9473

I knocked up a wearable muslin, which I am wearing quite a lot.
A vintage SuperJiffy Simplicity 9473 that I had picked up in an OpShop in Victoria.
I like Jiffy patterns, they are generally really cleverly cut as they use few pieces to make the garment.
The fabric was some seriously shifty, polyester, ribbed stuff from Eliza's Fabric $2 bin.
It was horrid to sew, bouncy and stretchy and I carefully cut it and pinned it, matching stripes but they refused to line up.
I bound the arm edges and neck, it seemed a bit bulky but wears okay.
I also made a waist tie but it looked rather like gift wrapping porridge (on me) so I gave it the flick.
It would be a cold day in Hell before I wore this out (way too clingy and I get serious static electricity zaps if I slide into a vehicle) BUT I worked out I need to lift the waist and definitely keep it this length (I did shorten it due to lack of fabric, by 30cm).
I will definitely source some nice black and white stripe and make a 'good' version with a few changes as mentioned above.

That said, I am wearing this most evenings, after a shower and have tossed it on after swimming too.

Thank you for reading xx N

Lekala #4562 Top

One of the patterns I keep in my cutting trolley is the Lekala #4562
I made two of these blouses, last year.
denim version
And a rayon one
This version is made from some linen/cotton mix I picked up, on sale, at Horsham Spotlight $6/m.
I purchased 4 metres and cut a shirt for Hugo, some woven Hudson pants for me and this!
To keep things simple, I omitted the cuffs and used some leftover rayon bias from Liddy's cold shoulder dress (to be blogged) to finish them.
The silky finish is very comfortable.
I scooped out the neck, by a few cms and used the same bias there

I didn't get a good photo of it but I omitted the side split too.
It made sewing the tiny double hem a bit fiddly but looks nice.
I am wearing it a lot!
It is like a t-shirt but dressier. It is very cool to wear as it falls away from my body and I am thrilled not to need a bust dart.
From the website
from the website

I rather like the look of the formal, silk satin t-shirt and I very tempted to try that look with this pattern.

Another nice, hard working piece for my capsule.

Thanks for reading... xx N

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Ogden Cami by True Bias

Me again, and, well, me again.
More sewing for me.

I used to use the hashtag #selfishsewing then a dear friend of mine, Rebecca, commented that that particular hash tag really annoyed her.
Why 'selfish' to sew for yourself? 
As parents and care givers (which a lot of us are) we are already pretty bloody unselfish and if we don't have dependants, why are we selfish to think of ourselves?

I used to use the term ironically but out of respect to my friend, no more. #sewingforme.
I needed a couple of Summer tops and I have long been admiring the Ogden cami.
I am very impressed with this pattern.
It has a longer facing, almost a half lining which stabilises the garment nicely.
All the top seams are under stitched which prevent rolling.
The shoe string straps are set in beautifully, under the facing.
It feels like a 'proper' sew not a quick whizz up sort of job and the result is very professional.
I sewed the size 10, as per my bust but I think I could have gone up a size. It feels a bit firm but not uncomfortably so... can you FBA a cami?
The Japanese lawn fabric was left over from my Boyfriend shirt. Two garments from 2.5m #ninjacutting.
My second version is white rayon left over from Liddy's Lekala dress (yet to be blogged).
This one is much drap-ier and a little more formal looking.
The low back is elegant but still covers my bra (normal bra not a feeding one)
I did question paying $13 for a camisole pattern but I am very, very happy with my purchase.
It is well cut, it is an enjoyable sew and a professional sew.
I think I will size up to the 12 and that will fix the bust pulling.

The girls like it too, Zara had request several, including grey velvet and copper coloured satin.
I think it is a pattern that will live in my cutting trolley as a #ninjapattern as it fits nicely on obscure remnants.

Thank you for reading
xx N

Friday, November 24, 2017

Vintage Simplicity 8576 for Beatrix

I have met some very, very special friends over the internet.
Some I have been thrilled to meet in person.
My girls have had some beautiful things made for them.
One is a gorgeous knitted vest.
So I wanted to sew Trixie another 'statement piece' to go with.
Originally I was planning a blouse but I had enough length of the linen remnant from Spotlight, to make a dress, so I did!
I left out the extra underlining in the puffed sleeve for a more relaxed look but I added a wee neck ruffle for something different.
Isn't it sweet?
Like last time, the attention to fitting with the tiny wee darts at the neck, waist and elbows blows my mind.
It is a pretty cute dress.
And looks gorgeous with Sarvi's vest.
It scrunches deliciously, as linen does.
Bacchus Marsh Macca's
Posh fabric, posh pattern but still totally appropriate for fun!
Thanks for reading!
xx N

Burda 6769 Skirt

I finally got around to sewing (and blogging) my Burda 6769 skirt 
after the successful wearable muslin.
A very cute, modern skirt which is easy to wear.
I used the last of my precious coated denim and top stitched it with black jeans thread.
A cherry red zipper is a touch of whimsy, I know its there and it makes me smile.
The original pattern didn't have back pockets so I used the Ginger jeans ones, lifting them to try a make my droopy backside look less so.
I really like the length and the pegged hem gives me some shape.
By tucking the front off my top in it creates am optical illusion and gives me more of a waist.
That is the joy of muslin fitting.
A slim fit but perfectly comfortable, plenty of tummy ease...
but no saggy excess fabric at the back.
~My Verdict~
Very happy with my skirt. I have a stretch blue denim version cut and then that will do.
The pattern does not have seam allowances so do remember that, especially if you buy the German PDF and don't speak German.

Another nifty piece that works well in my capsule.

Thanks for reading.

xx N