Friday, April 28, 2017

Vintage Dungarees

Just like my sewing gal-pal Inder, I love me some vintage sewing.
I made Trixie some adorable little dungarees.
I inherited this pattern (with  quite a few others) from a kindly local lady when she packed up her sewing gear.
I sewed up the size 2 and it only just fits.
The fabric is some stretch 'dirty' denim I picked up from Eliza's in Sunshine. It was in the $2 bin.
The buttons are enamelled shell, very sturdy but they will not handle soaking or tumble drying (Well, I assume they won't and I don't, just in case)
I made no mods to the actual pattern shape. The legs were on the wide side so I simply folded that in as a button placket rather then using binding tape.
This caused a wee bit of bunching at the crotch but was neither here nor there, overall.
They only just fit.
Trixie is a lot bigger the Tildy was, at the same age. I keep forgetting that and assuming I can sew for size rather then measuring her.
How I love these.
Beatrix does too, they are her 'sheep' clothes, farm clothes?
The ruffles were a little fiddly in the thick denim but do-able. The instructions call for hand stitching the edges closed but I topstitched with no problems.

I was so excited to see my Shot-gun Mum post a photo of this pattern in the next size up, on Instagram.
I unashamedly begged her for it and she is posting it to me!
Thank you Nana Deb 

I don't get to sew a lot for Trixie, no need, she has so many gorgeous things sent to her but I really enjoyed sewing these.

They took me 3 1/2 hours solid sewing. I was pretty happy with that. 

xx N

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lekala #4269

Another knock off from Witchery.
The Lekala #4269
~Back Story~
Lidia is planning her capsule wardrobe and she saw a dress she really liked on Witchery.
dress available here

I found the perfect fabric but it was sold out!
Jed checked out a few Spotters store when he was in the city, for business and found this spotty rayon instead.
Lekala #4269
I had a vintage pattern in mind but after the puffy pink pirate blouse  I was a bit nervous.
After scouring Lekala I found the above blouse  that looked pretty
The pattern is custom fit to Lidia's measurements. The mods I made was to add 5 inches to the hem, omit the collar and lengthen the sleeve by 5 inches so I could sew a deep hem and not have a wrong side showing when it is rolled up.
I double cut the front yokes so that they were self faced.
I caught the tucks to the inside to create pleats and stitched them in place to the 3 inch mark. 

The fit was amazing, I could not believe how well it fit her.
Lidia is very, very slim but has quite broad shoulders. It is near impossible to get her anything nice in the shops.
I purchased the belt from here.
I did find a cheaper one here but it was pretty crappy so it went in the dress up box.
I love the roll up sleeves, so smart.
She can wear it as a dress now but it will make a lovely tunic over leggings too.
~Lidia's Verdict~
I am absolutely in love with this dress I was so excited when Mum showed me the pattern, I thought it was amazing.
 I love how drapey the fabric is and the buttons just look so perfect. So far, I have already worn it once and that was for the ANZAC day ceremony. 


xx N

Monday, April 24, 2017

OOP McCall's 7241 Dungarees for Zara

Zara asked me to sew her some overalls to wear to Grooving the Moo
She went through my pattern stash and found a pattern.
I warned her the legs were super wide but she was adamant that is what she wanted.
In the past I have sewn exactly what my girls have requested and often, they have not worn it.
I now have enough confidence to question their decisions rather then just being a 'good time mum'.
I over laid the leg with the Hudson pants (the girls frequently pinch my denim ones) and showed her just how much wider it was.
She agreed to let me cut it back.
The pattern is multi size.
I cut the XS for the top, blended to the S for the waist, M for the hips and back to the XS for the legs tapering to the Hudson front and back legs.
I sewed the inner legs and then fitted them, removing more ease from the thigh.
I sewed them up is some soft denim with navy jeans top stitching through out.
Zara wanted 'distressing' so I sand papered the legs and then put patches behind the holes, then I sewed them up.
After sewing them, I washed them in hot water with a bottle of cheap bleach.
They didn't fade as much as we thought they would but they did wash down and look less 'new'.
The hardware came from Spotlight. 
~Zara's Verdict~
These overalls are amazing!!
I love them. They are exactly what I wanted. Just perfect. Mum did such a great job of altering the pattern.
I can wear them with a tank or tee for a casual look or a lace bra for a more dressy or festival look.
Thanks Mum xx

I hope she has a blast! 

xx N

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Metropolitan Urban Gypsy Dress

The Twins are really into the cold shoulder look.
Elsa wanted a slinky dress for dressing up and down.
She decided on the Hot Patterns Urban Gypsy blouse
Originally we looked at a Style Arc dress. It was beautiful but Elsa's measurement put her over 3 sizes and they only sell one.
Elsa emailed them for help (as suggested on the site) but we didn't hear back.
I have since seen Lara's version and I think we could have got away with it, c'est la vie.
I drafted the size 8 top and and blended it to the 10 at the hips.
I lengthened the tunic to a dress, by 5 inches, at the hip line.
The recommended elastic length was spot on!
I took a lot of care with the ties and hems, taking the time to do a tiny narrow hem.

