Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Christmas Dress for Liddy- Gunne Sax Simplicity #9015

I wanted to sew each of my tribe something nice for Christmas.
I made Liddy a dress.
I have had the pattern in my stash for quite a while.
A pretty Gunne Sax pattern from the late 70's.
I did a quick google regarding the name, thinking it must be something French and it is simply a poke at the 'gunny sack' that grain or chook feed comes in. Read here if you would like to know more.
Romper from no longer available 
For inspiration, I turned to Witchery , once again.
In an effort to stash reduce I gave up some pretty blue linen ( purchased at Bendigo Spotlight)  I had set aside to make myself a shirt. Although it looks beautiful it was not a happy sew and frayed terribly making the gathering of ruffles quite unpleasant, even after neatening the edge first.
I purchased the flowers from eBay .
Normally I would stitch these down but I was concerned Liddy may not like them so I just pressed them in place with the adhesive on the back of them.
She has since peeled them off so my assumption was a good one. 
I left off the lace trims and added some belt carriers for the zingy yellow plaited leather belt.
I thought this would be quite a quick sew but with a separate waistband, inseam invisible zipper and bound arm holes it was a good, solid project,
I got so, so lucky with the fit. I only had one size and I hoped there would be just enough ease to fit her and it did!
~Lidia's Verdict~
When I opened my 'something to wear' present from mum on Christmas day I was so excited. The first thing I saw was the lovely blue linen then as I unfolded it, the tissue-paper it was wrapped in came away to reveal some beautiful pink and yellow flowers. The delicious yellow, suede belt was even more of a surprise! 
The dress is beautifully made and I can not wait for another weekend  or even a day in Adelaide as an excuse to wear it again. I love it.

Thank you for reading!
xx N

12 months later... an updated photo for 'Splendidcakes'