Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Copying RTW.

I struggle sewing for my older girls. I have so little time at present to actually sew, when they don't like it and don't wear it, I get pretty jolly frustrated.

That said, I do understand.
Many of their peers seem to have endless clothing budgets, they buy and discard clothing, much of it unworn and a majority of it sweat shop produced, seemingly continually.

My own mother sewed for me, at times and I often found it just didn't feel right/fit right. Her sewing was very good, it was my teenage self's problem.

Add to the mix, I am not as patient as I could be. Juggling toddlers and teens is very rewarding but can be pretty bloody tiring too.

Anyhoo, I made Elsa a shirt.
I wish I could give you the pattern but I can't.
It was drafted from an unpicked Jeans-West shirt Elsa purchased for herself a few years back.
She did all the unpicking herself.
She loved that shirt, loved everything about it.
I have to admit, it had some really nice details.
Lined yoke, back vent, two piece sleeve placket, roll up sleeve with strap...
Front pocket with flap, two piece collar, separate front placket...
And it looks lovely on her!
I went to quite a bit of trouble drafting it, I added the seam allowance and made sure to alter the pattern pieces as I altered the shirt.
I would have liked to pinch a bit from the shoulders but Elsa liked the ease.
Lidia happily gave Elsa her piece of Liberty.
She figured she would get it handed back sooner or later anyway.
~Elsa's Verdict~
First off Lidia is never getting the shirt, not because I'm being selfish (well maybe a little bit), but I plan to always fit into this shirt because hello? It's AMAZING, like mum said it use to be a Jean-West shirt that fitted amazingly for a store bought piece. Unfortunately the lace on the back piece died really quickly and I am not confident enough to wear the Canadian Tuxedo (denim on denim). So mum, being the amazing women she is (with a little bit of convincing), made this amazing shirt which will ALWAYS be mine! Thanks mum, x

Aww, thanks Else.

xx N