Thursday, October 31, 2013

Well, what do you know.....

They don't look half bad!
Do you remember these?

Elsa looooooved them so much.
I thought I could do better.
This pattern got pulled out again.
For the shorts this time.
Elsa didn't want a blue lining behind the lace. She wanted black.
Hmmm, no.
Some time and some gentle conversation and I had steered her towards a remnant of nude de-lustered satin.
I had just enough!

I decided to use my 2-as-1  method and basted the satin to the lace.
I had to do each edge, one at a time, and press in between.
The lace was quite heavy and stretched if not handled carefully.
After basting, I sewed the darts in place, treating the lace and satin as one.
As I wasn't too keen on Elsa wearing satin next to her skin I decided to line them with a jersey lining fabric.
I picked up a 20 metre roll for next to nicks and it was perfect for this.
There was just enough satin left for the facings.
I hemmed the shorts, tucking the lining inside, by machine. I also sewed the facing in place.
I wouldn't usually sew the facing down but the lace hid the stitching and I felt it would make them an sturdier piece of clothing.
I was able to stitch the lining in place along the edge of the zipper as well. The stitching is not visible on the exposed zipper.
Rather then the dark ribbon sash, Elsa chose a pretty caramel velvet ribbon.
I attached it at the centre back and then basted it at even increments.
Elsa also rejected the matching exposed zipper of the inspiration shorts for a deep caramel coloured one.
I think she has a good eye!
And there we have it.
One pair of fabulous shorts.
for my fabulous girl!

xx N

PS Modelled piccies soon-promise!

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Quick and Dirty Post

Not a polished piece of writing this but I am assuming everyone just wants to get the dirt on Liesl's new patterns.
Thanks to Elsa being a moo and as a punishment her lacey shorts being put to the back of the queue I decided to go next!
The Liesl+Co Weekend Getaway dress

And I fancied theWeekend Getaway dress.

What size to make was the next decision and the sweet Justine and I discussed that for a good hour and a half!
After further emails with my Canadian Gal Pal Susanne (for whom I purchased this pattern for her Birthday- PDF's make great gifts)
I was diddling between the 12 and the 14.
As I am in the process of shedding some pudding I went with the 12!
As I love you all I shall share my measurements-be nice!
Hips 41 inches
Waist 32 inches (blush)
Boobs 40 inches
Weight 70 kg 154 pounds
Height 5 foot 3 1/2 inches

I sewed up the side seams with a narrower 3/8ths seam for extra ease and it is perfect!
Marie-Antionette is a little thinner bitch
The back pleat gives great ease whilst keeping the nice shape.
A belt give the dress a shirtmaker look.
Now, the fluffy stuff......
Its a great sew, truly Oliver+s-ish instructions, neat finishes and lots of tips.
The PDF is awesome, seriously NO ONE does a PDF like these guys.
I cut mine to the length of a size 16, I wish I had added another inch or so, just so that I could have sewn a deeper hem.
The recommended fabrics are soft and floaty. I used a very light cotton poplin with a wee bit of stretch and it is fab.
I have some very nice voile and silk for another couple of dresses but I think I may size up to a 14 for that fabric.
That said, I have already cut the blouse version from white linen in a 12.
If you like the no longer available Portfolio you will LOVE this dress.

Have fun Ladies!
xx N

Sunday, October 13, 2013

There once was a little girl.....

But now she has grown up!
recently made sweet Zara the Deer and Doe Belladone dress.
So I thought I would share some photos.
We are both ever so pleased with this dress.
I do recommend a fabric with a bit of stretch, Zara found this very comfortable to wear but she said it may have felt too firm at the waist in a normal woven.
 Zara paired it with flat sandals for a casual days shopping but it will be equally handy as a dressy dress.
Gorgeous Girls!
Oh, I made this dress
Its another Portfolio from Lisette.
This time in black hanky linen. I am slowly losing the weight I gained whilst I was poorly and literally living in these dresses as they are so flattering and comfortable.

Meanwhile I am still sewing school uniforms so the lacey shorts have gone on hold.

xx N

PS Have you heard there are new Oliver+S patterns for women coming out?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Too Sweet for School

I have embraced the school uniform. I even have a pinterest board devoted to making them in a pretty fashion.

My children attend a very good area school which recommended uniforms are pale blue tops, navy or grey bottoms, a school tunic in micro houndstooth and a winter skirt in a grey/blue plaid.

As it is not a private school the uniform cannot actually be enforced so denim shorts and skinny jeans often are seen in the playground.

Therefore, I have no guilt in making my children slightly more stylish versions.

Liddy has been wearing the Jumprope dress as a school tunic for several years.
No one has commented in the negative.
The Twins have often lamented their tunics (the school issue pattern), but as I had made five, they had to wear them.
They have finally grown out of them.......
And Zara spotted this pattern.
I didn't take much convincing.
Isn't it sweet?
I snuck some precious City Weekend in for the facings.
The collar stand is slightly over sized and sits beautifully away from the neck.
The sleeves have just the right amount of puff to be pretty but not twee.
Did I mention the beautiful back?
Look at that bow!
I considered leaving it off but Jed said not to. 
Its the only thing I am nervous about.
The only hiccup was the waist was a bit firm.
However, with some tricky buttonhole placement, it is wearable-just!
I have another, partially made, and by adding a cm to the waist seams it fits nicely with just enough ease.
So, what do you think?
Isn't it divine?
Its the first time Elsa has ever been in a hurry to get back to school.
Sigh, I used to have a waist.....
xx N
Next up.

Sewing for Two

Two girls that is.
The Canberra school trip is fast approaching and (surprise-surprise) the Biggies need new clothes.
They are required to wear school uniform most days but get to pack casual things for shopping and movie night.
Zara chose this vintage pattern for the short sleeve blouse.
I made it up in a crisp stretch cotton poplin. As it was a good weight and not at all sheer I used a contrast for the facing.
I love it on her.
It reminds me a little of the oliver+s 2+2 blouse.
Its perfect with her vintage shorts 
The boots will not be attending camp.
Elsa likes an edgier look. This top pattern was recommended to us.
I made the main top from the same poplin as Zara's and used a cotton/lycra for the waist band.
After initial confusion piecing the PDF pattern together (I am not sure if I misplaced my directions when I downloaded it) the pattern itself was easy to draft and very quick to sew.
Next time I will bind the sleeves rather then turn a hem, I didn't manage that step too well.
To wear with this top for camp, Elsa found these. 
And fell in love!
I thought I would use the shorts pattern that was in the same packet as Zara's blouse.
We 'won' this lace on eBay and I have some soft cotton to back and line them.
I am not sure they are my thing but I know Elsa will carry them off.

Thanks for popping by!
xx N

Next up
Bleuet for school tunics.