Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ikat Funky Sunki

Tilly's Sunki.
The coolest of little dresses by the very cool pattern label Figgy's.

I made Tilly the 2/3 forgetting it is a generous pattern. Its a little wide but means she will get Summer and possibly next Winter wear as well.
The fabric is a linen/cotton ikat I picked up in Spotlight last year.
I only had a scrap so I am super pleased with my placement.
Tildy lurves it so all is right with the world.

xx N

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kindy Days

School hol's are over and the house is quiet and a bit sad.
Tilly went back to Kindy today and she wore her new oliver+s Book Report dress.
Its a lovely pattern to sew, all the 'bits' go together perfectly.
And it has pockets-secret pockets.
How awesome is that?
oliver+s Book Report dress
 I have the downloadable version of this pattern and it is great!
Oliver+s have this clever placement of the pattern pieces so there are minimal sheets to join. 
 After chatting with fellow oliver+s groupie about the fit I decided to draft the size 2 with the length of a size 4.
This took a bit of jiggling with the yoke pieces but it wasn't hard.
In a nutshell, I added two sizes to the length.
So the size 4 ended up being drafted on the size 12-18mnth line.
Matilda's Kindy uniform is encouraged, and the recommended attire is red or green polo top(house colours) and navy bottoms.
Well this is sort of it.
I used a pinwale cord from Spotlight. The printed cord seems to have a little more body then the plain dyed.
The hem is bound by some gorgeous cotton webbing printed with a measuring tape.
My gorgeous friend purchased it in Purl Soho (yes baby-baby, I am a-dropping names) for me.
Spoilt? Yup!
The hessian knot buttons I picked up on eBay. I would give you a link but she seems to have closed down.
Its a super fit right now which is fine as she will only get 1 1/2 terms wear from it and then it will be for farm play.
I have already made this for the Twins.
And it is just as gorgeous on a big girl.
Isn't Liesl clever?

xxx N

More Farm Clothes (Or, Yes, I think my daughter is cute)!

Tilly is finally in a size 3T.
As Brittney would say, 'Amazeballs'
Another 2+2 set by oliver+s.
I used $3 worth of broadcloth from the remnant bin at Spotlight.
And my usual mother-of-pearl buttons.
The colour blocking was a happy accident. I had to add the band to get the extra length.
I have lost count of how many times I have made the blouse.
(Tute here)
The skirt, maybe seven or eight?
(skirt tute here)
Although it is to be a play outfit, for one day only, she wore it out.
It looks perfect with the jacket made-by-Sarvi.
Isn't it divine?
Isn't she divine?

Thanks for indulging me...

xxx N

Saturday, July 20, 2013

More Sewing for Liddy

When the school hol's hit I realised Liddy was short of trousers.
Her legs are so much longer then the Twins so she has already grown out of their hand-me-downs.
Time to try out the oliver+s AfterSchool pants in a larger size.
O+S Sailboat top & AfterSchool pants.
I have made these for Tilly and blogged the construction.
Lidia measures a size 8 and these trousers are perfectly true to size.
O+S 2+2 blouse and AfterSchool pants
We styled them above for dressy play but these trousers are destined to be worn on the farm only!
Super knitted hat by the super Susanne 
Perfect with a handed down 2+2 blouse
(Tute here)

It has been too cold to model this left-over-from-summer outfit but, today, Liddy was feeling brave.
Clever Charlottes Finch Set
Lids has worn the shorts quite frequently over tights
(shorts tute here)
It is still a bit chilly for the fabulous top.
(top tute here)

Thanks for popping by,
xx N

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back to the Funky Sunki

I haven't been sewing much.
School hol's.
Extra farm work.
The horrid new Flickr layout......
I had lost my sew-jo!

So I thought I would ease back in with a Sunki or 3!
This one is for Lily-up-the-road.
Tilly has grown out of this one and it has gone to Annie-up-the-road.
So of course her big sister needed a co-ordinating version.
I made both girls a bundle of Sunki leggings for their birthday so they are good to go!
Tildy was happy to model it for me.
Zara was happy to style her.
The Sunki is a generous fit. I forgot. I really should make Tildy the  smaller size and add length but its winter, we can layer.

Did I mention I made 3?

xx N

Monday, July 1, 2013

Time for a Bedtime Story

I made Matilda some new pyjamas
I lurve oliver+s Bedtime Story jammies.
I have a few posts on them.
Bottoms for a Big Bum
And A Cheats Method
Finally a Proper Method
I made Tildy the size 3T using a very groovy print by the very groovy name 'The Gangs all Here'

3T? Wheres my baby gone-sob

x N