Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Lekala #5641 tank top and OOP McCall's 9293 soft trousers for Zara

 I decided I shall reinstate the sewing rota again this year. It means I get to sew a wide variety of garments and everyone gets something nice.

It also puts a bit more onus back on the recipients to chose what they would like made and have the pattern and fabric ready to go. I will sew pjs or t-shirt and trackies as a default.

I sent out a group text advising the Fab Five of the status quo.
Zara immediately sent me a picture of a singlet top she was looking for.

I had a quick look through my patterns but quickly head to Lekala and found #5642 Lekala which I thought I could adapt.

I sewed the shoulders and side seams and then used Lidia as a living mannequin to shape the neckline.

As the pattern printed as a flat front and back I decided to cut it in half and alter one side but keep the original design as well.

The pattern advised you to turn and hem the neck and arm openings but I decided to try out my cover-stitch and self bind them.

I cut strips, two inches wide and a little shorter than the measured opening.
I then attached them from the right side with my overlocker, turned the wrong side under and top stitched with my cover stitch.

For a first attempt, it was not too shabby.
Next time I will cut a wider binding strip for a deeper band. I also need to look at a RTW top to see where they place the join.
Zara's second request was for another pair of soft trousers, OOP McCall's 9293.

Her last pair are still on heavy rotation.
The fabric is a soft and silky rayon with a 'tiger tooth' pattern. I purchased it from my eBay 'dealer' Massdestash
The original finish on the front ties is a narrow, double hem. This means the wrong side can show and it is also a little flimsy with a light fabric.

So I decided to draft a full facing for the tie. I sewed it to each front leg before sewing the two fronts together.

I then sewed the front and backs, wrapping the back down to make a casing.
I didn't have enough 'back' to fold down so I added a separate casing.
I will need to make the back a few inches higher, next time.
One silky, floaty pair of soft trousers.
Modelled by Elsa

~Zara's Verdict~
This white tank top is divine, I sent mum a picture from Pinterest and then she, being the absolute queen she is, made it for me. Its the perfect basic that everybody needs in their wardrobe. Also, a perfect addition to Miss Keller`s Wardrobe (my teacher wardrobe). Need I say the fit is immaculate and its so comfortable. I'll definitely be needing three more of these please mum, one black, nude and grey marl.

These patterned pants are incredible, mum made me a pair in leopard print several years back and now has made me these ones. They are super flattering and insanely comfortable. Its like wearing pyjama pants out and about. The fabric mum used is so silky and smooth. In conclusion, I’m so lucky to have a mum that sews.

~My Verdict~
Due to it being school hols (and a freezer full of curry left over from Christmas day) I was able to cut and sew this outfit in a day, which was a lot of fun.
I don't find knit sewing easy, so it was good to challenge myself (with the singlet) and get more out of my cover-stitch machine.
If this tank top fits well, I can see many more requests for them.
Zara told me to choose the fabric for the trousers, anything neutral she said. So I choose the 'tiger tooth' that I was actually saving for me.
The next message from her (after I had cut said trousers out) was 'Not patterned'!
Elsa said she would take them if Zara didn't want them so I went ahead and made them up.
The finishing on the pattern is a little clunky. The back waistband is barely enough to turn and make a casing anyway but after adding facing to the first ties it wasn't enough at all! 
I added a separate piece but will adjust the pattern for future sews.

It's great to have some go-to patterns for my absent babies.

Thank you for reading .... xxx Nicole