Saturday, February 22, 2014

Check this Out!

Oh my
The Figgy's Sunki for a big girl.
Elsa is 14 1/2 and this is the large (there is a larger size too).

So, I would say this is a girls 14 to a ladies 8 (AUS).
 I think we will add some length to the sleeves and the hem next time.
Its a tunic really, not a dress, but my girls like to wear it as one.
And they can carry it off!

Thanks for popping by!

xx N

What's the Buzz?

Did you know?
The Sunki is available for big girls!

So I made one for Elsa.
And you know what?
This is only the large and it fits.
I still have the extra large up my sewing sleeve.
So, go on, get Funky with a Sunki for your big girl!

xx N

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Turn

I received an invite to a swanky cocktail party.
But my posh frock still doesn't fit.
So I had to make another one.
I purchased the Deer and Doe Aubepine when it was released but surprise surprise I hadn't made it.
Perfect opportunity!
Its a very pretty pattern with sweet pleats across the bodice that are echoed in the sleeves.
The waist pulls in with a ribbon running through a casing. I have seen several versions with an elastic waist and faux ribbon tie.
I think I will do that next time too.
The fabric was some hammered silk I picked up on eBay. It fell beautifully but was a nightmare to sew.
I really really struggled with this dress due to my fabric choice. I am so keen to sew it again in an easier cloth.
I went with a soft jersey lining fabric. It matched the drape of the silk perfectly but, again, was a bear to sew.
But super comfy.
I adore the neckline. Its scooped but not low.
The empire line puffs out a bit, I had some serious underwear on here Ladies, I can guarantee  my tummy was flat.
Maybe it was the jersey lining?
So, it was a little fuller on me then the slender model on the website but I am guessing her extra 20 cm's of height probably helped with that.
But Baby, I felt fabulous!
And a good night was had by all!