Friday, October 24, 2014

Too cool for Dad, Jedediah Shorts

I had wondered about making a pair for Jed.

But Tildy said they were a bit too cool for Daddy.....
The Jedediah shorts by Thread Theory.
A slim fitting, groovy, seriously-nice-to-sew pair of shorts.
Hugo fit into the smallest sizing and I made them, no mods.
They look quite dressy with a nice shirt.
Details here.
Decent size belt loops.
Wear them casual
Wear them dressy.
Or somewhere in between.
The Nitty-gritty-kitty!
Jebediah shorts by Thread Theory.
I purchased the PDF pattern which is considerably cheaper then the paper pattern ($11 compared to $20).
It goes together quite well with only a few dodgy joins but it does make a huge sheet. I found folding it like a commercial pattern and storing it in ziplock bag works best.
As for sewing, all the pieces sew up well. I found the instructions good but confusing at times.
There are good diagrams but they are not always directly next to to corresponding text.
But remember, I sewed these with a nine week old baby for company, sleep deprivation anyone?

I think they are slim enough through the leg but Hugo (and the girls at school) think they look great!
(And Hugo does have muscular thighs)
It would be fairly easy to do a narrower seam allowance to add some ease.

Over all, I thoroughly recommend them.
Navy is jolly hard to photograph.

xx N

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Baby's First O+S

Do you remember the Lullaby Layette I made?
It is getting a lot of wear.
Here the shirt is being worn with Puppet Show shorts.
The bodysuit is very sweet, just on its own!
And the shirt with the pants, a month later.
The little jacket is the cherry-on-the-top!
So cute!
It works perfectly with her Puppet Show 
My baby girl is growing too fast!

xx N

Monday, October 20, 2014

Jed Shorts for Hugo

Jedediah shorts, that is.
Screen shot from the Thread Theory site.
Hugo's turn on the 'rota.
He needed some new school shorts.
So, I figured, why not make three pair, get them out of the way.
Why not?
Because sewing three pairs of mens shorts is full on without throwing a gorgeous 9 week old into the mix.
Thus, I got the three pair up to the zipper installed stage ..... and then finished one pair.
I used the last of some mercerised cotton I picked up on one of my Melbourne jaunts.
Pure cotton but the fabric needs just the sniff of an iron to look good.
The shorts (and indeed trousers) have a 'chino' style cut with a pieced back yoke and pockets.
The legs are a longer 'clam digger' style that can be worn rolled up.
I suggested shortening them but Hugo (and The Twins) were adamant not!
Thread Theory make seriously nice patterns.
Great details such as a professional looking zipper fly.
Very neat angled pockets.
With sturdy pocket facings.
And an awesome cut.
This is my second time sewing with Thread Theory.
I had previously made Hugo the Newcastle cardigan.
In the future I plan to make the Strathcona henley tee, the Goldstream peacoat, the Finlayson jumper and the Comox underpants (watch your eye doesn't get poked out with the last link)

I did purchase the PDF patterns for these garments and I won't fib, it is a big sheet to put together.
It matches up nicely enough but it is quite cumbersome to work with.
That said, once it is together, it makes a good stiff pattern to trace and I found it folded up just fine and will store in a large zip lock bag.
The instructions are good.
I did get a little confused a few times but I don't know if that was just my sleep deprived brain.
The fit is quite slim.
Hugo measured up for the smallest size with his waist and they are border line too slim in the leg (in my opinion, not his).
Otherwise, no extra fitting required. I could make these, again, without trying them on my gorgeous son even once.

Modelled shots soon!

xx N

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thank you!

I had some wonderful people care for me when I gave birth to Trixie.
And a week later when we had to go back for a few days.
I wanted to say thank you.
Normally I make biscuits, but it was pointed out to me that they may be thrown away!
So I wanted something else for the lovely folk that helped us.
For my gorgeous OB, I made a Stitch Society jewellery pouch and a wee head phones purse.
Liddy offered to make a card.
Very proud mummy moment.
I had planned to embroider each one but I ended up having some labels woven with Love Trixie.
I was very happy with the result.
For Trixie's very groovy Paediatrician, a headphone purse in Liberty.
And another of Sweet Liddy's cards.
And for the wonderful Midwives?
Little Liberty purses.

To say 'thank you' for our sweet baby girl.
I hope they like them!

xx N

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Don't Just Pin It!

How did we do?
Image from Pinterest 
Sweet Liddy is growing up and becoming very keen on creating her own look.
Oliver+S Music Class blouse and Art Museum trousers
I am really enjoying her.
She knows what she likes.
She knows what suits her.
But she likes to be practical and be able to play.
Nailed it!

Blouse blogged  here
Trousers blogged here

xx N