Sunday, May 31, 2015

Puppet Show Poppet

More Trixie sweetness.
An old favourite, the Puppet Show by O+S.
This time I made the dress with the hope that Beatrix will follow her siblings in growing 'up' rather the 'out' and possibly getting a good years wear from it.
Soft and silky Liberty Wiltshire.
Trixie's signature Liberty.
Her special flower shaped MoP buttons.
Stitched in black.
Plenty of length.
(size 6-12 months)
I love how the sweet collar frames her face.
I have a step-by-step cute for a sturdy version here.
'Cause this is too pretty to save for best.
Free bonnet pattern here
Remember the vintage dungarees and the pairing blouse?
The blouse I added the neck ruffle to and then realised it would cover the square neck line.....
Well, is looks cute with the Puppet Show shorts.
In pearly pink linen with black cotton lace.
And another pair in charcoal ramie.
Thanks for popping by!
xx N

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So Grown Up.

Back to Tilly,
My big brother lent me his posh lens for 6 months and it is time to send it back.
Better get some photos done.
Part two of Matilda's sewing. More pretty but practical clothes.
The Oliver+S Music Class blouse and skirt.
The blouse I sewed up in beautiful Liberty Capel. It is a fine silky lawn, a dream to sew.
Tildy's signature Liberty.
The skirt in cotton velvet, with the nap reversed for extra lushness.
I trimmed the pocket edge with some linen tape.
I chose the gathered insert option, I just couldn't face the thought of trying to get the thick fabric to hold a pleat.
I also added several inches to the size 5 skirt.
I made the blouse in a size 5 too. It is a tad big but as I was using such a nice fabric I wanted some growth.
An extra 3 inches to the hem means she can tuck it in.
Matilda's signature heart shaped buttons in MoP stitched with charcoal thread. Just to keep the prissiness in check.
Matilda chose pin-tucks, I think she chose well.
The pockets proved very popular.
Worn with Aunty Ana Sofia's special socks.
Just a tad long but she will grow.
Far too soon.

xx N

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Small Things

I still haven't blogged the last lot of sewing I did for Beatrix.
Too busy enjoying her.
The Lullaby Layette is a great little pattern. I made Trixie another bodysuit, with long sleeves.
I used the size 6-12 months but added an inch to the body to accommodate her cloth nappy.
I was slightly horrified at how much of my precious Liberty this used, I think I will stick to less expensive fabrics in future, as being a bodysuit, it is going to have a short shelf life.
I used poppers for the leg openings but Trixie's 'signature' flower MoP buttons for the front.
Just a little more dressy.
It is a sweet little romper but I think I could have added a bit more length.
Luckily, it will usually be worn as 'best' therefore over a disposable which will give her some  breathing room.
Another item I wish I had sized up.
The Purl Soho Winter baby hat. I made Trixie the 6-12 month but it is very snug.
The secret to this hat is this gorgeous organic cotton fleece. I really thought long and hard before ordering it but it was worth it.
I lined a LTTS Cosy Bear hat for Tildy, with it,as well.
I will be using every little scrap I can!
Back to Trixie.
Another beautiful pattern from Purl Soho the Sunbonnet, this time.
In a scrap of the finest Irish linen and lined with more Wiltshire.
This time the 6-12 months is perfect!
Next, a sweet little vintage number.
Based loosely on this pin.
I found some gorgeous fine merino suiting in my stash. So light and silky but incredibly warm.
I added a Hailspot muslin neck ruffle and embroidered cross stitches with coral embroidery silk as a wee high light.
I decided to line it with cotton poplin, just in case it was scritchy, by making a second dress and putting the two together.
I applied the facing over the top.
I used some scraps of Liberty, silky and smooth.
And how does it look?
Super dooper cute!
I adore her in this.
I just adore her.

xx N

Friday, May 22, 2015

OOP Simplicity 5941 Coat for Lidia

Sweet Liddy's turn.
First, a new coat.
I will admit I was a little nervous tackling this one. One page didn't seem a lot of instructions for a fully lined coat.
But I got there.
I learned some great new techniques (well, new to me).
The under collar is cut in two pieces on the bias, and then the interfacing is cut the same. After that is applied, another shaped piece of interfacing is cut on the grain and ironed to the neck roll area.
The under collar is sewn to the coat, the upper collar to the facing and then after much trimming, clipping and pressing they are sewn together.
Then the lining is sewn to the facing edge.
It all resulted in a beautiful finish.
I used some herringbone weave wool and some deep brown cotton velvet for the collar.
I had just enough lining left from Hugo's Goldstream jacket.
It is a medium weight satin, quite luxurious for a lining, but it gives body and feels ever so nice on.
I even added a secret pocket, like Hugo's. Fully lined.
The chest pockets are also fully lined.
The buttons are enamelled shell and just lush!
Liddy wanted red ones sewn with blue thread. Zara tried to talk her into brown leather knotted ones, but Lid's was adamant.
I think she made a good choice.
Size 12 with room for growth.
So much hand sewing on this little number.
Hand sewn hems.
Thread chains on each seam.
Basting, basting and more basting.
Worth it?
Absolutely dutely!
What else?
A dress.
The Oliver+S Carousel dress.
Sewn up in sand coloured cotton stretch velvet/un-cut cord (not sure which).
Size 12 with a few inches length added to the hem and a solid 9'' to the sleeves.
Lidia requested red top stitching.
I like it!
I think the funny dart thing going on was due to the stretch content of the fabric. It doesn't fuss Liddy so I let it be.
I really like the a-line effect. 
The keyhole opening is so pretty. I used some Kokka scraps for a touch of pretty, millenary elastic for a loop and another of those fabulous buttons.
Perfect for Winter.
I think it will layer well over a long sleeve tee.
Such a great play dress.
Did we mention the pockets?

That is Lidia set for our holiday.

xx N