Friday, November 29, 2013

Canberra, here we come!

The bags are packed.
All brand new unmentionables for camp.

The new uniforms have been sewn.
The beautiful Bleuet dress by Deer and Doe.
With a sneaky Liberty trim.
Comfortable clothes for their first plane trip.
Interestingly, its the same vintage pattern.
 My sweet friend Katy managed to find a copy too. I can't wait to see her elegant English interpretation. 
And of course there will be time for play....
I adore Elsa's adaptation  of this pattern.
And she purchased the fabric herself!
 We used the same pattern  for these shorts.
I just put the zipper at the back.
A light dress was needed in case the weather turned.
I thoroughly enjoyed sewing this one.
Many thanks to my clever friends for their helpful advice.
(In dress making and soothing 14 year old girls)
And we mustn't forget rest.
The Oliver+S Sleepover pyjamas  in a snuggly Spotters flannelette.
 Zara used the same pattern as Elsa did for her blouse.
But this fabulous one for the shorts.
 Rather then have another casual outfit made, Zara decided to take her Deer and Done Belladone dress.
As I made it from a stretchy drill it is super comfortable.
But we felt a light Summer frock was in order too.
I am super proud of my cutting with this dress. I had scraps left from this dress and it took some serious wiggling and a contrast back to get it out.
The skirt is bias cut, I was so lucky to get it to work.
More Sleepover Pyjama's.
(Knit bottoms for a bit more ease over Zara's fab botty)

Now, what about Beamish Boy I hear you say?
He hasn't grown much.

So his Birthday jeans and his clobber from last year still fit.
Just a bit firmer, which he thinks makes him look quite fit!
He also has a variety of kwik sew polos.

I must add I have no idea what he wears as pyjamas!

So, on Sunday, they fly out from the City.

I will miss them.

But they will have such fun!

xx N

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vintage Vibe

I have 'discovered' vintage sewing patterns....
Love them!
I buy a lot off of eBay.
This seller sent me this sweet little pattern as a bonus-don't you just love that?
I had a piece of thirty year old Dimity print that I thought would work.
Similar era.
The neck is trimmed with a wee bit of broderie lace.
I used MOP flower shaped buttons and I tossed around the idea of using pale apricot coloured thread for the stitches and apricot bows but I thought it might limit the shoe choice.
Tilly has some divine red suede ballet flats.
 I love the ties at the back.
Liddy had a similar vintage top, it always looked so nice!
It fits perfectly.
Just right for play.
I need to sew pretty dresses whilst she is little.
Because she is growing up so fast!
xx N

Monday, November 11, 2013

Blue Jeans for Beamish Boy

I have been very remiss with my blogging.....
Forgive me?
Thank you.

Hugo had a birthday, turned 16 and attained his learners permit for driving.
It is awesome, I don't like driving so it suits me to be chauffeured.
For his birthday her requested the latest Matthew Riley and some new jeans.
Just like his old jeans

Pale denim as requested
White stitching as requested 

White piping on the pockets 
And some pretty lawn facings to make sewing fun for me!
And the fit?

He is happy!
Happy Birthday Beamish Boy!