It took forever and my poor fingers were singed by the iron but it gives a lovely, expensive feel.
The tunic has a very clever, built in, shelf bra.
I was going to skip it but watched a video explaining how a strapless bra is just not as good so I gave it a go.
In a nut shell, the strapless bra falls down and pulls your boobs down, a shelf bra doesn't.
It fits together really nicely and Elsa has a small bust so I wasn't too worried about support (or lack of it)
She reports it is very, very comfortable as well as very secure.
The cleverest part of this dress is the fabric that my very clever daughter chose.
Elsa wanted a floral rayon and I didn't have any in my stash. I did have several metres of pj satin that she ferreted out.
I dissuaded her, remarking it was a 'Nana' fabric.
She asked why we couldn't just flip it, satin on the inside, matte on the outside?

~Elsa's Verdict~
Theres not much to say that the photos don't! Isn't it just amazing?
The length isn't too short that makes the splits appropriate not skanky.
 I love love love it and many of my friends want one! Thanks Mum!!!! x

Well, there we are.
I think she looks amazing.

xx N

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Just So Much...

So much pink and so many ruffles...
The back story.
Hand-me-downs are no longer working so well for Liddy. She is as tall as her sisters but much slimmer through the hips and way broader through her back.
Her style aesthetic is completely different too. They were quite 'goth' at this age. Liddy likes pretty, bohemian style clothing.
Blouse available from

The inspiration.
A pretty, shell pink, viscose blouse priced at $60.
I realised I had seen something very similar and after searching, found an 80's McCalls pattern.
The mods.
Although Liddy is very slim I went with the size 14, she has wide shoulders and assured me I couldn't make it full enough.
I went with View A, omitting the collar and adding self drated ties.
Liddy wanted an elastic cuff so I overlaid the View A sleeve with the View D sleeve, altered the edge to match and made a new pattern piece.
The fabric.
I thought I had some shell pink crepe in my stash but was very cross when I realised I had recently donated it. Grrrr, isn't that the way? #curseyoukonmari 
I priced some online but it was going to be around $40, with postage.
Then I remembered I had a large piece of rayon, cream coloured, from an estate de-stash.
It is well known that Nicole Keller does 'a bit of sewing'. When people clean out their cupboards, they give it to me.
Once I had a verandah full and it took me a month to sort it!
I had a container of dyes (again given to me) and there was a pink one... so I thought I would give it a go.
I did it in my washing machine, so easy.
The pink was a bit bright for my taste but Liddy was happy (and hopefully is will tone down with a few washes)
I kept the button front as Lidia suggested she could wear it as a soft jacket over her swimmers.
MoP buttons, of course. 
I went with tiny, double hems throughout and used some pre-made bias for the elastic casing.
I didn't get the ties quite right but they sit okay.
It will even tie a nice bow if she wants to go as Miss Moneypenny for book week.
Lidia wore it for casual day, today, with skinny jeans.
I have some khaki trousers to sew next, to wear with it.
I was a little concerned she would look like an extra from a Peter Allen tribute show but it really only cost my time and I enjoyed sewing it.
It took around 5 hours but I rarely sew ruffles and pink-iness and I really enjoyed it!
So, if it doesn't get worn, oh well.
~Lidia's Verdict~
When Mummy made me the shirt I was overjoyed. At first we didn't have the right fabric but then mum dyed some beautiful white rayon fabric with a little bit of pink dye and we got the perfect colour for my capsule wardrobe. 
Mummy is going to make some lovely khaki coloured trousers to go with it. 
I love how the arms are so puffy and the frills on the bust. Today I wore the shirt to casual day for the end of term one.

I think she copped a few 'pirate' jokes but she didn't seen too fussed. Told her she didn't have to wear it again and she scoffed and said 'What do boys know, they wore school uniform on casual day'

Love this girl.

xx N

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

OOP Simplicity 5992 Dungarees for Beatrix

Far too cute not to sew again.
I think these dungarees remain my favourite thing ever!
Warm, machine washable wool, Trixie utterly flogged them and then they were sent off to Baby Ock du Spock.
I tracked down a larger size, internationally and made an almost identical pair.
 I lined them with lawn again, for comfort and used  Liberty for the facings.
I used coral lawn and slightly different buttons.
But the cute factor is still through the roof!
Essential pockets lined with Liberty.
Zipper up the back for speedy dressing.
I sewed Beatrix the size 2 (I have a tracing of the size 1 thanks to the lovely Ock du Spock) and they fit, just, but not for long.
Hopefully they will get through Winter, at least  with a disposable nappy. 

xx N