Thursday, April 6, 2017

Liberty Shirts

I just love sewing them!
Hugo loves wearing them.
My shirt de jour for Beamish.
The Aime Comme Marie Mister shirt.
Getting closer to Hugo's goal of a Liberty shirt for each day of the week.
I purchased this gorgeous zingy yellow Liberty from The Drapery, and I am delighted to report that by cutting them at the same time I was able to cut this shirt and a 2+2 blouse from 2m!
As always, such a nice sew.
All the good things.
Two pieced, shaped back yoke, back darts, shaped sides.
That lovely two piece sleeve placket and shaped cuffs.
I always spend quite a bit of time on button choice, including what colour thread to attach said buttons.
I was really stuck this time. Hugo was very much 'What ever you think is a good thing' so he was not much help.
I ended up searching Pinterest for men~shirt~yellow~Liberty and shirts with dark buttons with dark thread jumped up.
Who am I to argue with Pinterest.
I sew the medium for Hugo.
It come in S, M, L.
In the lawn, this is a nice fit but I am very tempted to try the small in a firmer cloth.
I think it could give a neat, modern fit.
~Hugo's Verdict~
As many of you know I have a particular soft spot for Liberty fabric. 
When Mum showed me the yellow floral Liberty I immediately fell in love with the fabric and in my head was already planning outfits I would be wearing with it.
 The shirt is traced from the same patterns as my other Liberty shirts and follows the shape of my body nicely, but also allows room for movement.
 They have been quite popular at university too, with many people approaching and commenting on my shirts. From these encounters I have forged some great friendships.
 I have worn this shirt in casual, smart casual and formal styles.  In every instances it has taken it all in its stride and has made me look great.
 Sadly, for my other shirts this is now my new favourite by far.

Thanks for reading...
xx N


  1. Oh how lovely is he feeling sorry for his other shirts now! As I think I said on Insta, love, love the button choice.

    1. Yes, they are kicked to the curb now and his poor original turquoise Capel is so pale and thin it is delegated to occasional, very casual wear.
      Thank you for the lovely fabric and pre-cutting it for me.
      Jed said you were so lovely he wanted to give you a hug. I said it was probably good he didn't...
      xx N

  2. Another absolutely perfect shirt for Hugo!! I am quite jealous of all of his Liberty shirts. I agree, the button choice is spot-on - a bit surprising, I wouldn't have thought of a dark button on light yellow, but it's great! I love that Hugo is making new friends with his shirts!!!

    1. Thank you!
      It makes me so happy to makes his shirts Inder. Actually, if someone was willing to pay me, I could sew Liberty shirts as a job.
      I thought it was great he made connections with them, they all thought he was some metrosexual not a country boy.
      xx N

  3. Hugo is so styling in that shirt, I'm not surprised he has made friends just by wearing it!

  4. I love the shirt and I love the story of Hugo wearing his shirts at the universiy. Isn't it grand that you are continuing to help him make friends through your sewing?! Your detail work is always perfection.

    1. That made me so happy too Karen.
      Thank you very much.
      xx N