Thursday, April 13, 2017

Just So Much...

So much pink and so many ruffles...
The back story.
Hand-me-downs are no longer working so well for Liddy. She is as tall as her sisters but much slimmer through the hips and way broader through her back.
Her style aesthetic is completely different too. They were quite 'goth' at this age. Liddy likes pretty, bohemian style clothing.
Blouse available from

The inspiration.
A pretty, shell pink, viscose blouse priced at $60.
I realised I had seen something very similar and after searching, found an 80's McCalls pattern.
The mods.
Although Liddy is very slim I went with the size 14, she has wide shoulders and assured me I couldn't make it full enough.
I went with View A, omitting the collar and adding self drated ties.
Liddy wanted an elastic cuff so I overlaid the View A sleeve with the View D sleeve, altered the edge to match and made a new pattern piece.
The fabric.
I thought I had some shell pink crepe in my stash but was very cross when I realised I had recently donated it. Grrrr, isn't that the way? #curseyoukonmari 
I priced some online but it was going to be around $40, with postage.
Then I remembered I had a large piece of rayon, cream coloured, from an estate de-stash.
It is well known that Nicole Keller does 'a bit of sewing'. When people clean out their cupboards, they give it to me.
Once I had a verandah full and it took me a month to sort it!
I had a container of dyes (again given to me) and there was a pink one... so I thought I would give it a go.
I did it in my washing machine, so easy.
The pink was a bit bright for my taste but Liddy was happy (and hopefully is will tone down with a few washes)
I kept the button front as Lidia suggested she could wear it as a soft jacket over her swimmers.
MoP buttons, of course. 
I went with tiny, double hems throughout and used some pre-made bias for the elastic casing.
I didn't get the ties quite right but they sit okay.
It will even tie a nice bow if she wants to go as Miss Moneypenny for book week.
Lidia wore it for casual day, today, with skinny jeans.
I have some khaki trousers to sew next, to wear with it.
I was a little concerned she would look like an extra from a Peter Allen tribute show but it really only cost my time and I enjoyed sewing it.
It took around 5 hours but I rarely sew ruffles and pink-iness and I really enjoyed it!
So, if it doesn't get worn, oh well.
~Lidia's Verdict~
When Mummy made me the shirt I was overjoyed. At first we didn't have the right fabric but then mum dyed some beautiful white rayon fabric with a little bit of pink dye and we got the perfect colour for my capsule wardrobe. 
Mummy is going to make some lovely khaki coloured trousers to go with it. 
I love how the arms are so puffy and the frills on the bust. Today I wore the shirt to casual day for the end of term one.

I think she copped a few 'pirate' jokes but she didn't seen too fussed. Told her she didn't have to wear it again and she scoffed and said 'What do boys know, they wore school uniform on casual day'

Love this girl.

xx N


  1. The blouse looks so lovely on you Lidia.

    1. Thank you very much Deb I love it so much mummy is very talented my favourite part is the thrills along the bust what i yours?
      xxoo Liddy

  2. That's right, Liddy, you be you! K is almost 11 and has gone 60's retro -- plaid pleats, knee socks and wide headbands with her short bob. She gets some flack too, mostly from the boys, but they're 'boring and don't know anything'. So refreshing to see young ladies with a strong personal style.

    1. Thank you very much ,tell K I said hi.Mummy and I are using quite a bit of inspiration from Whitchery and have fallen in love with this puffy shirt
      with love Lidsy

  3. I bet this blouse is wonderfully swishy and swashbuckley (not a word, ha!) to wear! Lidia is lovely!!

    1. It is lovely and floaty,I have fallen in love with the puffy sleeves and thrills along the bust and back.
      Thanks Liddy
      P.S I love the word swashbuckley :)

  4. Your children all really own their styles; something that I think is rather admirable in a sea of potential peer pressure. Lidia looks grown up and confident in her blouse.

    1. Thank you so much I love all the frills and the colour is just gorgeous.My new blouse just fits perfectly with my hopeful capsule wardrobe with colours of black ,grey ,pink and white
      lots of love Lidsy

  5. Oh boy now I know why you were laughing at my previous comment!! I think Lidia looks great and I love that she has such a great and strong style aesthetic.

    1. I know, right?
      I laughed so hard. This is definitely not my style but Liddy loves it and she rocks it.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  6. Really? They wore their uniforms? How original (roll eyes)! Pretty pink and love the frills. Totally suits her, this suddenly getting so grown up girl of yours (I keep forgetting she's a smidge younger than my eldest).

  7. I don't think I have ever seen a pirate dressed in pink so I think Lidia is pretty safe! The pink is so pretty. It is a great choice for the style and she looks lovely.

    1. Thank you.
      I am still not so sure but she continues to wear it and I think she rocks it.
      xx N

  8. I love this & it's seriously not Pirate-ish! Wear it with pride L! I love it with the top button left open & the tie untied. Very relaxed & chic.

    1. Thank you!
      I must share the photos of her modelling it with her green cargoes.
      xx N

  9. Yes! Please do. I'm sad I moved on my 'pirate' shirt from a few years ago! It was nearly off the shoulder, no ruffles, but had similarly great sleeves!