Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Shirt for the 'Go

This time in a cotton broadcloth.
Very rustic.
A repeat of the Aime Comme Marie 'Mister' shirt
Hugo chose the details.
I wasn't convinced.
But its his shirt!
Now its made?
I love it!
Men don't get a lot of clothing choices.
So pleased to have found a great shirt.

xx N

Monday, May 26, 2014

New Patterns

Did you hear?
Clever Charlotte  have released two new patterns.

Image from the Clever Charlotte site
The Tulip Top & Bermuda Shorts

Screen Shot from the Clever Charlotte site 

And the Peony Party Pattern

I ordered mine.

xx N

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hugo's turn on the 'rota.
He fancied a nice white shirt.
 We both lurved the Aime Comme Marie 'Mister' shirt
Slight problem.... its completely printed in French!
But with the help of Bing Translator I got the gist of it.
And I have made a few dozen shirts in my time.
Hugo's measurements put him a medium but I could have sized back to a small possibly in this cloth.
I used a super stretchy but deliciously crisp poplin.
I have cut another in a cotton broadcloth, I will let you know how it goes.
The shirt is a fitted style with a separate collar/collar stand.
And, Oh that collar!
Its perfect!
My favourite detail?
The sleeve placket, I adore a two piece sleeve placket.
So snappy.
MOP buttons, but of course!
Taken from the website 

The Nitty-Gritty Kitty.

Stunning sew, very enjoyable.
The instructions are all in French but there are good step by step diagrams.
The seam allowance is NOT added, I used 1 cm and 3 cm for the hem, as advised-I think ;)
Definitely not a sew for a beginner but fine for a intermediate.
Take your time pressing whilst constructing.
I did interface the sleeve placket pieces, I am not sure if that was in the instructions, I just like to.

It looks AMAZING on Hugo, definitely bespoke looking.

I shall have to pin him down for some picces.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Big Families.....

Are not for the faint hearted.
It is a lot of work. There is  a lot of work to do.
My days start early and finish late.
Liddy and Tilly wearing the Oliver+S Music Class set
2-3 hours food prep and clean up.
2-3 hours with washing in/out, ironed and put away.
Most days.
Not to mention that general pick up of children's droppings.
Shoes, books and toys, all the trimmings.
After-school activities, pick ups and drop offs.
Working Bees and meetings for said activities.
The biggest job is also my favourite.
Listening, answering questions, giving advice but listening is so important.
 Last night was hard.
I was tired, so tired.
I had washed and ironed. I had cooked a hot lunch and a hot tea. There was a last minute request for baking for a meeting that night. There was pick up and a quick discussion about up and coming events.
I was shattered.
I served up tea, and said 'I want half an hour of quiet, please don't talk to me unless it is very important'
And I went and lay down.
I got five minutes.
One by one, children wandered through my room.
'Excuse me Mummy.....'
Obviously, each child saw their sibling go so felt they could too.

I dealt with the first three, and then I lost it.
They got told to rack off and let me rest.
Rapid exodus.
I feel asleep within minutes.

Fast forward 1/2 hour. I awake refreshed..... but feeling very guilty.

I came out to a spotless kitchen, the Littles were bathed and reading books.
The Biggies were doing their homework.

Before I could say anything they chorused 'Sorry Mummy'

That was what I was going to say.

'No Mum, you asked for a break, we should have waited'

Tears from me, hugs from them.

Big families are bloody hard work.

Best job in the world.

xx N

PS Details about the Little outfits here

Sunday, May 18, 2014


The weather is a-changing.
Time for Winter uniforms.
Matching outfits for Lids and Tilly.
The Oliver+S Music Class blouse and skirt
The perfect pattern for sneaky school uniforms.
I decided to size up to a 5 and 12, just for a little growth room.
I used pure cotton shorting which I purchased in bulk here. It washed and pressed up well.
Liddy chose square MOP buttons.
Tildy went with hearts, of course!

A sneaky peek of Liberty at the sleeve placket.
Makes everything better.
Pattern matching was a little tricky as the pocket fold moves everything up.
But its harder to spot a moving target.
The wool/poly mix fabric embraced the pleats beautifully.
I just adore the side panels.
A sneaky touch of lusciousness with some navy satin hem binding for the Big Sister.
And some pretty ditzy print for her wee sibling.
I think I shall melt seeing them on.

xx N

PS A few helpful links for the blouse and the skirts 

Next, a shirt for Hugo, all in French, eeep!