Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 5 Victorian Holiday 2015

Being part of a big family can have it's disappointments.
Beatrix was very very poorly for the first few days of our break. She would only sleep on Hugo or me and even went as far as too refuse to breastfeed for over 12 hours. Thank fully, she would take a little water from a cup held by Lidia.
The holiday schedule of experiences went firmly on hold.
This meant, unfortunately, Elsa missed her  days horse riding and Hugo his Deep, Dark and Dirty mine dive.

But we have already booked Bendigo for next year and they are top of the list!

Love them!

Lidia and Matilda chose to do a pottery course at the Bendigo Art Gallery.
Funnily enough, a sewing gal-pal that lives in Colorado  USA found this workshop for me.
They were shown, step by step, how to throw a pot and shape it.
Here Ben is showing Liddy how to clean up and remove her vase.
It looked so much fun Elsa decided to join in.
She was a natural.
Tilly loved it!
Liddy wants to go back next year.
Once you have completed your work you can have them fired, glazed and posted to you.
These are Lidia's, she chose white almond glaze for her vase and blue for bowl.

I can't wait for them to arrive.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Victorian Holiday Day 4

My turn (he he)
Fabric shopping at Eliza's, in Sunshine.
I have been saving up since our trip last year.
I may have bought some material.
I am so glad I wrote a list or I would have been completely overwhelmed.
The prices are so good. I picked up wool for a new coat for Hugo for $15/m. 
Teens want to wear sportswear so unbrushed fleece in black, grey and navy was another big purchase. Along with t-shirt fabric in similar shades.
As I have got into sewing jeans I took advantage of the $3/m denim.
The Twins bought themselves lots of 1m cuts of silky rayons to have City Gym shorts made.
I will post piccies, promise!
On our way back to Bendigo we stopped in at Confectionary Capers.
This place has to be seen and heard to be believed.
There are over a hundred push button activated displays.
A sense of humour is mandatory.
A quick wit is useful 
Displays that roar and spin.
Beatrix was inthralled. 
Hugo wanted to be apprenticed to the clever chap who put it all together.
The enjoyment was not just in the viewing, many of the displays encouraged you to predict what would happen when you pushed pulled or hit.
Much of the humour took a few seconds to 'get'.
It really made you think.
It was just such fun!
Even the Twins were giggling away and they wanted to stay in the van and read their books.
Home truths.
But lots of fun.
The owner was charming.
He gave us a brief introduction and then left us to wander.
Before we left he challenged us to a bean race and a chocolate bar knock down.
Elsa won both!
If you are travelling through Victoria, you must have a look.

Tomorrow, pottery courses.

Thanks for Zara for the photos.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Victorian Holiday day 2&3

Our house is bee-you-ti-full.
Everyone gets a bed.
Gorgeous boutique styling.
Very comfy beds.
And a lovely children room with some special toys.
Outside is a natty little deck, BBQ and seating, an undercover clothes line and a cubby/sandpit/play area.
(More photos of that to come)

Our sweet view.
Only minutes from the shops but so quiet and peaceful.
We are all enjoying dressing up in posh clothes and indulging in retail therapy.
The roof decoration in the mall.
Victorians are so arty.
(Can you spy Tildy)?
Unfortunately, the Science Centre (which is only a short walk away) was closed.
Next time.
However, less then 10 minutes away.....
Two little girls went to the movies for the very first time.
They had a ball.

Tomorrow, fabric shopping and a sweet store.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Vic Holiday 2015 Day One

The bags are packed
And so are the Super Six
We are off on our Victorian Holiday
A quick stop at Keith to buy some vitals for the road.
There is a lovely elderly Greek couple that sell their fruit every Saturday. I gather they come from the Riverland and we frequent the stall they set up in Tinty.
Next, Bordertown (birthplace of Bob Hawke former PM).
There is a lovely bakery here, The Morning Loaf, which has a gorgeous collection ( mini museum, really) of toys and early knick knacks.
We all enjoyed a hot chocolate and a piece of cake.
Next stop, Nhill.
Hugo, Lid's, Tilly and I walked the boardwalk over the swamp while Jed had a snooze ( he has been pulling long days on the tractor) and the Twins kept a sleeping Trixie company in the car.
Matilda tried out the HUGE slippery dip.
Here she comes.
Rather quickly.
Nhill has a great playground.
With some awesome play equipment 
A good play to stretch.
There were a number of Op-Shops too but they were already shut.
All aboard and heading to Horsham.

See you later Alligator!