Saturday, March 31, 2018

Lekala #4562 for Zara

More pretty sewing.
Do you recognise it?
I made one in rayon.
And Linen.
Lekala #4662
I sewed this up in a very pretty, nude coloured, self spot tulle.
This is actually my pattern, not a new sized pattern.
I used a scrap of satin binding for the neck and added a tiny gather at the front so I could use the scrap.
But Zara okayed it and there was plenty of ease.
I sewed it with French seam throughout as they were visible and a tiny narrow double hem.
I hemmed the front and back and then sewed the side seams.
~Zara's Verdict~
This is such a beautiful shirt, its such a dainty and stunning fabric. The colour is just stunning and with the lovely silk binding it is just such a fabulous piece. 
Thanks Mum. 

Thank you for reading...
xx Nicole 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lekala #7154 Hooded Jacket

The last jacket was such a success...
Zara requested another 
This time in black.
I picked up the fabric from Eliza's of Sunshine. It was a heavy weight rigid knit with quite a washed out finish.
I only purchased 2 m as it was super wide, $4/m.
So far I have cut Hudson pants for Elsa (to be blogged) this top and a pair of shorts and there is enough left to make something for the little girls.
The pattern is Lekala #7154 a unisex style sports jacket with unlined hood.
As always, with Lekala, you pop in your measurements and print off your custom size pattern.
The very sporty separating zipper came from here
(There are some seriously kinky latex fabric available too, if that is your thing)
Jokes aside, great seller.
After a month my zip had not arrived so I let them know, they refunded me immediately.
Another month passed and it arrived so I emailed them to send another invoice and was told to have them complimentary.
A great zip with a grippy toggle and very strong teeth.
I guess you need a good, strong, grippy toggle in certain situations...
Heavy duty eyelets and white cord echo the sporty vibe.
The pockets gave me no end of trouble, last sew, as I seriously over thought them.
This time, no worries!
~Zara's Verdict~
This hooded jacket is such an essential piece in my wardrobe.
I wear it over my work out gear and also over a cute tee and shorts.
The hood is large enough that is covers my head but not so big that it is heavy and pulls the jacket back when worn down.
Next up, some simple shorts.
Zara pulled out this 'Nana' pattern and declared it 'just the job'.
Some shortie shorts with a faux shoelace draw string.
In red...
And black with cotton webbing trim around the legs.
I don't really enjoy sewing knits so I try and make the finishes as professional and RTW as I can, to try and get satisfaction that way.
I am just as fussy with my pinning, pressing and stitching as I would with woven sewing.
That helps.

(But I would rather sew a shirt)

Thank you for reading

xx Nicole 

Monday, March 26, 2018

Hugo's Jean Pool (groan) KwikSew 2123

New jeans for Beamish Boy.
An emergency phone call from the handy man.
his jeans were too toight.
So I made him another pair.
Hugo's tried and true Kwik Sew jeans 
It is very handy to have a pattern I can sew up, without fitting.
I altered the pattern previously, lowering the waist and pinching out some hip fullness but leaving the ease through the legs.
I added back pocket flaps and double back belt carriers.
The fabric is super stretchy denim/wool from Spotlight.
Mandatory pose for Nana Deb.
~Hugo's Verdict~
Since starting my studies at university I have had the opportunity to wear my nice, smart Eglington clothes more often.
My jeans in particular have had a good work out, to the extent that I had entirely worn out the backside in a pair.
I guess I can now officially be called a 'shiny bum'.
Luckily, Mum came to the rescue and I went from one pair of 'good' jeans to a repaired pair and a new pair very promptly.
My new jeans are the same design which are super comfortable and smart.
The stretch denim fabric has a lot of give which is good for me to tackle the trek up and down the hills at Flinders.
I guess I am saying I really like my new jeans and hope I don;t wear the backside out of the too soon.
As do I, Beamish, as do I...

Thank you for reading

xx Nicole

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Style Arc Cara Blouse

Are you sick of me yet? #bloggingoverload
More pretty things for Zara.

The very pretty Style Arc Cara blouse.

Available in paper or as a PDF.
I had made it once before and I think she always looks so fresh and snappy in it.
The cloth is a vintage embroidered cotton that I inherited from someone else's stash.
It was a very narrow cut of fabric not to mention the embroidery did not go to the edges, there was quite a large gap down one edge.
It was quite bulky to sew and I didn't bother inclosing the raw edges on the back (as I did last time) I just sewed it per instructions.
My bespoke notions really came into play with this sew. I used black interfacing for the front band and nude non-curl elastic for the back casing (the nude elastic was horribly expensive but just the job to create the invisible  look under the eyelet)
I took the trouble to sew a narrow, double hem on the sleeves and the hem. It is fiddly but as it can flip and be visible I think it is worth it.
I think this is such a elegant blouse.
Sexily elegant, showing off clavicles rather then boobs #notthatthereisanythingwrongwiththat

~Zara's Verdict~
This Cara top is such a beautiful piece.
The fabric is just stunning adding an extra touch to the basic black colour.
A lovely piece and so easy to style.

Thank you for reading

xx Nicole

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Vintage Simplicity 8374 blouse for Tildy

Matilda really doesn't need many new things.
She is extremely fortunate in that she is given many gorgeous, hand made things from her sewing Aunties (the advantage of being 'Tiny Tilly')
But she had a request.

'A blouse, fitted in the body, with fabulous sleeves, to wear under her overalls and pinnies'.
By jove I think we got it!
I used the delightful Simplicity 8374
I had made the pinny for Matilda previously
The fabric is a delicious organic poplin from the remnant bin at Spotlight, Horsham.
I adore the wee neck ruffle.
To prevent the blouse looking too twee I used some bronze, shank buttons left over from Zara's skirt.
I think the secret to sewing with vintage patterns is to take that step back, resist the urge to add frills and fluff and let the design do the talking.
~Tilly's Verdict~
I love the buttons 
The pattern is cute on the fabric.
I love the sleeves and the neck ruffle 
I think it will work well with the copper pinny mum is going to make me soon.
I agree, I think it will work beautifully with her copper denim pinny.
Thank you for reading.

xx Nicole

PS Continuing with my stash busting exercise I was able to make a wee pair of City Gym shorts
I simply ommitted the binding, instead pre-neatening the edge, sewing the bobble tape to the right side and then pressing it to the wrong side and top stitching it in place. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

OOP Style1300 Festival Wear for Zara

Zara never ceases to amaze me!
When I found this little number
With a bundle of B+W micro gingham, in a basket on my cutting table I was not sure at all.
I sewed it up whilst she was at work and must say, I wasn't any more convinced.
It is very nice to sew, with double casings but it seemed a bit juvenile.
Well, she was right and I was wrong.
It has a cute, retro vibe.
Seriously cute.
It is not unlike this romper
~Zara's Verdict~
This set is one of my absolute favourites!
I cannot believe how adorable it is. It flatters my figure by covering my fuller bottom and thighs while highlighting my smaller waist and shoulders.
It is just gorgeous and I cannot wait to wear it.
Isn't she lovely?

Thank you for reading

xx Nicole