Saturday, August 8, 2020

Oliver+S Little Things To Sew Messenger Bag for Lidia, Matilda and Beatrix

Do you want to feel like a sewing Rock Star?
Then make one (or three) of these bags.
The Messenger Bag from the Little things to Sew Book
sewed one for Tildy in 2017 and apart from the vinyl lifting a wee bit on the front flap it held up well!
I suspect washing the bag at the end of each term contributed to its deterioration but, needs must!
I told Tildy she could have whatever fabric she could find in the canvas tub and she chose this very cute canvas duck from Spotlight (purchased a few years back) and some brown heavy drill.
From one metre of the duck I could cut the bag outer and a few zippered pouches.
I went a bit nuts with interfacing making this one.
I used it on every single piece, including the strap, using heavy weight iron on.
I have several large rolls Jed picked up at a clearing sale, I just have to trim off the bits that were nibbled by rodents.
It did make it thicker to sew but this bag has held up best.
I used a magnetic clasp to hold the flap but it is really not necessary, it stays shut anyway.
The bag hardware was salvaged from an old school bag.
~Tilly's Verdict~
I love all the purses and pouches.
I like the size of it, its not too big so I can't fit too much stuff in it.
I like the clasp as it stays shut.
I can keep a pencil in the pocket (internal pocket NMK)
Also, I LOVE that the strap is adjustable
It has lots of pockets and storage.
I made Trixie's next.
This one is my favourite.
The fox duck canvas is from Spotlight, the red canvas was from my stash.
I remember I sewed Hugo some very cute little TopKids trousers when he was a little fella, from it.
The strap adjusters are the metal ones that I use on my dungarees.
They are okay but definitely not as good as the plastic ones.
I didn't have quite enough of the red to make the strap so I used some cream coloured canvas.
As it was so thick I didn't interface it.
This was a mistake as it has softened a lot with use and 'rolls up' a bit at the point where the shoulder sits.
The front pocket holds Trixie's water bottle perfectly.
The inner front pocket is useful for bits and bobs.
~Trixie's Verdict~
I love how it has foxes on it and I like the pockets in there.
My water bottle goes in the front.
I don't like the red stuff, I mean I do sometimes, I mean there is nothing I don't like.
My favourite thing is the whole bag.
I made Lidia's last.
The outer fabric and lining were both cotton duck, purchased from Spotlight.
From a metre of each I could construct the messenger bag and a few zippered pouches.
A dark fabric works best for lining as it helps hide grot.
I didn't interface the strap and this was a big mistake.
It  is really, really, really floppy and the strap adjuster doesn't hold.
(Maybe plastic ones would be better but I think the interfacing (or lack of it) is the problem)
It is so bad that I have ordered new fabric to make Liddy another one and will wash this up and give it to my Aunty to use as a knitting storage bag.
~Lidia's Verdict~
This bag is so fun!
 I think the colours are so cool and not what I would have thought of at first, but I really like them. 
 The pattern is really nice and makes a lovely satchel up.
 Mum interfaced the bag so that it could stand up by itself.  It holds all my things and is just small enough that I can’t let bits and bobs pile up in the bottom of it.  Because of all the school work I bring to and from school the strap has taken a bit of a beating and sometimes folds over (mum noticed this more then I did). This bag is really cool and once I finished with school I use it as a wool bag. Thank you Mumma x

~My Verdict~
This is a really useful bag.
It fits a laptop and several textbooks and a lunch box (if you jiggle it a bit)
I like the fact it is not too large as it makes the children empty and not carry around a lot of stuff they don't need.

The Twin's purchased very fancy back packs when they went to Uni but have since asked me to make them one of these, for just that reason, it holds enough but you can't over fill it and hurt your back carting stuff you don't need.

Interfacing is the key here!
Tilly's bag is still like new and very sturdy. The strap has not folded or twisted at all!

I am not a person that routinely enjoys 'craft' sewing but I do like making these bags.
I am looking forward to making Elsa's....
and Lidia's replacement.
All with a black lining and binding.
I have going to hunt for some more plastic strap adjusters too.

(And you can bet I am going to interface E V E R Y T H I N G within an inch of its life)

Thank you for reading... xxx Nicole 

PS, Are you wondering what I did with Tilly's old bag?
It has a second life as a tagging bag.