Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bits and Bobs

I am very behind with my blogging so a quick catch up.
A quick swimsuit for Zara in a bold orange.
The same swimsuit pattern I used here

I made it to her measurements and added several inches to her length.
Too much, unfortunately.
I was able to save it with a shelf bra but this one has been handed on to a more buxom friend.
For the next one, I cut a muslin which fit so well I finished it!
I self lined the suit, I find with the constant use swimmers get here they last better/less bagginess.
Next, some long promised shiny goldenness.
Oliver+S Playtime leggings
I used some gold spandex from Spotlight. It sewed up quite well but I found I had to overlock each seam twice as there were skipped stitches, even with a brand new needle.
With the first wear, the seam 'opened' up a wee bit but has not got any worse and it holding strongly so that may just be the nature of the fabric?

I made Liddy the size 12, with length, Tilly the size 4 with length and Trixie a straight 2T.
(Elizabeth's were just drafted from some she already had)

'Til we meet again!

xx N


  1. There you are!! I was wondering where you were. I'm all the way across the world near Chicago but I love reading about your life :)

    1. Oh wow, what a lovely thing to read!
      I had decided to give up blogging but was stuck in bed unwell so thought I would fill in some time.
      I will keep at it.
      (I know my mum reads)
      xx N

    2. I just saw your reply - hope you are better!! I use and follow lots of blogs, but yours is the first I look for, please keep going, if you have time. And because mums want to know what's going on :) I love to sew but don't make as many clothes (more quilting than clothes) but going to start on a fancy dress for my 14 year old shortly.

    3. Thank you, you made my day.
      xx N

  2. I can't even handle Baby Bea's belly and her matching dolly leggings!!! CUTE ATTACK! Great sewing all around, friend.

  3. Thank you lovely!
    Those baby bellies disappear too fast for my liking.
    xx N

  4. I know the girls love those shiny gold leggings! Love the picture of all four modeled.