Sunday, April 26, 2015

KwikSew 1242 Polo Top and Simplicity 9978 Shorts for Jed

Second outfit for my love.
Something a bit more casual.
Kwiksew  rugby, with short sleeves, and sized back, as a polo top.
Paired with some knit shorts.
I know, you are thinking, whoop-de-do, knit shorts, big deal.
But Jed has requests.
Deep pockets with a narrow opening so he won't lose his phone.
Double elastic waist band, for comfort
Legs, not too long and waist, not too high.
That was a major pain.
As the pattern had a natty little waist band and faux fly I had to shorten above the crotch and adjust the pocket opening.
He had better appreciate it.
(He does appreciate it)
I love the double button tab on this shirt.
It looks so professional.
I used rubber buttons sewn with red thread.
To echo the red print in my labelling tape.
There you go Mr Whiskers!
Jed chose the cotton navy/pink stripe. I purchased it from a wholesaler in Adelaide but they will sell to you if you have an ABN and buy a big order. 
Think 10 m+.
Jed is well pleased.
His only request for next time is a slighter deeper chest pocket that will hold his phone.

Of course, My Love.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

'Me' Time

My turn of the 'rota'.
My choice?
Separates. Comfortable, easy-to-wear but still snappy.
First up, a Lisette Continental blouse.
Modified to fit me
I sewed it up in some gorgeous sand washed linen I purchased on our Victorian holiday.
I am definitely heading back there again.
I love this blouse so much. It has a lovely shape, no potato sacks here, but plenty of ease to pull up to feed.
I did add a couple of inches the hem.
The skirt is self drafted from a 20 year old favourite.
It pulls on with a high smooth elastic waist, it needs to be made from a very stretchy fabric. 
Here it is after a full days wear.
A bit creased but ever so comfortable.
I do like the shaping at the back
Next, another favourite
Outfit number two.
Late Lunch tunic by Liesl+Co made in the same linen.
Paired with some McCalls capri pants.
For the tunic, I made a size 8 with a DD FBA.
I went with a size 16 length to play up the tunic look, which I really like.
The capri pants have a centre back zipper and back darts. They are meant to have front darts but I leave those off to allow for my tummy.
And how do they fit?
I love the tunic, the trousers.... not so much.
They turned out really baggy. I think I will stick to leggings with this top.
I do like the subtle shaping of this tunic. It is so comfortable but just so neat.
I really really like this top.
I am still pretty blobby after having Trixie and way way too tired to do serious exercise yet.
I just feel so jolly nice in this tunic and The Twins always comment when I wear it.
And believe me, if they didn't like it, they wouldn't say anything.
See, much better with leggings.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jedediah for Jed

Jed's turn on the rota.
First up
Another practice shirt before I cut the good stuff.
(I have a piece of Liberty I have been sitting on for at least two years, waiting for just the right pattern)
Vintage Butterick 3217
By jove I think we have got it!
Sewn up in a soft and silky lawn I have had in my stash for 20 years.
I did add 3 inches to the body length.
The narrow back yoke really suits Jed's over developed shoulders.
The collar was perfect, no trimming needed.
Collars can really 'date' a mens shirt.
Rounded cuffs and the obligatory two piece sleeve placket 
Hard to see but I know it is there.
MoP buttons reversed to the shell side to balance out the floral.
It looks so smart paired with his Jedediah jeans.
Sewed up in some seriously heavy bull denim.
What an awesome pattern.
I have made this pattern up in the shorts for Hugo and was super pleased with the results.
So I convinced Jed to give them a whirl.
No, don't adjust your screen, the legs are really that short.
I took 2o odd cm's from the lengthen/shorten line.
Seriously, they look like gnome trousers on the hanger.
But on.....
They look proper smart.
worn with his Kwik Sew rugby
Just the right length 
I do like the slightly tapered leg on him.
He likes the lower waist line.
Does up under the tummy, doncha know.

The nitty gritty kitty.
The shirt pattern is just right for Liberty and such like lawns. Enough ease with out looking floaty. If you are looking for a dressy mens shirt, have a search on eBay and Etsy for it.

The trousers are brilliant and on sale at the moment.
I loved then when I made the shorts for Hugo but now I am a complete convert. Really really good instructions, no fluff just to the point with an adequate number of diagrams.

I was particularly impressed with the steaming and stretching of the front and back legs before sewing.

Next time I shall do a lot more decorative top stitching. I didn't with these as I was not sure how well received they would be.
There was a chance they would be delegated to work.
Otherwise, the pattern was pretty much perfect.
My only tip is I cut the size the corresponded to Jed's hip not his waist. I find chubby men do up their trousers under their bellies anyway.

Next, sports wear for Jed.

xx N

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thread Theory Fantastic

So proud of myself.
Look what I made!
The fabulous Goldstream peacoat by Thread Theory
This coat is a wonderful sew but it is a lot of work. It is a sewing commitment. It requires concentration but is truly not hard.
Red buttonhole 
There are so many lovely details.
Shoulder pads set into the lining (step by step positioning instructions).
Optional epaulettes at the shoulders 
And the cuffs.
Fully lined pockets with security flaps.
Completely lined with a back vent for movement.
A secret pocket on the inside
Also fully lined.
Fits an I-phone perfectly.
Perfectly finished on the inside.
See these sneaky buttons under the collar?
These ones?
They are for buttoning on the fully lined hood.
The removable fully lined hood!
It dresses down the jacket nicely.
The optional darts give a modern fit.
The hood is just the right size.
I love the slightly fitted back, so elegant.
Just right for my handsome young man.

I used a wool melton for the coat, in a dark charcoal, and for the lining,  some latte coloured duchess satin (just a little heavier in weight).

The main buttons were brown leather knotted ones. I used charcoal enamelled shell for attaching the hood.

I used a very thin shoulder pad as Hugo is not a huge lad and we didn't want him to look like a rugby player.

I spent three weeks working on this coat. It was a true labour of love.
Hugo loves it and it makes me so happy and proud to think he may wear it for years to come. I love to think he may wear it as he goes off to university.

I thoroughly enjoyed sewing this coat and I cannot recommend this pattern enough.

Thanks for popping by!

xx N