Tuesday, January 26, 2021

OOPStyle 2419 dress for Beatrix

 I made Trixie a very pretty dress for Christmas Day.

Well, on Christmas Day she wore swimmers but anyhoo....

I purchased Style 2419 from an Op Shop and I knew Trixie would LOVE the swishy skirt.

It is a very pretty dress with a self lined yoke, ruffles, neck binding and add on sleeves. Almost Empire line.

The back finishes with a zipper. I used an invisible zip but I omitted the hook and eye at the top as I find they tangle in the girls hair.

In lieu of a label I used a wee silver 'E'.
I used a scrap of green linen to bind the neck, just to mix things up!

The fabric is a rayon/linen mix I snaffled from the remnant bin at Spotlight.

It is very soft and light, swishy and swirly.

Perfect for twirling!

The fabric was a bit of a bear to sew. It frayed, a lot. I ended up running all the pieces through my overlocker before construction as I was concerned my seam allowances would end up uneven.

It also appears to have shrunk a wee bit since sewing (or Trixie has shot up) even though I did pre-wash it on a warm, gentle cycle.

If I purchased rayon/linen again I would pre-wash, twice.

~Trixie's Verdict~
I like the flowers, I like the flowers a lot. I like my socks with the pom-poms and my shiny, shiny shoes.
It (the dress NMK) is soft, so soft. It is swishy. 
That is all I have to say, Bye!
~My Verdict~

I take any pretty dress sewing opportunity that comes my way. I have so many vintage patterns and with Covid, very few occasions  to sew them for.

I enjoyed sewing this frock. There were enough details to make it and interesting make and the fabric (although pain in the backside) drapes and falls beautifully. 

The style is very practical for a busy little person. Lovely and full so it is cool on a warmer day and the long sleeves give good sun protection.

The skirt was swishy but not too much fabric to make play impractical.

Trixie certainly gave it a good work out.

Thank you for reading.... xx Nicole 

Monday, January 25, 2021

Lekala #5585 Dress for Zara's 21st

 Catching up on my Blogging....

I made this snazzy little number in September, last year, for Zara's 21st.
The pattern is Lekala #5585 

Sewing for my older girls is not easy. They are not at home anymore and with the COVID restrictions we do not do that many trips to Town. I like the custom fit nature of Lekala as I can save on fittings. I can make the garment up to 'final fit' stage.

Zara chose the fabric, it is from Spotlight and was around $30/m. I was pleased with how nice and soft it was. I used a nude tricot for lining the skirt and finished the darts separately but then placed the pieces, wrong sides together, and treated as one.

This made it a lot easier to fit the side seams.

The bodice is self lined. I made ties from the same fabric.

Rather than sewing the ties in place, I made small loops so Zara can thread the ties through and then knot them, to allow for the fabric stretching.

~Zara's Verdict~
Mum made me the most gorgeous dress for my 21st birthday. I had planned on going out to a fancy restaurant and wanted something fabulous to wear and mum definitely provided the goods. I felt like a fairy in the most gorgeous sparkly fabric (that I spotted in Spotlight and had my eye on for a while). The cut out at the front was perfect placement for my devils ink (snort NMK) and not to mention how comfortable the dress was. I styled the look with a 2000’s half up hairdo and black knee high 90’s boots.

~My Verdict~

Lekala has saved my skin, more than once, with their custom fit patterns. With a little tweaking, we get a great fit.

I did shorten the dress by quite a bit, Zara would have liked it a little shorter again but then we would have cut of the bottom of the darts and messed with the zipper.

I got Zara to get me 4 metres, to be safe and I had so much left over I was able to make her some pull on pants, for Christmas (to be blogged)

Lekala don't have much in the way of instructions and this pattern was missing quite a few notches, so I did refer to the diagram quite a bit while sewing it.

I used an invisible zipper, I sewed it into the (almost) finished dress and then sort of wrapped the back piece facing around it, right sides together, stitched, flipped and then stitched-in-the-ditched that piece in place.

(Clear as mud, right)?

It made for a very neat finish.

A fun sew and Zara looked super cute!

Thank you for reading xxx Nicole 

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

OOP Simplicity 6911Summer Outfit for Matilda

 I just love sewing vintage patterns.

The details are so sweet and they make up nicely. The finishing instructions (although sometimes fiddly) give a beautiful result.

Case in point.

I am so pleased with OOP Simplicity 6911 I have tracked in down in several larger sizes (and made up a Misses version for Zara, for Christmas, shhhh).

The blouse front is self lined and finishes neatly at the side seams. These are hand sewed in place (although you absolutely could 'stitch-in-the-ditch' here). The neck facing is attached the the self limited front so you end up with an origami type project that once trimmed and pressed. finishes beautifully.

The short/skirt combo can be worn together or the shorts alone. I used up a fair whack of the pre-made bias that was lurking in my stash. The hems are finished with pre-made bias and and although a little time consuming, it makes for a very neat look.

Tildy chose a pre-made embroidered blossom (purchased from eBay). These are iron on but I find it is worth top stitching the appliqué in place (that said, the glue acts as excellent 'liquid pins' whilst doing the sewing)
I have used these appliqués a few times now. They actually wear quite well.
I just love how happy she was when she first tried this outfit on.
You could tell how lovely she felt.
I did have to make the darts quite a bit deeper (doubled at the top) and I eased the side seams to fit her hips.
My darling wee pocket rocket.

~Tilly's Verdict~
I like the texture, the puffs in the fabric and I really like the khaki green colour.
I feel really grown up with the cropped, tie up (top).
I love the puffy sleeves, they are the same as my dress (to be blogged)
I love the cherry blossoms on the skirt. I like the floaty-ness of the skirt with security of the shorts underneath.
I like floppy collar.
I like that it works with my other Summer clothes.

~My Verdict~
Another terrific vintage pattern. I love it so much I have tracked it down in larger sizes.
The top fitted perfectly and I loved the finishing on it, so neat!
Trixie has wanted a crop-top for the longest time, she won't be able to wear it anywhere sunny (due to not being sun safe) but it will be lovely for inside 'events'.
The shorts were a wee bit firm but made in a stretch drill, with a little more weight, they would make great school shorts.
Thank you for reading and Happy 2021 to you!