Sunday, June 29, 2014

For the Boy

Hugo's turn again!
Some comfy casual gear.
First up.....
The Newcastle cardigan by Thread Theory.
A very groovy soft jacket.
Certainly not your Nana's cardy.
The pattern suggests using self fabric for the collar but as I had the perfect match for the knit, I used ribbing.
I actually really like the finish it gives/
I chose to interface the under collar only.
The instructions suggest 'stitch in the ditching' on the shoulders but I also stitched the back facing in place.
Rather then press my seams open I finished them together and topstitched in place.
I didn't sew the front facing down, the buttons and button holes keep that in place.
The pattern takes you through a nifty cuff finish, I sewed mine as I would a basic jumper as I really thought I would have to shorten the sleeves, I figured I would be cutting them off.
I was wrong!
He likes it just the way it is!
He is not %100 sure about the colour but I wanted to use something I had, just in case he didn't fancy it.
I also had the perfect enamelled MOP buttons, again from my sweet friend Claire.
A neat fit, not tight but not sloppy.
He reckons grey or chocolate brown next time.
What do you think?

xx N

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I pinned him down for a photo shoot.....
Here we have Hugo wearing a Aime Comme Marie Mister shirt.
For all the details see here.
Worn here with his Kwik Sew black jeans.
He would have preferred a firmer fit but a hot wash should take care of that!
Same pattern different fabric.
This time a cotton broadcloth with contrasting cuffs and collar and dark topstitching.
Looks awesome with his blue jeans.
Isn't he gorgeous?
The white shirt also works with his blue jeans.
Love a white shirt!
Said white shirt with his dress trousers.
And here with his dress waistcoat ( from Country Road but no longer available) 
Add a tie.
sing it with me Deb.....

xx N

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pyjama Social

Last week the Littles had a Pyjama Social.
It is like a disco/party with food and games.
I promised new things, and just made it (and them) in time.
The pattern? Oliver+S BedTime Story pyjamas
The fabric? Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt
Size 4 on my tiny five year old.
The cape? From the Little Things To Sew book by Liesl Gibson.
The cloth? Tweed wool with some more Hope Valley for the lining.
Isn't it sweet?
Isn't she?
Same pattern and fabric line for big sister Liddy.
This time in the yellow colour way 
Still every bit as lovely.
Same cape but this time in cashmere, which is heaven to sew.
And has a heavenly drape.
Warm and snuggly.
Quaint but practical.
Utterly adorable.
Like these two.

xx N

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I have made my babies first outfit.
Would you like a peep?
Its the gorgeous new pattern by Oliver+S
The Lullaby Layette
It is just so sweet!
First up, the body suit.
I sewed this is charcoal hailspot muslin that two of my sweet friends  Sarvi and Colette bought for the baby.
This can be made with short or long sleeves.
It has a good length front tab, a poppered opening for nappy changes and sweet elastic gathered legs.
The poppers I purchased from the Oliver+S shop
Good and roomy too, I am pretty sure it will go over a cloth nappy.
The back has a nice pleat to add some room with out being too pouffy.
Next up the top.
I made is up in white hailspot muslin.
Again you can make it short or long sleeved.
I used sweet teddy bear MOP buttons sent to me by my sweet friend  Claire. Red thread to complement the cardy that was the inspiration for the whole ensemble.
The top has a gentle A-line that falls beautifully in a soft fabric.
The pants are deliciously bloomy.
The back leg wraps around the front, a very cute detail.
And speaking of the back.
Check out these pockets!
So cute.
Another lovely gift, some cute ribbon from the lovely MC, make a sweet tag.
Finally, the dear little fully lined jacket.
It has a very nifty construction (so clever) and a bound edge.
It could be worn completely reversed.
As advised I used poppers for fastenings.
How lovely is this?

All these lovely things were made to co-ordinate with the absolutely breath taking cardys knitted for me by my sweet friend, Sarvi.
This one, sigh
And this little cutey!

Aren't I spoilt?

xx N

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


When the note came home about the Pyjama Social I promised the Little Girls new ones.
And then I promptly forgot.
And then it was Monday and the Social was Wednesday after school....
But I got there, just!
I made up my favourite Bedtime Story pyjamas.
Size 4 for Tildy and the 8 for Liddy.
They are a generous fit.
I used some of my precious Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabric,
In the pink colour way for Matilda.
And the yellow for sweet Lidia.
I do love this pattern, I can generally sew up a pair in two hours.
That is pretty nifty!
 Lids and Tildy are still young enough to wear sleepwear out if we visit in the evening.
But what about if it is chilly?
How about a Red Riding Hood cape?
From Liesl Gibson's Little Things to Sew book.
Our home is so warm dressing gowns are superfluous.
But a neat little cape just fits the bill.
I found this gorgeous piece of wool tweed on eBay and I was completely inspired by Ana Sofia's beautiful version.
The stunning button came from Aunty Sarvi and I suspect Mood.
To make a sturdy cape I edge stitched all the way around.
And I top stitched the hand openings.
I used some more lovely Hope Valley for the lining.
For Liddy's we went a little more upmarket.
Some luxurious cashmere I payed a kings ransom for ten years back.
It drapes so beautifully.
I think I could happily sew cashmere everyday.
Another beautiful Sarvi button.
I slip stitched the hand opening this time. I didn't want anything to spoil the finish.
I agonised over the lining fabric.
In the end, I used some very special Cloud 9 organic cotton that Justine sent to me.
As she always uses the nicest fabrics I hope she will understand and forgive me.
It drapes so much better then the slightly stiffer quilting cotton.

I finished with 10 minutes to spare, so Jed ran them into town for me.
He said the looks on the Little Girls faces were thanks enough.

PS Some helpful tips for quick pyjama sewing.

That is another item completed from Lightning McStitches 

xx N